Best Hair Styles From The Sag Awards 2016


I knew we were going to see some great looks and potential trends from the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet, but even so I was completely blown away. Every single person looked spectacular and everywhere you looked, there was style inspiration in spades. Honestly, picking my top 5 was so difficult because in all fairness, this list could have gone on for a lot longer.

You know, there is always this pattern that emerges during the awards season: most events see a couple of the major trends dominating the scene and you usually end up with a number of celebrities sporting (iterations of) the same look. It makes sense from the styling perspective: everyone wants to be in on what’s hot at the moment, but from a comparative perspective, when you’re actually looking for inspiration, you want to be treated to various options. While many have commented that ‘soft/nude lips’ were the evening’s most dominant trend, diversity really shone through at the 2016 SAG Awards.  

Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the 2016 SAG Awards. Enjoy.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet just looked radiant and I love that her fashion and styling choices always boast clean, classic lines and elegant colors.

Kate Winslet’s hairstyle from the 2016 SAG Awards is a modernized take on the classic chignon. If you want to wear your hair up to play up an outfit but want something with a little more pizzazz than the basic chignon or the ballerina bun, look no further.

Begin on freshly washed hair. Blow-dry it straight because we need a smooth texture and blow-drying will also help to add some sheen to your hair. Prior to blow-drying, add a dollop of a styling product and a thermal heat protectant product to add some shine and volume and to safeguard your hair against excess heat. I recommend using a round brush to blow-dry the hair to create more body and movement.

Once that is done, create a side parting and secure your hair into two ponytails at the back, one located higher than the other. To get the braid-like (the bun is not really braided) structure, divide the lower ponytail into four sections and start twisting and looping them, using bobby pins to secure them onto the head as you go along. These folds will create the impression of a braided chignon. Then, take the other (upper) ponytail and wrap it around the bun to create a sort of casing and pin it into place with some more bobby pins. Add a finishing spray and/or a setting spray and you’re done.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox has that magical mixture of charm, beauty and wit that makes her absolutely irresistible. She’s a wonder to behold and her Red Carpet style choices are always on-point. What I love most about her style sensibilities is that adventurous as her outfit choices are (she really plays with colors in a way I know many of my stylist friends wish we saw more of) her overall styling always leans towards the classic. She’s really got the bombshell thing down pat and is absolutely majestic on the Red Carpet.

If you’re ever in doubt as to what hairstyle would look good for a particular event or occasion, know this: you can never, ever go wrong with retro waves. Loose cascading hair, mermaid waves and a side part will work every time. Whether you’re attending a wedding (or starring in one!) or hoping to make an impression at a meeting or prepping for a first date, this look is always a winner. What makes it even more appealing is that you no doubt already have all the tools and supplies you need to be able to recreate it at home. Regular straighteners as well as curling wands can do the trick just fine.

Maisie Williams

Updos and topknots can look a little severe on someone as young as Maisie, but that piece-y texture keeps the hairstyle from looking too mature. Loose, face-framing strands are a great way to soften up any hairstyle and I love how the bun looks truly piled up on the crown. Sleek topknots and ballerina buns definitely have their own place in the modern styling narrative, but the struggle between height and volume is real. Not here though- Maise’s look has it all- it’s stacked up high, is poufy enough to get the nod from Adele and it is totally age-appropriate. Love!

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams’ bob continues to make the case for bobs worldwide, and how. Everything about her hair right now is sheer perfection: the bob is cut beautifully, the length is just the right balance between edgy and cutesy, her color (dark roots lightening out into a buttery gold) is the perfect transition color for winter to spring and the texture is divine. She recently wore it somewhat smoother and more angular at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards and both that version and this messy, wavy take are so good on Rachel. And could be wonderful on you as well, if you’re looking for a haircut that is easy to maintain and offers you a ton of styling possibilities.

Uzo Aduba

Uzo Aduba is another one of my absolute favorite style icons because not only do her choices always stand out in a sea of well-dressed people (and they compliment her personality) but also because she always looks like she is having such a blast wherever she is. I mean, look at her! She’s genuinely stoked to be a part of the proceedings and receiving those much-deserved awards.

I love Uzo’s contribution to the 2016 SAG Awards hairstyle hall of fame because it really reflects her personality: it’s cheerful, carefree and beautiful. The windswept effect is a touch of genius on someone who seems to move through life as though with a song in her head. It’s very fun, young and peppy. If you want to learn how to recreate the look at home, keep on reading.

Let your freshly washed hair dry naturally, unless it’s VERY curly, in which case you might want to blow-dry it straight to have a smooth base to begin with. Finger-dry your hair to lend some natural grain and texture before you really get styling. Spritz on some heat protectant and then get ready to get serious.

You are going to need a curling iron for this one. If you’re using a curling iron, use one with a smaller barrel. Curl your hair in small sections, right from the roots to the tips. You want an almost-crimped effect but I wouldn’t recommend using a crimping machine because that will create too stark a texture. 

