Best Hairstyles From Golden Globes 2015

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Hi everyone! Awards season is upon us. The 2015 Golden Globes have marked the beginning of the fashion frenzy and celebrity sightings and all out glamour that we’re going to be treated to over the next couple of weeks. Right from the Oscars to the Fashion Weeks, there’s so much good stuff to look forward to. Let’s jump right to it with my pick of the best hairstyles and looks from the 2015 Golden Globes. Enjoy! Allison Williams

#AllisonWilliams #GoldenGlobes #2015 Allison Williams rocked one of the biggest trends of the night: retro waves. We saw different iterations of the 40s curls & waves on a number of actresses at the 2015 Golden Globes, including Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams. It’s evident that vintage-inspired hairstyles will continue to rule the roost this season as well. With the faux-bob effect and the heavy eye make-up, this look is all about balancing the old and the new. Allison’s sleek crown, stark side part and deep waves hark back to Old Hollywood. I especially love the heavy curl at the front on one side, reflected towards the back on the other: it creates a lovely asymmetrical effect that lends a slightly edgier, more contemporary feel to a classic hairstyle that’s usually known for its softness and femininity. Emily Blunt #EmilyBlunt #GoldenGlobes #2015 I love braids at an awards show, because they’re such a pop of something fun and unexpected amongst a sea of the usual updos and blowouts. We also saw a rather cute crown braid/ milkmaid braid on winner Joanne Froggatt: Emily Blunt’s braided updo is a little more understated, but no less gorgeous. This is a great hairdo if you want to keep the hair away from your face but still want a formal look. Simply part down the middle and make a Dutch braid on either side from the front to the back. At the back you can blend all the hair together and continue into a regular braid that you’ll then roll up and pin into place. You can also just secure your hair into a ponytail and then twist it into a chignon or roll it into a low bun or simply braid and then tuck under the base of the Dutch braids. There’s no end to the options! Jessica Chastain #JessicaChastain #GoldenGlobes #2015 Jessica Chastain’s longer version of the 40s retro curls was equally stunning. If you can tear your eyes away from the delicious dark, metallic bronze of her gown take a moment to appreciate just how artfully her curls have been arranged: pulled to one side over the shoulder, gently twisted around the face to frame it but neat and smooth all the same. This is the kind of hairdo that will never go out of style and it looks great no matter the occasion. So, whether you’re prepping for your own awards acceptance speech or just running out to a last-minute movie date, you cannot go wrong with Ms. Chastain’s look from the night. Naomi Watts #NaomiWatts #GoldenGlobes #2015 Naomi Watt’s look is probably one of the most talked about from the Golden Globes 2015 show. From the sunny yellow gown with the tomato red lip colour and the breathtaking neckpiece (one that we’ve seen on her before; the lady sure loves her statement jewellery and knows how to wear it well) to the effortless hair, this look was sheer perfection. The hairstyle itself is rather easy to achieve: she’s just wearing her shoulder-length hair open, parted to one side with a gentle wave in the body and some volume at the crown. The reason I think this look deserves a place on this list is in its execution: Naomi (or her stylist) has taken a number of exceptional pieces and statements and tied them together seamlessly in a way that actively compliments the entire effect, instead of just playing it safe. Simple, but superb! Rosamund Pike #RosamundPike #GoldenGlobes #2015 The Gone Girl actress has been the celebrity over the last couple of months: whether you loved it or hated it, that film sure got everyone talking. And Rosamund Pike’s grippingly restrained, yet believably terrifying performance has put the actress firmly in the spotlight. The new mother looked absolutely ravishing on the 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet. I’m really loving the angular bob here because it’s a daring cut but the way Rosamund is wearing it- with understated jewellery and makeup and a feminine gown- makes for a very graceful look. And it’s practical too: new moms out there should take a leaf from Rosamund’s book on effortless, edgy and elegant hairstyling! Let me know which look you liked best. Write in for any styling tips and detailed advice on how to achieve the same!

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Hair Colour Trends For Spring-Summer 2015

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There’s no end to things to love about the winters- from the fabulous fashion to the holiday spirit. However, if there is one thing my years in the styling industry have taught me it is this: always keep looking forward. So, even if you are loving your deep, dark locks this season it is never to early to think about the warmer months. Whether you’re spending Christmas with family (and eggnog) or escaping to sunnier places, winter will be over before you know it.

Spring and summer trends, by their very definitions, are lighter and breezier and bubblier than their deep and sophisticated autumnal and winter counterparts. Here’s a look at some of the colours that are going to be a definite hit for Spring-Summer 2015.

Buttery Blonde

#SS15 #Hair #Colour #ButteryBlonde

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of hair colour for spring and summer? Blonde tones, right? Well, we’re leading today’s list of trends with a hue that’s always been a summer staple but is already setting up to be one of the biggest hair trends in the coming year. The buttery blonde is really warm, almost-yellow shade that’s absolutely perfect for the warmer months. There’s a spun-gold quality to this particular colour and I think it makes for a fabulous transition from the more wintery reds and browns. If your natural hair colour doesn’t fall on the lighter end or you’re worried about not being able to carry off the trend a great trick is to keep darker roots, like this model from the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2015 show. You could even keep a multi-tonal melange of buttery blonde with caramel lowlights to even out the effect.

Coloured Roots

#SS15 #Hair #Colour #ColouredRoots

We saw a really rad way of wearing colour without going all out at the Maxime Simoëns Spring 2015 show. Who knew just splashes of colour at the roots could look both quirky and wearable? I think this is a fun colour trend that’s especially great for those of you with dark hair: pops of unusual colour are usually the traditional territory of lighter-haired folks. However, this is one trend that could look just as fantastic in jet black or off-black hair. From a catchy cobalt blue to a shimmering shamrock green, there’s no limiting your choices with this one!

Dusty Pastels

#SS15 #Hair #Colour #DustyPastels

Pastels have been running strong for over a year now- surprising, isn’t it? Given how difficult daring colours can be it really is heartening to see that the pastel/ rainbow trend really found its place on and off runways. For Spring Summer 2015 we’re looking at a really exciting version of the trend: very soft, diffused and smoky colours. Instead of your usual streaks of bubblegum pink and electric blue we’ve got greys and mints and peaches. Think about dusty, antique washes of colour. There is something rather ethereal and magical about this particular trend and I’m hoping a lot of you are inspired to give this one a go.

Iced Brondes

#SS15 #Hair #Colour #IcedBrondes

The bronde trend is raising its pretty head again, but with a slightly cooler iced bronde gradient. Instead of the warm browns and golden hues running together to create a yummy dessert-like effect we’re now looking at a latte-and-caramel blend. Just as delectable sounding and just as easy on the eyes. The colour gradient is almost imperceptible: this is a really sophisticated way to rock the soft Ombre trend, which will definitely continue to be a rage in the coming months. Take the photo from the BCBG Max Azria Spring Summer 2015 show to your stylist for reference.