Once your curls are done, blast some hot air all over them using a blow dryer to create the signature windswept look. You don’t have to do anything else at this point: just direct the air to create motion and dimension. Make sure you focus a bit on the hairline to create lift at the front: it almost looks like a cresting wave and it’s beautiful. If you want to play up the texture even further, spritz on some sea salt spray to create that beachy finish.

Finally, start arranging the curls, moving from the left side to the right and pinning them back behind one ear. This is your chance to twist and shape the curls as you like and you don’t have to be particularly neat. Just let it all sort of pile together and be. Flyaways and face-framing tendrils just add to the look, so don’t worry about hiding them. Just be sure to add an extreme hold spray so that the hairstyle holds up.

Try these out, be sure to check out the Red Carpet footage of other great looks from the night and let me know how you get on!

Little Princess Trust #HAIRTOSPARE Campaign

Hi everyone!

I have something I’d like to talk to you all about today- a little bit different from the sort of topics I usually discuss here but so, so important. This is a subject that means a lot to me so when the wonderful people from the Little Princess Trust reached out to me, I knew I had to get out there and do my bit for a cause that deserves all the attention in the world.


In our daily lives, we lose so much of our energy on everyday irritations that we fail to consider just how blessed we are. A bad hair day or a botched up dye job can send us spinning out of control- and there is no denying how stressful these experiences can be- but in the grand scheme of things, we’re just so lucky to be healthy and happy and have all these opportunities to experiment with style and beauty.

I work with hair on a daily basis and to think that there are people- little children- who are losing theirs to devastating diseases is absolutely heartbreaking. These kids are real heroes, going about their lives with the most startling courage and good cheer and it inspires me to see that they’ve learned something that it can take adults all their lives to figure out: you don't have to look like everyone else to look beautiful.

These children- and their stories- are incredible. They’re facing odds that would break most adults and doing so with such a zest for life. But even the spunkiest kid can feel scared and ‘strange’ when they are forced to be different from all the other children around them. And it is up to you and me to help them feel loved and accepted and normal.

The Little Princess Trust is a fantastic effort towards creating real-hair wigs for children living with cancer and other illnesses. To lose your hair –at any point in your life– can be unbelievably stressful and I can hardly bear to imagine what it must be like for a child already facing challenges no kid should have to endure. By crafting beautiful real-hair wigs, the Little Princess Trust gives these children a little extra magic to help them get through these trying times and feel good. As tragic as it is for their little bodies to be fighting such scary diseases, by being a part of the collective we can all do something wonderful for their spirits and confidence.

I would love to take a moment and draw your attention to the amazing work that the Little Princess Trust is doing and how you can be a part of the same. Even though I work in the style and beauty industry, I’m always telling everyone not to take these things too seriously- beauty and fashion and appearances are fun and empowering but they aren’t everything and we should treat them as such. I believe in making a choice to focus on the things that last and truly matter but when it comes to these children- they don’t have that choice. It’s one thing to take your hair and appearance lightheartedly by making a concerted choice as an adult- it’s another to be a helpless child suddenly finding their world turned around. I urge all of my wonderful readers to take a few minutes and consider sharing some of what they are blessed with- time, money, resources and even your hair- with children who need it so much more than we do.

You can participate in the great work that the Little Princess Trust is doing by donating money to the cause, organizing a fundraiser to raise resources that can be used for making new wigs and by donating your own hair towards the wigs. If you have #hairtospare I invite all of you to join me in doing a little something to give these little bravehearts something to make their day just a tiny bit better.

Check out the fundraising information at and see if you would like to contribute to the cause. It’s a secure gateway through which you can donate to the cause in as many as eight different currencies.

I definitely recommend visiting for more information on the good work that the Little Princess Trust is doing and how you can get involved.

Remember, as much as it means to you- it means a whole lot more to these kids. Wouldn't you like to help bring a smile to a child’s face today?


America Ferrera For The 2016 Critics Choice Awards

I had the opportunity to work with America Ferrera for the 2016 Critics Choice Awards and I could not be more pleased. America was an absolute delight when we partnered up for the 2016 Golden Globe Awards and this time was no different.

Since we’d already done something along the more conventional, elegant lines for the Golden Globes with a sleek chignon, I wanted to go with something different for the 2016 Critics Choice Awards. America’s got such a beautiful personality and this innate versatility that I knew we could move from a classic chignon to sexy waves and still hit all the right notes. If you enjoyed the tousled loose waves and want to recreate that ‘I woke up looking this fabulous’ vibe, read on to find out how you can style your hair the same way.

The best thing about this particular look is that it is the kind of hairstyle anyone can pull off- even those with little or no hairstyling experience. You don't need a whole range of styling products and tools and hours in the gym getting those biceps ready to braid: it’s all fairly simple but the results are stupendous.

If you’ve ever tried to recreate the  relaxed beachy waves’ look at home, you probably know it’s never as easy as it seems. Somehow, the models in the magazines always end up looking glam while your own attempts at disheveled sexiness are a lot less bombshell and a lot more bird’s nest. If you're frustrated, don’t be: there’s a secret to this kind of hairstyle and I’m going to share it here today.

Begin on freshly washed hair by towel-drying it. The first step to any hairstyle is to get the base right, and for that, you will need to add a texturizing and volumizing product, preferably a mousse like Wellaflex for Curls & Waves .

I advise using a shine-boosting heat protectant spray before you begin heat styling because this will not only help protect the hair but will also make it glossy- you’ll have an even, polished finish throughout that really amps up the glam quotient. The Wellaflex Heat Creation Spray is a great product.

The next step is to blow-dry your hair with a Skeleton Brush. This helps to add some volume and body that is noticeable without being OTT. When it comes to heat styling tools, I always recommend working with a range that combines hair care needs with hairstyling efficiency; Braun’s Satin hair range is a good bet because it’s almost intuitive features allow the tools to adapt to your individual hair type and needs and give you a one-of-a-kind experience that not only helps hair look good but also keeps it healthy. It’s important to use the right heat styling tools because you want to get rid of any frizz or static before you start arranging the hairstyle but you don’t want to lose volume and end up with limp, lank hair either.

The next step is to curl the hair. Take a medium-barreled curling iron, switch it on at the lowest heat setting and then curl your hair in one-inch sections. Work your way around from the back and make sure you don’t curl all your hair in the same direction to avoid it looking to done.

The final step is to break up & relax in the curled sections. All you need to do is run your fingers through your hair very, very softly. Make sure you maintain a light touch during this step because you don’t want to lose the curls you’ve just created. If you want to add more shine at this step, a drop of any hair styling oil such as Argan oil or the Wella Professionals Oil Reflections can work wonders. It’s important to use a product that only adds shine to the hair and doesn’t end up making it greasy or heavy. That done, just swish your hair from side to side gently, once, to let it all fall in and settle together.

Once you’re satisfied with the look and the finish, take a hairspray that you trust and spritz for hold. It’s important that you use a hairspray that offers proper hold but isn’t heavy because this is a look that’s all about effortless, beachy style. Nothing too hard or artificial works here. I recommend the Wellaflex Curls & Waves Hairspray for dependable hold and soft, natural hair.

And that’s how you recreate America Ferrera’s hairstyle from the 2016 Critics Choice Awards at home. As easy as that!

Best Hairstyles Seen At The Critics Choice Awards 2016

Another award show, another host of fantastic hairstyles to glean inspiration from. The 2016 Critics Choice Awards turned up a slew of really smart looks and I can really see some of these becoming major hair trends. I’ve picked five of my favorite looks from the night. From elegant to edgy, there is something in here for everyone.

Bryce Dallas Howard

The moment I saw Bryce’s hairstyle at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards, I knew I just had to feature it here. I’m always on the lookout for ponytails with a twist and this one meets the mark- in more ways than one! That layered detail creates an almost French twist-esque impression and it’s such a fresh take on your everyday ponytail.

This is the sort of hairstyle you can easily take from a university lecture to a night on the town. Of course, it helps to have hair the color of burning embers- anything looks good in that rich hue. So, for some added inspiration, if you are in the mood for changing up your hair color, liven up the winter months with this gorgeous cinnamon-on-fire hue.

Bryce’s hair has been styled with a low, side-swept fringe at the front and some volume at the crown. I love hairstyles that combine a number of subtle elements to create an overall look that’s at once sophisticated and sexy.

Constance Wu

#ConstanceWu #CriticsChoiceAwards2016.jpg

From ponytails to braids. Constance Wu’s crown braid made for one of the prettiest, most feminine hairstyles at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards. There is just something about halo braids and crown braids that never gets old; you could pair it up with jeans and a plain T-shirt or a gown and the results would be just equally charming. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that scores high on aesthetics and practicality, I recommend adding all the hair at the front into the braid. It’s a great way to look fabulous and keep your hair out of your face. But, if you’re styling for a more glam event and you want something a little more elegant, leave some face-framing strands out for a softer effect. A smart barrette at the back is great for keeping the look together and adding some discreet bling to the look.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams’ tousled lob strikes just the right balance between carefree and stylish. If you really want to play up a haircut like this, I recommend adding a couple of highlights and lowlights to introduce more body and spunk to the look. Rachel’s highlights take on an almost coppery hue in the light and it adds a little extra pizzazz to a hairstyle that works just as well on the red carpet as it does off it. For volume at the base, just work a little dry shampoo into your roots after you’ve blow-dried your hair and then comb. Flip some of the hair over to one side, creating a messy side part of sorts. This will add more volume at the front and create the illusion of an angled lob, if you’ve hair your hair cut even.

If you don’t have a whole lot of time to style your hair regularly- or don’t know how to- a haircut like this one is a great solution. It looks sassy, is easy to style and can be worn in a bunch of different ways. You can’t always get your hair styled professionally but that shouldn't keep you from always looking your best. All it takes is some smart planning and a great cut and you’re red carpet ready- all day, everyday.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie’s super-slick coiled bun was one of the best hairstyles of the 2016 Critics Choice Awards. Nothing screams ‘sophisticated’ quite like slick, perfectly coiffured hair. It is so because it’s obvious to anyone looking that such perfection is only possible with the utmost effort and expertise; anyone worth their styling two cents knows that looking like a million bucks doesn’t come easy and that’s why such hairstyles always stand out- even amidst other professionally styled people.