Interestingly enough, you might have already noticed how the colour patterns heat up and go darker for the winter months and have a noticeably cooler, subtler leaning in the summer. We’re still playing around with many of the same colour families but varying the intensity and the temperature.

Soft Copper

#SS15 #Hair #Colour #SoftCopper

I’m partial to the reds, as most of my readers already know. Now, red might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think ‘spring-summer’: the colour is typically autumnal. But kindred red-lovers can rejoice: there is a way to go red while still being season-appropriate. Take your cues from the Gucci Spring Summer 2015 show. This is a very light, soft copper colour. It’s dark enough to steer clear of the strawberry blonde category but light enough to be perfectly summery in its own right. I really like how the peachy, apricot undertones balance out the cinnamon while still maintaining the red character. With this kind of hair you never have to worry about dressing up: whether you’re wearing classic nudes or crazy prints, your hair will guarantee you’re always perfectly styled.

Remember, you might love your current dye and your natural colour will always look good, but there is a lot to be said for changing when the seasons do.  You’ll look totally trend-appropriate and it’s always so much to pop up and surprise people with a new look. Send me photos if you do switch for summer: I’d love to see them!

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Interview for Mane Addicts

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Just wanted to thank the wonderful team @Maneaddicts for interviewing me for their amazing Blog. Please click on the link below for the full Interview.   MANEADDICTS  Interview  for Mane Addicts   #ManeAddicts #Interview #hairbysaschabreuer #ManeAddicts #Interview #hairbysaschabreuer

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Shailene Woodley For The Hollywood Film Awards 2014

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I had the pleasure of working with the super talented Shailene Woodley for the Hollywood Film Awards 2014. Shailene is such a delight to be around and I’m sure everyone is always saying this about Hollywood stars and celebrities but boy, that girl is one cool person.

I styled Shailene’s hair using natural beeswax, slicking it back and away from the face with the subtlest hint of volume on top and a glossy & shiny texture. I wanted to really open up her face and let her features do all the talking, whilst complimenting her casual, effortless style.

Personally, I love it when women rock short hair with glam outfits and I think the starfish-patterned Valentino gown with its nude palette and subtle shimmers was a stroke of genius with her short low key hair. I hope this will help to inspire you to take a cue from Shailene’s look and have some fun with your short to mid length hair!

Watching her win the Breakout Actress Award for her role in this year’s hit The Fault In Our Stars was an absolute thrill. It’s a truly well deserved honour and if Shailene’s portrayal of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager living with cancer, isn’t enough to make you tear up and immediately revaluate your life, I don’t know what will. What took my breath away is that Shailene seems to embody the same deep appreciation for life and all its little moments off-screen as well.

I’m sure you’ve read and heard all about how she likes to keep things simple and natural and is very low-key about style and glamour and makeup but you really only appreciate the full effect of it in her presence. The young actress is all about minimal goodness and emphasising natural beauty. Shailene really believes that we all have something intrinsically beautiful – naturally. She embraces this and is grateful for it. What an inspiration!

Shailene turned 23 yesterday, and what a fabulous way to start the celebration of her day. I’m sure we’re going to be seeing so many great things from this unbelievably gifted young lady. Happy birthday to a real phenomenon!

#shailenewoodley #2014 #hollywoodfilmawards #hairbysaschabreuer

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Vogue Turkey Hair Beauty Special Out Today

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 So excited to share the result from my shoot in Istanbul for Vogue Turkey with the beautiful Burcu Esmersoy and the rest of the wonderful team. Can’t wait to be back in the vibrant city for more! #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer Thank you #BRAUN #braunsensocare for bringing me to Turkey for this beautiful shoot. 

@emreguven @vogueturkiye @monrevebijoux  @songulgoksel @ahuterzi @nazbileydi @gulumerzincan#braunsensocare #sac@gulumerzincan#makyaj @emreguven #fotograf@nazbileydi #modaeditoru

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Hair-Raising Styles For Halloween!

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If you’re looking forward to Halloween this year and you want to take your look up a notch or two, you’ve come to the right place. It’s great if you have your witch’s hat or vampire fangs in place, but no look is complete without the right hairstyle. It is the one night of the year where you can go totally all-out with your look and still fit right in. Whether you are going as the sexy undead cheerleader, the vintage vixen or the elegant Grecian queen, getting the hair right can make all the difference to your costume.

I’ve put together a list of some of the most loved and requested Halloween hairstyles. From flirty, feminine looks to vampy, undead glamour we’ve got a bunch of really fun options to choose from.

The Zombie

Now, you can’t talk of Halloween without at least one mention of zombies. Halloween without zombies? Preposterous! Whether you’re going as your run-of-the-mill zombie or a seriously ticked-off zombie bride, styling your hair right is the key to getting the look perfect. You may think zombies are too busy being dead to care about their locks but that distinctive just-out-of-grave look is a labour of love.

Begin with second-day hair. We want a lot of volume and texture and the best way to achieve it is to work with hair that has gone at least a day without being washed. Brush your hair out before you begin: we don’t want any knots and tangles getting in the way. You should be able to work with your natural texture but if your hair is super curly or wavy I suggest straightening it with a flat iron first. Do bear in mind though that this look is all about messy, crazy volume so if you’re brushing your hair out or straightening it your hair might get too soft and smooth for that graveyard glamour. If that does happen, be patient and invest some extra time and extra product on the look and you’ll still get great results.

Liberally sprinkle baby powder or dry shampoo at the roots and begin teasing your hair with a rattail comb. Don’t hold yourself back: the bigger, the better. You should be teasing from the roots to the ends and make sure you don’t comb over any of the backcombed portions because you’ll only end up with limp and tangled hair. You can work in any direction you like and just let the hair shape up (and out!) naturally as you tease.

Once you’re satisfied with the volume add a bit of hairspray. Then flip your hair upside down and spray it with a generous amount of hairspray again. This will create even more lift in the hair and the spray will make sure it holds throughout the day. Keep your head bent for a couple of seconds to let the hair set and then flip back over.

There are a couple of ways you can wear your teased-out hair. You could wear it loose and sticking out all over the place or you could draw it into a voluminous high ponytail or even a far-out big beehive (for the retro-loving zombies!).

Princess Jasmine

If the scary, back-from-the-grave look isn’t your style, here is a pretty one for you. With her charm, independent and fun personality, Jasmine is often celebrated as one of the atypical Disney princesses that kicked butt and looked good doing it. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin continues to be one of the most loved Disney princesses of all time, and whether it’s the sky blue costume or the Arabic makeup that helped you make the decision this is a fabulous way to go for a more delicate take on Halloween.