Rosie’s precisely combed down crown and looped bun makes for a minimalistic, almost-severe hair trend that’s absolutely perfect for formal events. This is the kind of hairstyle you need to opt for when you want your entire look to make a statement, without dulling down any of the individual elements. A hairstyle like this is a whole look in itself but it pairs beautifully with the clothes, makeup and accessories as well.  

Saoirse Ronan

#SaoirseRonan #CriticsChoiceAwards2016.jpg

If Rosie’s look is too strong for you, Saoirse’s soft, half-up half-down hairdo is the stuff hairstyling romances are made of. This is a hairstyle that works well in both freshly washed and second-day hair, and a little texture is all you need to keep things looking interesting. A little volume at the crown at the back adds a slightly vintage-y vibe and the loose locks at the front add to that diffused, almost ethereal vibe. It’s a great look for parties, weddings and basically anytime you want to dress up but still maintain a laidback, girly vibe. It’s understated but not underwhelming, and as Saoirse proves, it’s a look that’s really great if you want to let your outfit make the major statement.

The common denominator in most of these looks is that they’re straightforward and yet, striking. Sometimes, the secret to styling success is in finding something simple that works for you- and then embracing it.

Best Hairstyles Seen At The Golden Globes 2016

The 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet was nothing short of spectacular. The awards season is always such an assortment of hairstyles and trends but ever so often you get an event where just about everyone looks phenomenal and it’s almost more inspiration than the system can handle! What really pleased me about the 2016 Golden Globes was that the celebrities really brought their A-game and the majority of the styling was ultra glamorous and uber-sophisticated. If you’ve been running low on ideas for hairstyles for formal events and fancy dos, you have got to check out the looks from Sunday’s event. I can hardly imagine how everyone’s going to top these looks in the coming weeks.

Cate Blanchett

Beauty/ fashion bloggers often write about how Cate Blanchett’s almost-unearthly beauty can make even the most outlandish outfits and impossible styling look drop-dead-gorgeous. Now, while the rest of us mere mortals may not have that perfect DNA code working in our favor, we can take a lock or two out of Cate’s book with this striking asymmetrical bob.

The thing with faux bobs is that they invariably have blunted ends, since the style involves tucking hair in. As a result, most faux bobs are either styled even on both sides or textured and finished a few tendrils loose, to take some of the edge off, so as to speak. However, a faux bob in an asymmetrical arrangement is not something we’ve seen before- or enough of, at any rate. With one side slicked down and back, set off by a deep side part and the bob completely focused on the other, we have a look that’s not for the fainthearted. But one I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone tries at least once.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has never been one to shy away from strong fashion statements and she’s seen here representing Old Hollywood in true J. Lo. fashion: bold and unapologetic. The yellow-bordering-on-chartreuse caped gown was one of last night’s most striking outfits, beautifully complimented by stunning accessories and makeup. That’s a whole lot of look right there and it would have been so easy to go wrong with the hair but Jennifer’s sleek, soft waves add just the right touch of retro glam. The key to keeping the look modern is to flip the front over to one side and add enough volume at the roots and body down the lengths to make the overall effect lively and not stuffy.

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara’s textured braid was one of the few edgy styles we saw last evening, in a sea of polished, more traditional looks. You know, if they begin handing out awards for the ‘Best Braid Ever,’ I think Rooney Mara’s deconstructed braid from last night’s event would win hands down. The sectioned braid is definitely one of the coolest looks we’ve seen on the red carpet in a long time, and I have a feeling that The Girl With The Warrior Braid is going to spark off a ton of hairstyling adventures.

Here’s how you can get the look at home:

Once your hair is washed and blow-dried, add some styling mousse or paste for some gloss and styling ease. Slick back the crown by brushing backwards and then divide the hair into two horizontal sections. You can do this by tracing a line from one ear to the other. Secure the two halves into a ponytail each, one high on the crown and the other riding low, at the nape of your neck. Now comes the tricky part: braiding the two segments. Simply start braiding the higher ponytail and when you reach the lower ponytail, integrate the hair from it into the braid. For max impact, opt for a reverse/inverse French braid. If you don’t have a ton of braiding experience, you can start out with regular braids and work your way up, as you get comfortable with the technique. The more intricate the braid, the more stunning the overall effect is going to be; for all you styling superstars out there, try weaving your hair in any number of styles and be sure to send me photos.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Nobody does beachy and sun-kissed better than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; it takes a whole other kind of beauty to be able to look like a mermaid in the tropics on a red carpet at the break of January, but Rosie manages it effortlessly. If you want a hairstyle that works well with just about every imaginable outfit and makeup, but don't want to put in a ton of time and effort, Rosie’s wavy open hair is a great way to go.

Part your hair down the middle and add a little dry shampoo or a volumizing spray at the roots to get a slight lift at the crown: this will help the hair cascade down in the most gorgeous way. The secret to making something almost casual look this good is in getting the texture and finish right: you want to prep your hair just right before you blow-dry it and then use a large-barreled curling wand or a flat iron to create large waves before you brush them out further. Finish off with a shine-boosting serum or spray.