For Princess Jasmine’s hair you are going to be creating what is essentially known as a bubble braid. This is a fantastic (and simple) look for Halloween but it’s also something you can wear on a regular day or to an event for when you feel like dressing up and ditching the plain old ponytail.

This is a hairstyle that’s best worn in long hair, at least waist-length, so if you don’t have that kind of length naturally the first step would be to get extensions. If you have dark hair naturally, you just need extensions in the same colour. If you have lighter hair you’ll have to choose between a hairpiece and a temporary dye and you can get extensions in the darker colour or just dye your regular extensions. Begin by affixing the extensions and brushing all the hair to make sure the extensions blend in with your own hair and there are no tangles.

You can style the crown any way that you like. You can brush it back or part it in the middle or add some volume at the front before brushing it to the back. If you want to create Jasmine’s hairstyle perfectly, here’s what you do. Create a small two to three inch part at the centre and divide your hair into two sections at the front, one going down each side over the ears and joining the rest of the hair down the back. We want these two sections to swoop down and over the ears so that they frame the face. The hair behind this section should be teased for some volume at the crown and swept back. Gather all the hair together towards the back.

The bubble braid itself is super simple to style. Secure your hair in a ponytail at a height you’re comfortable with. Then add another clear elastic in your hair a couple of inches from the base of your ponytail. Repeat this step every two to three inches, creating small sections or “bubbles” in the ponytail. Stop a few inches above the ends. For the best effect you should have at least five to six of these “bubbles” in your ponytail. Once they’re in place just gently tug on each bubble to give it some volume and shape and make it a little fluffier. Be careful not to tug too hard.

To dress up the braid you can use sparkly elastics or ribbons to cover the clear elastic bands. As a finishing touch, you should also add a hair accessory right behind the middle part we created in the first step. This will divide the parted and swooped sections from the bump at the crown. You can use a thick, flat ribbon or a sparkly headband or even hair chains.

The Corpse Bride

We’ve all heard of bridezillas but this little lady takes the scare factor to a whole other level. If the straight, spooky volume of the zombies isn’t quite your thing and you want some texture and spunk in your look, try this one on for size. We’re working with messy volume and texture again so second-day hair is great for this look as well.

Brush out your hair to make sure it’s free of tangles and then add some volumising product (a dry shampoo or some baby powder) at the roots and gently run your fingers through your hair. We don’t want the kind of volume that comes with teasing but we do want to enhance the natural grain of the hair. Flip your hair over a couple of times to get some natural lift.

Divide your hair into several small sections. Working in sections will make it easier on you to achieve a uniform look on the whole. What we’re doing is pretty simple: the top (crown) and the ends need to be super straight while the middle should be crimped.

So, take a flat iron and straight out a few inches at the top and a few inches at the bottom (depending upon the length of your hair) of each section. Then, take a crimper and crimp the middle portions of each section. Repeat this step with every section.

If you find that straightening the roots makes your hair look too sleek or takes away the volume you can use a rattail comb to tease the roots for additional messy volume at the crown. Just remember not to touch the crimped sections because we don’t want to end up loosing the crimp.

Add some hairspray, maybe a tattered veil and you’re all done. Go find your (terrified) groom!

Grecian Queen

Even though Halloween looks are traditionally supposed to be scary and spooky, a lot of women love the Grecian Queen costume. Whether it’s the flowing white gowns or the golden leaf headbands, there is something eternally elegant about this particular costume. If you want to rock some royal oomph this Halloween, here’s how you go about it.

We’re switching things up around here and working with freshly washed and dried hair. This is a soft, feminine hairstyle and it looks best in wavy hair so once your hair is dry using curling tongs to add loose waves to your hair. If you have the time you can also use foam rollers overnight to curl your hair. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls a bit before you begin styling.

Separate two sections at the front and let them hang loose. Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail at the back. A couple of inches down the ponytail add a clear elastic band. Then lift up the hair below this point and pin it onto your head. The section between the base of the ponytail and the second elastic will create a looped bump that will act as the base of your updo. When you pin and pile the rest of your ponytail atop your head the curls will spill over and create the rest of the updo. You can arrange and pin the curls onto your crown to create a more defined shape if you like. Then take the two sections we left loose at the front, backcomb them at the roots and while creating a soft pouf at the front, sweep them up and over to the back and pin them in place, blending them in with the curls. Your curly updo is complete. Add some hairspray to hold the style in place.

Now comes the fun part: dressing up the hairdo and giving it the Grecian touch. The distinctive element of the Grecian updo is always in the accessorising. You can use a lace ribbon or a rhinestone chain and wrap it around your head twice, and pin it into place. When wrapping, leave about an inch of space between the two bands. You can also use a double-layered headband for the look or an antique-looking gold leaf Grecian headband if you can get your hands on one.

That’s it for the Halloween hair folks. I hope you like the styles and they’re useful come 31st. Let me know which one you used and how you dressed it up. Have fun, stay stylish and scary! Boo!


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Best Hair Seen At Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

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Hi! Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 has been an exhilarating experience- and I can’t believe we are done with it all. It’s been such a whirlwind of activity and trend mapping and styles and even though I am going to miss all the excitement, I think everyone in the industry will agree that we all need a little R&R! I cannot wait for the next round of fashion weeks but before we start looking forward, here is my pick of the best looks from the Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week.


#Balmain #PFW #SS2015


I love a simple hairstyle- so many women I talk to just give up on styling simply because it involves too much time and effort and since most of us are running against the clock it just does not seem worth the hassle. This is one of the primary reasons why I like to keep an eye out for wearable, easy-to-achieve looks and styles at the Fashion Weeks: unless you have a stylist at your disposal or you are planning for a special event, chances are you probably want something you can manage on your own at home. The look from the Balmain Spring Summer 2015 show- sported here by the gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whitely- meets the criteria perfectly.

What we have here is essentially a brushed back ponytail. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, in a low bun or chignon or even in a pigtail or a half-in half-out looped twist. The major styling here is concentrated across two dimensions: texture and accessorising.

Everyone knows how to throw together a ponytail or a bun: you probably have your own favourite version for daily wear. Keep the style, but borrow the texture from Balmain: we have here a slightly piecy, slicked back texture on the crown. You want to look like you just stepped out of the shower. You can use a styling mousse or hair gel with a wet-look finish and then brush your hair back and run your fingers through it to create some of the ridges you can see in the photo. Use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair back without making it too smooth. Secure your hair the way you prefer it and add some hairspray to keep the texture in place.

The next part is accessorising. The models at the Balmain show sported scarves/ wraps in their hair. You can use ribbons as well. Just pick something you like and wrap it around the base of the ponytail/ bun and knot it into place. You can make it into a bow or let the ends hang loose after a simple knot or twist it around a couple of times for a unique pattern. As you can see from the photo the combination of two contrasting elements- the edgy, slicked back hair and the feminine, delicate scarf- makes for a really interesting interplay of style statements.

Barbara Bui

#BarbaraBui #PFW #SS15

This one is for those of you who have chin-length to shoulder-length hair. You can easily wear the style in longer hair too, it’s just that it would be more convenient if your hair is shorter and more manageable and you don’t mind leaving it loose all day. There isn’t a tremendous amount of styling involved in this look- all you need is one of those ridged, wavy metallic headbands that create little parts in the hair. You can probably pick it up at any accessories store in town. However, there is a trick or two to make your hair look more runway-styled than home-styled, even if it is a look you are putting together in under five minutes.

For a more amped up version of a fairly regular style, all you need to do is texturise your hair for the look. Use a quality conditioner when you wash your hair, allow your hair to air dry so that the natural grain is enhanced and use styling product to give your hair a more finished appearance. A wet-look gel applied just before you put in the headband can give you a slicked back, rocker chick appearance. You can also dab some Argan oil on your hands and pat your hair. Whichever product you decide to use, add it to your crown and the front of the head because that is the region we want emphasised. If you don’t want to weigh your hair down with product you can leave the rest of the hair (behind the crown) natural. If your hair is limp and it’s falling flat just flip your hair upside down and dust some dry shampoo or baby powder into your roots and tousle your hair with your fingers. This will instantly create some volume at the roots so when you push the headband in you’ll also get some lift at the crown. With slicked back hair at the front and some barely noticeable volume behind the band you’ve got yourself a hairstyle that looks super modish and takes all of five minutes to get right!

Elie Saab

#ElieSaab #PFW #SS15

You can never go wrong with a classic, voluminous blowout and the pictures from the Elie Saab Spring Summer 2015 show are testimony to that. It might be the simplest style on this list- after all, the only thing you have to do is visit your nearest salon (or just do it yourself at home). Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect wash-and-dry look though: nothing is quite as sexy and appealing as glossy, healthy hair. I love how the model’s hair has been parted ever so slightly off centre and how it has been allowed to fall over both shoulders to frame the face so delicately. If you are used to having your hair blow-dried straight, ask for a wavy, natural finish the next time. Big, loose waves are super glamorous and look great with all kinds of outfits and for all sorts of occasions. Can you see the hints of volume at the roots? Adding a little bit of lift to the roots at the crown is a great trick to keep blowouts from looking too perfect and too slick.


#Givenchy #PFW #SS15

If you’ve browsed photos or footage from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Paris Fashion Week you will know there were a couple of different hairstyles and haircuts seen on the runway. I’ve chosen this particular one to add to my list because I really like the bangs. You can wear them in any length- short and angular like the model here or long and soft. We haven’t seen a lot of bangs/ fringes of late and most people usually transition to more classic styles for the winter but I’m betting they are going to be big again come summer. I love the thick, eye skimming bangs from the Givenchy show and if you want to change up your look the next year you might consider the same. There’s something almost child-like about the shorter, thicker fringes and they can add a lot of drama and charm to your look. The best thing about shorter fringes is they don’t need as much maintenance as longer bangs: you can allow them to dry naturally for the most part and if you really want a nice, polished finished a single run-over with a straightening iron is enough to do the trick.

Jean Paul Gaultier

#JeanPaulGaultier #PFW #SS15


Like a lot of other shows at the Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion when it came to the Jean Paul Gaultier catwalk there were a number of different hairstyles to be seen. This one is my favourite of the lot because it’s got a bunch of my favourite styling elements: major volume, drama, big curls and glossy colour. I love how classic curls have been combined with a modern twist on the 40s, rockabilly curls at the hairline.

Most of the look is fairly straightforward. You need to work with freshly washed and conditioned hair. If your hair dries well naturally you can probably skip blow-drying. However if you are dealing with a lot of frizz or poor texture you might want to blow-dry your hair first to make it smooth and better styled. As far as adding big curls to your hair is concerned there are a number of options you can work with. You could use a large-barrelled curling wand and then run your fingers through your hair after the curls have cooled a little. You can use bendable foam rollers that you can leave in your hair overnight. You could also use heated curlers. Brush your hair through before you begin curling it and once you’re done, give it a few minutes to cool down and allow the curls to set.

What sets this look apart from your everyday curled hair is the volume and styling at the crown. At the hairline, flip the majority of your hair over to one side and draw the rest of your hair over the favoured shoulder. Don’t create a parting at the hairline but rather, layer your hair over on one side. To create the volume you can backcomb the front few inches of hair and then carefully arrange the hair into a quiff-like pouf, but one that curls and falls forward instead of being affixed on the crown. A lot of multipurpose styling tools also have an attachment for adding “lift” to the crown: these usually look like wide toothed combs and the air and the heat from the base machine along with the twines of the attachment will help you raise and hold the hair at the hairline for extra height and drama.

Once you’ve got the front styled the way you like it remember to use some hairspray. You want the volume and the height to stay in place. I recommend using a hairspray with shine-boosting properties because that way you get some hold and your hair looks glossy and you don’t have to run the risk of spoiling the curls by directly touching them.

John Galliano

#JohnGalliano #PFW #SS15


We saw some more of the heavy full fringe at the John Galliano Spring Summer 2015 show at the Paris Fashion Week. This time, however, the fringes were cut slightly asymmetrical, with ends falling over the brows. I love the messy, 70s rocker chick vibe here and the balance between the wild, unruly curls and the straight, smooth bangs. This is a fantastic way to style shoulder length hair. If you want to get your hair cut shorter for the coming summer and you want a style that is fun and vibrant and a little messy (which means you won’t have to spend forever in front of the mirror with a blow-dryer and a straightening iron) then this is a great option. Get your stylist to cut your hair into layers, the longest of which should graze your shoulders. You want to request them to cut your hair into shaggy layers that will enhance the natural texture and body of your hair. Ask for a brow-skimming full fringe. If you don’t want a randomly-asymmetrical fringe you can ask for a more even, uniform fringe across the front with longer ends (think of a soft curve) to really play up your eyes.

This is a great hairstyle for naturally curly/ wavy hair because you won’t really have to style your hair but it will still look great. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy you can just use a curl-boosting shampoo and conditioner whenever you wash it and then allow your hair to dry naturally. Scrunch up almost-dry hair in your fingers to build up the curls. Towel drying and finger drying will also create natural lift and volume. If you’ve got pin-straight hair wait till it’s about 70% dry and then braid it. Leave the braids in overnight and open them up the next day and run your fingers through the curls to break them up. You can also use foam rollers for long-lasting curls. Depending upon the natural texture of your hair you might need to use a flat iron or a blow dryer to get the bangs right.