I really hope you enjoyed these looks, and will give some of them a try. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, I do recommend checking out Kate Winslet’s wavy, side-parted updo as well as Laverne Cox’s coiled, floral-inspired updo as well. They’re absolutely stunning for brides-to-be or just about any formal event. Give them a dekko and if you like what you see, get pinning right away!

America Ferrera’s Look From The 2016 Golden Globes

I had the absolute pleasure of working with America Ferrera for the 2016 Golden Globes and I’m so pleased with how the look turned out. America was presenting the Best Male Actor-Drama Series segment of the night and looked radiant up there on the stage.

The moment I saw the stunning yellow Jenny Packham dress she was scheduled to wear for the night, I knew we had to go with a hairstyle that complimented the look instead of being the look in it itself. When you’ve got such a bold color and a strong neckline and embellishment details, you don't want a hairdo that just competes with it all. We worked with this vision of blending a timeless, iconic hairstyle like the chignon with something a little more current and fresh.



If you liked America Ferrera’s look from the 2016 Golden Globes and want to learn how to recreate it at home yourself, keep on reading.


Begin with freshly washed hair and towel-dry it gently just to get some of the moisture out and then add a blow-drying product like the Wellaflex Mousse. The product is a great way to prep for a blow-dry and it gives you enviable polish and hold, so you don't have to do a ton of post-styling setting either.

Begin by blow-drying the hairline, aiming the hairdryer at your forehead and around the lower neck- basically following the natural contours of the head. At this stage, you want to blow-dry using a backwards and inward motion using a soft brush or your hands directing the flow of the air and heat- and your hands- to the center at the back of your head. By doing this, not only do you get the right texture and finish, but you also manage to create an almost perfectly even base. If you’ve always had a tough time getting flyaways to lay flat or taming the frizz around your hairline, try using this technique and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Once your hair is 100% dry, the next step is to work further on the texture. The previous step basically helps set the foundation for the ponytail, so now we’re going to tackle the rest of the length. Use a flat iron and begin smoothening out from the mid-lengths to the ends. A classic hairstyle like the chignon needs an absolutely perfect base and straightening will make your hair sleek, shiny and easy-to-style. I would recommend to use a straightening that allows you to set the heat to the needs of your hair. The Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Care Styler is perfect for that as it actually adjust the temperature automatically for you - Genius!

If you want to add a vintage-y vibe to the look, carve out a low part to one side. if not, simply brush it all towards the back. Gather your hair at the back of your head and then secure it into a clean ponytail using a anti snap hair elastic. I recommend using the Braun Satin-Hair Brush to brush the hair because it helps tackle static and unruly hair and leaves you with silky hair.

Next, take the ponytail and twist it on itself, creating a figure eight as you go along. Secure the loops onto your head using bobby pins to keep the coils in place.

If you’re satisfied with the finish, simply move onto the hairspray. A touch of Wellaflex hairspray to keep things in place and you’re good to go!    

Best Hair Styles Seen At The 2016 People’s Choice Awards

2016 is off to a fantastic start with the 2016 People’s Choice Awards offering up an array of hairstyles and trends to choose from. There’s nothing like awards season to 

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough’s topknot is getting a lot of press given that it was the perfect look for a rainy evening: when the occasion demands some serious styling but you’ve also got to factor in the elements of nature, an updo can be a lifesaver. For that added edge, leave a single, poker-straight section out. What really sets this ‘Mulan-like’ hairdo apart is the texture: shiny, straight hair always looks so sophisticated and wears well in all kinds of looks.  

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco’s wavy bob made for one of the prettiest looks from the evening, and there was a particular effortless appeal to it that I’m sure a lot of people loved. It’s basically a very natural look, just played up and styled right. Add some texturizing product to washed hair and then blow dry with a round brush to add a bit of body from the mid-lengths to the ends. Add a little dry shampoo at the roots and rub it in to create a little volume and some graininess for more texture and then very, very gently run over the lengths with a drop of shine-boosting serum or some Argan oil. You want to use a very light hand and very little product with this step so it doesn't mess up the structure and movement you created while blow-drying. Once you’re done, spritz on some holding spray.

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale’s romantic braided updo is one of the most talked-about looks from the 2016 People’s Choice Awards, not least because it gives hope to those with short and medium length hair. Lucy’s look proves that you don’t need sweeping tresses to be able to pull off braids or updos. The textured crown plait was styled keeping her overall ‘Victorian Goth’ vibe in mind and it is equal parts romantic and edgy. If your hair is rather short and you can’t achieve the desired volume and body with your braids, just go ahead and tug on the loops gently once the braids are in place and voila: instant volume!

Natalie Dormer

If you thought loose waves had had their run, Natalie’s look from the evening proves that this is a hairstyle that’s not going anywhere. The trick to making something so popular look good is in getting the styling right: Natalie’s hair was styled into these messy tousled waves and combined with her makeup, the overall effect is incredibly sexy. It’s a simple enough style to pull off at home but don’t let that fool you: as a compliment to the right outfit, it can look incredibly glam. Allow your hair to dry naturally till it’s about 80% dry, then add a texturizing mousse and run your fingers through your hair. Once it’s almost dry, take a curling iron and start adding curls to the bottom 3/4ths of your length. Part your hair down the middle and add a little dry shampoo at the roots for some grittiness and height. You can even backcomb the roots for some extra texture and lift. Once your waves are in place, run your fingers through your hair again to break them up just the slightest bit. Add some hairspray for extra hold, though this is a look that will wear well on its own- unless it gets damp or wet.    