Manish Arora

#ManishArora #PFW #SS2015


Designer Manish Arora’s runway was marked by funky face-art, candy colours and braids-in-braids hairstyles. The basic breakdown of the look is this: a middle parting and straight hair at the crown, finished with A LOT of braids at the back and down the length of the hair. How do you get the braids right? Read on to find out.

Begin in freshly washed and conditioned hair. Wait for your hair to dry naturally. Brush your hair until it’s completely free of any knots and tangles. Part your hair down the middle and comb it properly, gathering it towards the back. Secure into a low ponytail.

Now the key is to create a lot of different braids in the ponytail. And the braids should all be of varying girth and width. We’re looking at a bunch of skinny braids and some thicker ones. You can create a number of braids in different sizes and then even braid a couple of them together to create bigger braids out of smaller braids. Make a couple of skinny and regular sized braids. For the larger ones, braid loosely and then tug on the loops for added volume.

Take one of the braids and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover it up. Tuck the ends into the loop and use pins to secure it.

To make a single structure out of all the braids you can just gather up all the different braids and then secure them together. You can do this at any height: at the very end or down the middle and let a bit of the braids hang loose. You can secure them with a clear elastic band or a ribbon/ string. If you’re using an elastic band you can repeat the same step as above by wrapping a smaller braid around the elastic to cover it up.

There are two important things to note here. Firstly, don’t worry about loose ends and flyaways. We’re going for a very relaxed, boho hippie vibe here. A little bit of a mess is a good thing! And secondly, you might want to use some clip-in hair extensions for this style. There are two reasons for this. To begin with, a lot of you might find that you just don’t have the kind of volume that is needed for so many braids and hair extensions are a great way to take care of that. Another thing- if you are planning to recreate the look exactly as it was on the runway you will notice that the models’ braids had a couple of different colours/ tones merged together. From lighter versions of the base colour to unique pops of candy tones, the different hues work well to give more life and depth to braids. If you have coloured or highlighted hair then this is a great way to make the most of it. If not, hair extensions are always a quick and affordable (and temporary) solution!

That’s it folks. We’re done with the fashion weeks for this year. It’s been a thrilling ride and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Hope you picked up tonnes of tricks and inspiration for the coming months. Let me know what you loved, loathed and learned from the Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Weeks!


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Best Hair Seen At Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

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Did you follow the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week? Did you enjoy all the glitz and the glamour? I sure did! I might go as far as to say I enjoyed the Milan shows more than all the others- the drama and the styling were through the roof in Milan. Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Enjoy!

Dolce & Gabbana

#Dolce&Gabbana #MFW #SS2015


I’m loathe to pick favourites, especially before reviewing all the looks from the remaining few shows but I have to admit, the Dolce & Gabbana was a hard act to follow. The strong Spanish influence, the use of bold colours and the stunning hair and makeup all combined to pack one helluva punch. I really loved the hairstyling because it’s a combination of some very simple and very classic, fundamental elements and accessorising techniques but the overall effect is really breathtaking. The model in this shot from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2015 backstage is none other than Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan. Whether you’re a fan of the reality TV series or not, you can’t deny that the makeup and hairstyling are really spectacular.

The models’ hair was styled into low chignons, some smooth and sleek while others were twisted and yet others had a more piecy definition. The chignons were also dressed up differently; some accentuated with large flowers while others with veils and bejewelled hair accessories. If you are heading out to a party or a wedding and you want to make an impact upon arrival, this hairstyle should do the trick. This one is all about high visibility drama and intrigue and nothing says it better than bold, blood red flowers in your hair.

Emilio Pucci

#EmilioPucci #MFW #SS2015


At the Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 2015 show the models’ hair was styled into relaxed, loose waves. With a little bit of styling mousse and curling tongs you should easily be able to recreate this look at home in under ten minutes. Remember to use a large-barrelled curling iron and break up the curls: this look is all about big, sweeping waves and natural-looking texture. For a more retro, Seventies-style effect part your hair slightly off centre and let the waves frame your face for a softer, more feminine effect.


#Fendi #MFW #SS2015

It is always great to see hairstyles that incorporate hair accessories and embellishments because it just opens up so many more possibilities. You have your everyday tousled ponytail, and then you have your Fendi tousled ponytail wrapped up prettily with a scarf. This is one of those hairstyles you can easily wear while you’re doing your grocery and then carry it forward to a lunch date with friends. It’s quick, easy, versatile and pretty.

There really is very little to getting the look right. If you have very frizzy or wavy hair you might want to straighten it to smoothen it out and make it more manageable. Once you are happy with the texture, brush your hair and part it slightly off centre. Pull an inch-and-a-half of hair out in front over the ears on either side. Style these sections into loose waves using curling tongs. Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail or a low chignon at the back. You don’t have to be particularly neat because we are aiming for that fabulous-without-trying effect here and you want loose, soft waves to frame your face. Once you have your ponytail fastened take a patterned scarf and knot it into a bow around the base of the ponytail. You can work with ribbons as well. This is a great strategy for dressing up an otherwise plain outfit: you can keep your clothes simple and let the hair do the talking.

Giorgio Armani

#GiorgioArmani #MFW #SS2015


Here is the funky one of the lot from the Spring Summer 2015 Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani. If flowers, soft waves and flirty ponytails are not your thing, take a gander at the edgy, braided hairdos from this show. This one is a daring, take-no-prisoners look and it’s great for those of you who are looking for a change of pace. The braids have an almost cornrow-like effect and you need to be quite comfortable with braiding to be able to pull this one off on your own.

The basic principle is rather simple: brush your hair back over the crown and using a rattail comb create rows in the hair the way you’d create a part. You can use two-inch sections for thick braids or take lesser hair if you have practice braiding with thin strands. Braid each of these sections front to back. You can use the Dutch braiding or reverse French braiding technique to get the 3D effect where the braids pop out on your head. I recommend creating three such sections for the best impact, though you can add more and create sections on the sides as well if you like. You can braid these till the nape of your neck and then secure all the hair into a low ponytail or a chignon. If you want to continue with the look you can braid these sections to their very ends, secure with an elastic tie and then carefully hold up the ends and arrange them on the back of your head (you can make twists or coils or arrange them in parallel rows) and fix them in place using hairpins. Don’t fret if you have a bit of an unkempt texture, some frizz or flyaways won’t detract from the look.

You may notice the models’ braids have a lot of depth and dimension: you can achieve the same by using hair extensions of a shade that are lighter or darker than your base colour. Braiding in multiple tones helps make the braids pop so if you’re keen on trying this look for a special occasion, it might well be worth the effort to go that extra mile.

Les Copains

#Les Copains #MFW #SS2015


You asked for sophisticated volume, you got it. I love updos: they look so chic and polished and they are usually much easier to achieve than most people realise. We saw a nice sleek front complimented by volume at the crown and a twist at the back at the Les Copains show at the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. If you want to learn how to create this updo, keep reading.

The beauty of this look is in a very soft, ethereal essence and you need the hair texture to reflect that. This is one of those rare updo styles that will work really well in fine hair, provided you have the right length for it. If you have thick, frizzy or heavy hair the first step will be to wash and condition it, and follow that up by straightening the hair. The hair needs to be absolutely smooth and tangle free before you can start styling it. Once your hair is as smooth as it can be, get ready to start styling.

Begin by tracing an arc from the top of one ear to the other with a rattail comb. This will separate about two to three inches of hair around the front and top of your head. Divide this hair into two sections with a middle parting and comb them down on your head and take them behind each ear. We want these sections to merge and blend with the hair at the back, so use precise, careful movements and get the hair right before moving onto the next step. Once it’s neat, comb it in with the other hair and pin it into place, letting it fall under the hair at the crown.

Now separate the rest of your hair into two more sections: the crown and the bottom. For the crown take hair from above the sections we brushed back in the previous step. The styling at the crown should sit above and fall over the two sections coming in from the front. Twist and secure the bottom out of the way. We’re first going to work with the crown.

Starting at the top tease small sections in layers. Once you have the desired volume, create a small (or large!) pouf and gather the crown section into a bouffant. Arrange it at a height you like and smooth away any flyaways and work with the shape until your satisfied. Then, keeping the bump in place add some hairpins in an X shape to hold the bouffant in place. You can loosen the bottom section of your hair at this point and blend all the hair together. Now you can style all the remaining hair any way you like. You can braid it and then coil the braid around the back of your head or you can twist it into a sleek chignon and pin it into place. Add some hairspray and you’re all set.


#Moschino #MFW #SS2015

More volume coming your way from the Moschino Spring Summer 2015 runways. If you’ve managed to take a look at some of the runway photos from this show you’ve probably already seen the very vintage, very voluminous hairstyles from the fashion show. From the bubblegum pink outfits to the model on roller skates, the Moschino show was all about retro, girly fashion and personality. Now, if Barbie beauty is not your thing you might want to skip the buttery yellow wigs but there’s still a lot to be said for this voluminous, curly half-up half-down hairstyle. For starters, it makes for a lot of drama and it can be quite on-the-nose if you are attending a theme party any time soon. If not and you’re just a lover of all things old and bold (and props to you if you are!), this vintage hairdo can be a striking statement to make. We saw models wear it in dark hair too and it looked just as good.

We’re talking face-framing bangs or curves at the front, major volume at the crown (hello, Brigitte Bardot!) and foxy curls sweeping over the shoulders. It’s not the easiest look to pull together at home if you are new to hairstyling but like I always say, with a little bit of practice you should be on your way in no time.

To get the front and the top ready you can follow the steps outlined for the Les Copains look. The only difference is you don’t need to straighten your hair and you need a lot more teasing for a lot more volume at the crown. Once the bouffant is ready and all the loose hair is blended together, instead of twisting it into a chignon you are going to let it hang loose. Use a small-barrelled curling iron and add curls to about a third (from the ends) of the loose hair. You can add a lot of tight curls. For a lot of volume, take each curl and hold a thin section of hair straight and then pull up the rest of the curl along the tautened strand. This will create a tremendous amount of volume and will help the curls fan out in that characteristically 60s way. The curls will also hold for a much longer time. With some hairspray you should be able to wear the look throughout the day without any trouble.



#Versace #MFW #SS2015

The models at the Versace Spring Summer 2015 show wore their hair swept back and away from the face; in a slightly more casual and sportier version of the slicked back style we saw at the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. This time the focus is on getting the right amount of volume and grain at the roots, so I advise using a little bit of dry shampoo when you backcomb the roots for that extra volume and gold. You don’t need to tease and arrange a lot of hair: just the front few inches will be enough to create the illusion of a swept back, slightly raised style. You can just brush back the hair on the sides and use a hairspray to hold it into place. For an edgier, grittier version of the look (as is often seen on singer Gwen Stefani who really loves her swept back, rocker chic hairdos) you can slick down the sides using styling gel or mousse. This can be a bold statement for a night out or even an unusual (but mostly appropriate- especially if you’re the boss lady!) look for business meetings and luncheons. It’s all about hard glamour, bold styling and a slightly masculine, raw appeal.

That is it for my favourites from the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week. Do let me know which were your favourites. I’ll be covering the Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week hair trends and styles next, so be sure to check back in for the latest from the hottest runways in the world!

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Best Hair Seen At London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

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Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Enjoying the Fashion Weeks? So, the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 just wrapped up and while the jury is still out about the clothes and fashions themselves, we did see quite a few interesting hairstyles. I did note that this year we did not see any particularly unique or striking hairstyles- who knows, we’ve still got Milan and Paris to look forward to- so if you were hoping to be surprised then the London fashion shows probably did not live up to that expectation. However, we did see some nice haircuts, wearable styles and a couple of looks I am sure you can’t wait to try.

I am really looking forward to see what Milan has in store for us in terms of styling and fashion trends for the coming year. But before we turn to the Milan shows, here are my picks of the best hair looks from the London Spring Summer 2015 shows.

Burberry Prorsum

#BurberryProrsum #LFW #SS2015


Texture was the central styling element at the Burberry Prorsum show. The models’ hair was all about wavy, tousled texture and natural parting. The ends were tucked into the collars, but you can just wear it loose as well. This is a very easy, very natural style to sport and it might look like you’ve made no effort at all but that is the secret to the whole look: it’s about beauty and fashion that doesn’t try too hard, that just is. You would be surprised to learn that most of these natural, seemingly un-styled bed-head looks often use just as many styling tools and products, and just as much time and effort, as the more obviously styled ones. The one relaxation is that you don’t have to worry about getting the look perfect because the imperfect, almost unkempt vibe is the USP of the whole thing.

To get this look at home you should start with freshly washed hair. When it’s about 70% dry take a styling product like hair mousse and gently work it into your hair. Scrunch your hair as you go along to boost its natural grain and add some waves to it. If you have very straight hair you might need to use a curling iron or foam rollers to add waves to the look. If you do use a styling tool remember to run your fingers through the curls to break them up and make them look more organic. If you have naturally wavy hair you just need to play up the natural texture of your hair. You can spritz a sea salt spray for some graininess as well. Once you have achieved the desired texture and shape just run your fingers through your hair and let it fall naturally. You can create a parting if you like or just let one take shape of its own accord.