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens.jpg

Most of us are so used to seeing Vanessa Hudgens with mermaid-like beachy waves and braided accents that something as edgy as the look from the 2016 People’s Choice Awards is a bit of a shock to the system. But in a good way. There is no denying that the boho look works well for her, but shaking it up every now and then is always a good idea. Vanessa’s entire People’s Choice Awards look was made up of strong individual elements, right from the 90s’ frosted lip to the choker-adjacent neckpiece, so a strong hairstyle could have been a complete disaster but I think it sits really well on her. It’s strong and sophisticated but also fun enough for a young person to carry off well. Plus, it’s a great way to give a medium length some pizzazz.

I hope you enjoyed these looks, but don’t tune out just yet: the Golden Globes are up next and we’ve got so many exciting events to look forward to in the coming weeks. 2016’s going to be major as far as hairstyles go! 

The Opal Hair Trend


Reviewing the different color trends that we’ve seen this year turns up a fascinating fact: 2015 was the year that we finally took “real” colors (read, not your usual natural-hair hues like the basic browns, blacks and blondes) and found a way to make them look sophisticated. I love that the hairstyling industry is finally at a place where we can take all sorts of colors and make them look and feel striking and natural all at once. It makes it so much easier for a trend to catch on and for more people to be able to experiment comfortably. And that’s really something to think about, because so many people pass up on fantastic trends because they’re worried they ‘can’t possibly wear it out’ or will ‘get fired from the job’ or ‘look weird in school’. This year, we’ve made experimentation seem a lot less wacky and a lot more welcoming.

And we’ve got the grey ‘granny hair’ trend to thank for most of it. From the edgy, moody oil slick hair trend to the pale, luminescent opal hair trend, it’s all about blending the silvery and stormy hues with all sorts of bright and beautiful shades. Who would have thought that grey hair would top all hair trends- as a standalone statement in its own right and the perfect base for a myriad of other color schemes.

So, what exactly is the opal hair trend? The trend is basically inspired by the pearly hues of the sea; where the oil slick hair trend is all about the rich jewel tones, the opal hair trend is about the more pastel tints. What sets the opal hair trend apart from the other candy/ pastel color trends we’ve seen all year is that the end finish is more metallic, almost silvery. If you’ve ever seen an opal up close, the stone reflects all sorts of colors with a diffused, backlit effect of sorts.


The process begins with lightening your hair; you don’t need to go all the way to grey, white or completely bleached out, so the stylist will stop when your hair reaches a soft, pearly hue. Think of it like a diffused platinum shade or the palest creamy hue. The choice of lightening method depends on the stylist: some people prefer to pre-lighten the hair while other stylists will recommend painting on strong highlights to get your base to a light enough shade.

After the base is prepped and lightened, the next step is to apply toner to it. Finally, the colors are added. What you get is a wave of muted yet pearlescent pastels. Think of it like light reflecting off a water puddle; the colors have a translucent property. It’s paler than the regular hair color trends we’re used to but no less impressive.

The opal hair trend is great if you want to experiment with colors but don’t want to position yourself squarely on either end of the spectrum: the uber-edgy dark shades or the candy-colored pastels. The dyes are applied such that the colors give off a green-pink interference and shift in different lights. The secret is in layering the dyes in a way that creates multi-tonality and the colors shimmer every time you move. It’s like holding up a light-colored gemstone in the moonlight. The end results are breathtaking.

The overall effect isn’t one that is going to reach you and grab you by the eyeballs at first glance, but the more you look at it the less you will be able to look away! The colors are subtle but they flirt with the light and shadows to create a constantly shifting whole: it might look pink from one place, green from another and lilac from a third. Instead of laying colors flat on top of each other, a skilled colorist will blend and shade in a way that makes it look like the colors are all within each other.

You might wonder how it’s different from the pastel color trend that’s dominated the scene all of 2015. A quick search online is going to turn up enough images to make it seem like the two trends are basically one and the same thing, but they’re not: with the opal dye job we’re working with a milky, pearly base and adding subtle pastel color to it but the overall wash itself isn’t pastel-toned. And because the colors are basically blended and blurred out they are nothing like the streaks of pastel highlights we’ve seen a lot of this year. It can range between swirling whorls of soft color to the subtlest colored sheen, but on the whole the effect is delicate. And that’s why the opal color trend is a lot more wearable than it would sound on paper!

One of the most common questions I get about all new hair color trends is whether or not they’ll suit a particular skin tone or sit well against a specific complexion. I’ve always advised my clients to go ahead and do what they want and experiment with color and have fun because at the end of the day, you should enjoy your choices. You might see a lot of the fair-skinned folks donning the trend on Instagram, but it can look equally stunning against olive and deeper tones. The trick is to set off your natural color by picking dyes that play well with each other and your features.