You can wear this style loose or keep the fronts open over the shoulders and tuck the back into a low messy bun or a ponytail. If you’re expecting high humidity or moisture and you want the look to hold just use a smidgen of hairspray before you step out.

Holly Fulton

#HollyFulton #LFW #SS2015

I love a dressed up ponytail: it is easy to achieve and nobody’s really expecting it, so it’s a fun way to play around with simple styles. The ponytails at the Holly Fulton London Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week made for one of those hair trends that just about anyone can master in minutes, whether you have been styling for years or are just starting out. It’s a nice, neat ponytail with some accents.

Here’s how you style it: like a regular ponytail but before you begin, leave an inch-wide section loose at the front on either side. You can make this work with a middle part or by brushing your hair back and covering the part up, as you like. I recommend working with straight, smooth hair to be able to really emphasize the ponytail accent. It can work in curly or wavy hair but you’re more likely to lose the effect that way. Leave the two sections at the front lose and secure your hair into a regular ponytail. Work slowly because this look is about an understated, minimalistic style and we need it to be really smooth and perfect so that nothing detracts from it. When you’re happy with the way your hair looks get ready to arrange the two sections from the front. Pick each section and gently take it towards the back, keeping with the natural lines of your head. You should carefully wind each section around the base of the ponytail. Once you’re done wrapping each section, tuck the ends away into the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. The two sections will create a looped V around the ponytail and instantly glam up an everyday hairstyle. Smooth away any flyaways and use a little shine boosting serum to make your hair look glossy.

Jean Pierre Braganza

#JeanPierreBraganza #LFW #SS2015

For most people who are new to styling one of the most difficult parts about getting a look right is getting the texture right. Combing, arranging and securing hair isn’t always as complicated as getting the grain and body and shape of the hair perfect for the look. Which is why it is always a delight to work with textures that are easy and can be achieved by just about anybody. When you have the base right, it is only a matter of sectioning and placing hair properly. That’s why this particular look is going to be one that even beginners can attempt without fear. All you need to do is work with smooth, straight hair.

You can get your hair ready with a flat iron or by blow-drying it. The next step is to create a deep side part and pull your hair low across the front on one side, creating the impression of side bangs. Tuck away hair on both sides behind the ears, leaving an inch-wide section out in front of the ears. This creates nice geometric lines in the hair and is a great trick for lazy days when you don’t want to spend a tonne of time styling your hair. You can either wear all the hair pulled over the shoulders to the front or leave some of it to hang loose at the back. The really neat thing about this hairstyle is that it draws attention to the face and emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones, so you can get ready for all the compliments coming your way.


#Osman #LFW #SS2015

There were a couple of different hairstyles and cuts at the Osman show but it was this particular haircut that caught my eye. If you want to cut your hair short for the warmer months, this will make for a wonderful statement. It’s short enough to be cool, comfortable and breezy but delicate enough to be feminine. I love the wispy bangs at the front and the soft layers. Another point in favour of this particular hairstyle is that it is one of those few short haircuts that have a truly universal appeal and will look good on most shapes and features and on people across a spectrum of age groups.

Pringle Of Scotland

#PringleofScotland #LFW #SS2015


No Fashion Week is complete without at least one designer or brand opting for the wet-look, slicked back style. It’s become almost ritualistic but thankfully it is a style that never really gets boring. Since it is not one of those styles that a lot of people wear, or often, it always makes for an interesting addition to any look. Before we begin on styling steps, a word to the wise: you can wear this style in medium length or longer hair but it really does work best with hair that’s around shoulder length or a little shorter. I’ve mentioned this before, it’s a sharp, edgy look and it is easier to achiever with shorter lengths. You can get the same effect around the crown with a longer length but you will have to work extra to make sure that the rest of your hair keeps with the slick, severe structure and that gets tougher if you have more length and volume to work with. You’ve probably seen a variation of this style on the Kardashians; they’re known to wear their hair slicked back and long so you might want to try it with a little more volume on the top and some really strong holding spray.

Achieving the look itself is pretty straightforward. You want really smooth hair so blow-dry your washed hair and use a flat iron to get that really perfectly straight texture. With a dollop of styling mousse or gel begin combing back your hair. Make sure you don’t leave anything loose at the front. Use a fine-toothed comb to get your hair to lay really flat on the head. You can slick your hair back as far as you’d like: to the middle of your head where you usually knot your bun or right down to the nape, depending on how structured you want the style to look. For the wet-look sheen rub a few drops of oil or shine serum on your palms and carefully pat your hair. Add some hairspray and you’re done.

Tom Ford

#TomFord #LFW #SS2015

The styling at the Tom Ford Spring Summer 2015 show is without a doubt the most talked about from the London Fashion Week. In an industry of extraordinarily gifted and creative people, Tom Ford is perhaps the most so of the lot. Few other designers and brands can claim the instant recognisability that Tom Ford’s creations always hold. Tom Ford is in a league of his own, and when he shows a collection it’s usually so different it shocks first, and then inevitably awes later.

His shows are always inspiring, and this year was no different. The makeup was spot-on, with very heavy, grunge-y smokey eyes and nude lips and the hair was styled to compliment the look. The look is all about sexy, edgy glamour- it’s almost a bit messy and a bit dirty but in a way that just amps up the oomph. The layered, tousled shaggy cuts are all about effortless sex appeal and rock chic glamour. There’s something so quintessentially 70s about the hairstyles you can’t help but be reminded of the golden days of Rock n’ Roll.  This haircut is in your face, it is audacious and it is unapologetic and in my opinion, it is a stroke of genius. If you’re looking to vamp up your style quotient you cannot go bigger or bolder than this.

Vivienne Westwood

#VivienneWestwood #LFW #SS2015


Vivienne Westwood has always been something of a fashion rebel- a fact you could not have missed even if you were determined to do so! We’re talking about mud-splattered faces and graphic moustaches drawn on the models faces.
And as far as the hairstyles go, there was an equally unique set of looks: some cute and quickly and others downright crazy. But it was all fun and I really enjoyed the show. I’ve picked my favourite hairstyle from the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2015 show and it’s a ponytail that’s unique enough to be really eye-catching but regular enough to be wearable.

The two main elements of this style are volume and waves. You can style this into two ponytails (like pigtails, only without the plaits) or wear it as a single voluminous ponytail for a more sophisticated effect. The ponytail section was all about shiny, big waves that you can easily achieve at home with a large-barrelled curling wand or leave-in rollers. The top half is defined by messy volume, and set off by an almost pompadour-like pouf at the front. With a volumising product or some dry shampoo at the roots and some backcombing you can decide just how big you want to go. Since the look is again supposed to be quirky and effortless, don’t worry about trying to get the crown smooth and sleek. Embrace the flyaways and if you want to add some interest to the look, focus on getting the wavy bottom half sleek and smooth. The dichotomy between the two sections will add some more drama to a very wearable style.

That is it for my favourites from the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Let me know which styles you liked the most and which ones you plan to try out in the coming months. Watch this space for trends and tips from the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week.

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Best Hair Seen At New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

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It is that time of the year again! Fashion Week is on in full swing, and boy is it as good as ever. The New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 was a riot of cuts, colours, textures and fashion and beauty trends. I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the best hairstyles we saw on the runways this time around. Here is my pick of the best hairstyles and hair trends from the New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Hope you like them!

Badgley Mischka
#BadgleyMischka #NYFW #SS2015

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

Every year we see a mix of haircuts, styles, colours and accessories that end up defining trends for months to come. Some are wearable, while others not so much: but they are always fun. The hair colour at the Badgley Mischka SS 2015 was one of the first to catch my eye. It’s an interesting gradient from a regular colour to pastel, almost fey-like shades. We’re talking from brown to ice blue!

Now, I understand this is not a look that most will go for and granted, it isn’t the sort of hair trend that you can sport for very long but it is an interesting mix of a number of colour trends we have seen in the past. We’re combining solid, natural colours with the pastel hair trend; we are working with a gradient and creating a rather unique mishmash of highlights and solids. If you don’t want to get your hair coloured and try this on a semi-permanent basis but still want to have some fun, I suggest using clip-in extensions. You can purchase pastel/ rainbow-coloured extensions or you could get hair extensions in very light shades and then colour them according to your own tastes.

Calvin Klein

#CalvinKlein #NYFW #SS2015


You can never, ever go wrong with a high knot in slick hair. It’s just one of those hairstyles that have a timeless appeal and no matter how many times you see it on the runways or on celebrities or even walking down the street, it is going to catch your eye. High buns and knots are always attractive but there is something just so edgy and exciting about such a classic, traditionally feminine hairstyle in slicked-back, wet-look hair.

Prepping your hair properly is the secret to getting this look right. You need to get the hair on the crown to lay really flat against the head while you secure it into a high ponytail. You can use a few drops of Argan oil or a shine-boosting serum while you comb and press your hair down flat and arrange it into a high ponytail. Once you are happy with the way it looks shape the ponytail into a high bun/ knot around its base. You can make a regular bun or layer it a bit by twisting it in on itself or looping it around the ponytail and then drawing hair in through the loop. Playing with different techniques will help you achieve different looks/ dimensions or you could always stick to a classic high bun. You don’t have to worry about tucking the ends in, let them stick out: the pointy ends add a graphic, architectural structure to the look.

Carolina Herrera

#CarolinaHerrera #NYFW #SS2015


The hairstyles at the Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2015 also featured a bun accent, but with a twist. In the past two years buns have really made a comeback as a major hair trend, and this new look from the Carolina Herrera show is one I’m hoping people will pick up off the runway too. Instead of a topknot or a ballerina bun or even the twisted/ braided buns we have all come to love, what we have here now is cylindrical bun that lays horizontal on the head. Instead of sitting atop the head or at the nape of the neck, this bun forms a perpendicular line with the head and the unique cylindrical form is really eye-catching. If you love styling your hair into high buns but you are tired of all the usual styles, this is a new one you can try.

Getting this bun right may take some practice. Once you’ve slicked your hair down, secure it into a high ponytail at the point you want to create your bun. Then slowly, starting at the ends, keep rolling your ponytail in on itself creating a nice cylindrical shape as you go. Once you’ve reached the bottom- in this case it’s actually the base/ start of the ponytail- gently hold it to your crown and use some bobby pins to secure the rolled hair in place. You can hide the pins inside the hollow rolled section. Just be sure to use at least two pins from either end (a total of four pins at least) and make an ‘X’ shape to add a really firm hold to the style.

Donna Karan

#DonnaKaran #NYFW #SS2015

Braids are another hair trend that never really go out of style. This past year we’ve mostly seen braids being used as accents in hair so the look from the Donna Karan Spring Summer 2015 show was a welcome take on the technique. The front and top were kept very simple and clean- you can wear your hair brushed back or parted down the middle, depending on what suits you best. This is a style that works best on long hair because you’re basically going to be braiding your hair down the back. At first glance this style might remind you of the traditional schoolgirl braids but upon closer inspection you can see that there’s something just a little bit different about the braids. This style is what is known as the 3D box braiding technique. It creates stacked loops in the braid. Where normal braids/ plaits lay flat, the 3D box braid will seem to jump out at you, no matter what angle you’re looking at it from! The braiding technique is quite easy, with a little bit of practice.

Marc Jacobs

#MarcJacobs #NYFW #SS2015

I love the shaggy, graduated bowl cut that we saw on some of the models at the Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 show. The thick, slightly uneven bangs at the front and the angled cut make for a fun, carefree look. While this is admittedly not a hairstyle that a lot of people can sport on a regular basis, I think it’s perfect for students and young people who want a look that is fun and frisky but does not require a lot of maintenance and styling. As with any time you are planning to go in for a drastically different haircut, I advise finding a reputed hairstylist and spending some time discussing the look with them before you take the plunge.

Naeem Khan

#NaeemKhan #NYFW #SS2015


The models’ hair at the Naeem Khan show wasn’t a unique style so much as a glorious example of what happy, healthy hair can look like! The models’ hair was styled into glossy, large waves and the hair was parted slightly off-centre at the front. This is another one of those hairstyles that can work wonders with just about any outfit or for any occasion. I’m personally loving the dark chestnut locks on the models- it is such a great colour for Autumn/ Winter. You can easily achieve this look at home with large curlers or even a big-barrelled curling wand. Once you have your curls in place just remember to run your fingers through them to break them up a little bit. Use a shine-boosting serum to give your hair that extra kick.

Vera Wang

#VeraWang #NYFW #SS2015


The styling for the Vera Wang show is not particularly eye-catching or noticeable at first: you only see lose waves in regular-looking hair. However, when you look closer you can see small, skinny braids in the hair and I really loved the idea. It is like finding a little surprise that you aren’t looking for: so it makes it a quirky, fun addition to an otherwise normal, everyday hairstyle. Braid accents are always a nice way to perk up a simple style and these are so easy to pull off. It should not take you more than a couple of minutes. You can add a single braided accent like the models at the Vera Wang New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 show or you can add multiple braids for a more noticeable style. Skinny braids as accents can work in all kinds of hair, whether you are wearing it wavy and relaxed or poker straight or even in a ponytail.

I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I enjoyed reviewing them. Write to me and let me know which ones you liked best and which you can’t wait to try come spring!

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