Just like the original grey hair color trend, this one makes for a powerful statement. If you’re already experimented with the grey and liked it but you’re ready for something new, the opal effect could be the perfect transition trend. If your grey dye is wearing out, the opal dye is just the thing you need to ride it out for a little while longer- you get to make the most of your base and rock one of 2015/2016’s hottest hair color trends.

A word to the wise: just like any other color trend that is rooted in pale dyes, pastels and light washes, the opal effect will also fade faster than the more traditional dark solid washes or opaque streaks. If you’re looking for something that is a little more long-lasting and you won’t have to worry about touching up,  I definitely recommend the oil slick hair color trend. That said, even if the opal color doesn't last very long, it is incredibly pretty and is just the thing you need to start 2016.

Winter 2015/16 Hair Color Trends

Looking for some inspiration on how to get your hair Winter-2015-ready? It’s time to greet the cool, cool temperature with some of these hot, hot hues.

If you’re interested in changing your hair color and you want something that’s an overall wash instead of just color accents, here is my pick of the top five hottest hues for winter 2015.


#bronde Winter 2015/16 Hair Color Trends

Yep, the marriage of blonde and brunette hues is back and it’s bigger than ever. Can’t decide whether you want to go dark or light? No problem! Go both! The best part about this particular hair color trend is that it involves a lot less effort than your usual dye job. If you’re already wearing your hair blonde or brunette, all you need to do is add highlights or low lights of the other color. You just want to make sure that it’s all blended in well together and looks warm and inviting. Look for neutral blonde/brown dyes that are the perfect fall-to-winter transition shades.


#buttercream #Winter2015/16 #haircolortrends

This soft, creamy yellow is just the thing you need when you’re looking forward to winter but aren’t ready to bid adieu to the summery shades just yet. Channel your inner fairytale princess with honeyed, spun-gold locks and get ready to beat the winter blues off.

#Champagne Red

#champangered #Winter2015/16 #haircolortrends

The perfect medium between dark and light that’s neither? Copper! If rich reds and rusts are too striking for you, but you’ve always harbored a secret desire to see yourself as a redhead, opt for this glorious champagne red instead. It’s a more muted take on the hue so you don't have to worry about leaving the salon as a whole new person. Ask your stylist for a copper dye that’s got subtle strawberry tints to warm the look over.

If you’d like a softer effect, ask for a dye that’s got a gold/blonde undertone; for a more dramatic result, you’ll want something with deeper brown/marsala undertones.

I personally love the champagne red hair color trend because it’s a new spin on the ever-fabulous autumn-winter red hair color trend. If you’re tired- or afraid- of the usual cinnamon or mahogany hues that start doing the rounds around this time of the year, the champagne-copper color is just what you need. 

#Dark Auburn

#darkauburn #winter2015/16 #haircolortrends

If you’re looking to embrace the dark side, here is an absolutely fabulous color trend for Winter 2015. Ask your stylist for a deep, chocolate brown that has a soft, reddish cast to it. If you love sophisticated brown hues but want to add a touch of something special to it, the dark auburn trend is perfect. It lends a fiery undertone to an extremely classic hue. The best part? This is a hair color that will suit just about every skin tone there is. It wears really well as an overall wash but you can also ask your stylist to work in some low lights or do a really subtle, diffused ombre to add some extra dimensions.

#Soft Black

#softblack #winter2015/16 #haircolortrends

This is the darkest color trend for Winter 2015, and while it may not seem particularly striking or unusual at first glance, it is a fantastic bet. For a variety of reasons.

For starters, it’s a classic. You can never go wrong with a true, warm black. Secondly, it is a shade that suits every skin tone, face type and all features. Third, a softer, more diffused black is a lot less jarring than a jet, blue-black.

So, if you’re looking for a change of pace but you don't want anything too dramatic, just a touch of elegance, consider opting for a deep black. You can go for a flat, warm black or pick one with dark, chocolaty undertones depending on the kind of look you’re going for.

If you try out any of these Winter 2015-16 hair color trends, be sure to Tweet me your photos or tag me on Instagram. Have fun! 


After this look was published on the Maneaddicts website I received so many questions about the sewing technique I have used to create this look that I wanted to get back to you and show you a more in depth step by step breakdown.

#jaimeking #hair #hairbysaschabreuer


After seeing her chic outfit choice, I wanted to create a look that emphasizes and elongates Jamie’s neck as well as adding strength and a real fashion-forward feeling. It was a true collaboration between all of us working together to work out the total look

I decided to work her hair into a clean, polished, energetic high ponytail and add graphic lines, edge, and contrast to reflect the mixture of her French chic [taste] and the Asian shape that I saw in her dress.

To recreate the style, just follow the steps below…



1) Apply Mousse or blow dry spray to towel dried hair.

2) Blow dry all the hair from the hairline and neck toward the crown area using a soft brush such as the Braun Satin Hairbrush  to get it as close to the head shape as possible. I used Wella EIMI Perfect Setting blow dry lotion as it gives great hold and grip.

3) Spray Wella EIMI Stay Essential hairspray directly onto the brush and brush the hair neatly to the top of your head into a high sitting ponytail and secure the base with an elastic. I used a 20-inch long piece of sewing elastic to tie, secure and wrap around the base of the ponytail to add height and lift to the tail (but you can use a bungee elastic instead). 

#jaimeking #hair #hairbysaschabreuer
#jaimeking #hair #hairbysaschabreuer
#jaimeking #hair #hairbysaschabreuer
#jaimeking #hair #hairbysaschabreuer
#jaimeking #hair #hairbysaschabreuer

4) Play with the shape and position of the tail, and secure it  by tying the tail close to the scalp using a 5-inch piece of the elastic. It sounds more complicated than it is, as you just use a large pin to pull / feed the sewing elastic through the hair that you have secured in the tight ponytail to create a loop and tie a knot (you can use a barrette, large clip or hair accessories instead to secure the tail close to the scalp if you feel that the elastic sewing technique is not for you). 

#jaimeking # Hair #hairbysaschabreuer


5) Mist more hairspray onto the brush and remove any frizz or flyaways, as the look is supposed to be clean and shiny. The Wella hairspray is perfect for this as it allows you to rework it again and again, staying flexible while giving great hold and a nice shine to the hair.


Best Hair Trends From Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

Hi everybody! I know this post on the best hair trends to come out of Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 is a little overdue, but we’ve been so swamped around here with so many exciting events and developments and great ideas. And really, is there ever such a thing as an end date on fashion? Trends come and go, for sure, but if you want a sneak peak on what Milan taught us about the hottest hair trends for 2016, keep on reading!

Antonio Marras

Boy, I love a complex, intricate braided hairstyle and this one from the Antonio Marras Spring Summer 2016 really takes the cake. Now, this isn’t a hairstyle that you can just throw together at home- not unless you’re something of a styling whiz, that is- but there are a couple of ways you could use some of the styling elements to recreate your own version of this braided updo.

The hair is basically divided into three segments and each of these has been crafted into a braid. But what makes this particular hairstyle so unique- and so tricky- is that all the braided segments come together and join up. You have three sections to work with: one in the center, and one on either side. To recreate a slightly modified (read, simpler) version of this look, just follow these steps below.

Carve your hair out into the three sections and pin them out individually to keep from overlapping. To separate the sections, take a rattail comb and draw a line from the highest point of one eyebrow right to the neck. The hair that falls under this line is one of the side sections. Repeat on the other brow and you you're your other side; all the hair that’s in the middle forms your central section.

Starting on either of the sides, move from the hairline to the nape by creating a waterfall braid. The braids have to lay above your ears, on the side of your head and not on top. Now, unlike other braids like the Dutch braid or the French braid, the waterfall braid is a bit of a ‘one-sided braid’ because the ‘upper’ side of the braid actually sort of dissolves into the ‘lower’ side: as a result, only the lower side really pops out and you manage the blend the upper layers in while creating really interesting grooves that ‘fall’ into the braid. Take the waterfall braid till the nape and then continue on with a regular plait, securing your hair with a transparent elastic band when you reach the end. Repeat this step on the other side.

Now, here’s where things would normally get tricky, but we’ve got a great shortcut that lets you rock the look without overworking your biceps! Style the middle section by creating a Dutch braid that goes from the back to the front. In the original hairstyle, all three braids join together and weave in and out of each other. Instead of attempting that, create the Dutch braid till the nape, continue with a normal plait till the end and then, once the central braid is secure, just roll it in and up a little tuck its ends under the main braid. This might not be very easy if you have very long hair because the Dutch braid sits like a raised spine on the head, so you don’t have a lot of room for tucking more hair under it. Another way to secure this hair without distorting the braid is to take the plaited section, gently fold it and pin it in over the Dutch braid.

Once you’re satisfied with how neat (or not!) the median braid is, take the ends of the two side braids, loop them up in ‘U’ formations and pin them into the main braid using, creating a swoop on either side.

I know this is a little more complex than your usual how-to, but the end results really are fabulous!

Cristiano Burani


I absolutely love the triangular, radial cornrows of this hairdo and the skinny braids at the end. If you aren’t comfortable creating the triangular braided slices at the crown, just braid the top into ‘faux rows’ in parallel lines. You could create the faux rows by either tightly twisting tiny columns of hair in on themselves or actually braiding the hair in really tight, skinny Dutch braids that lay completely flush on the scalp. Take the braids till the nape of your neck and then continue down in regular skinny plaits. The overall effect is very street chic. If you’re looking for a spot of garage glamorous, in the words of the inimitable Lady Gaga, this hairstyle is sizzling hot.

Dolce & Gabbana

There are very few brands in the world that do opulent, unapologetic glam quite like Dolce & Gabbana. By the time the models hit the runway at the D&G Milan Spring Summer 2016 show, their hair was decked up with printed headbands and [faux] fruit-laden accessories. Now, unless you’re gunning for some farm-glam, I doubt you’re going to go the whole hog with this look, but I did think that the base hairstyle was worth a mention in itself.

If you’re looking for a soft, understated look that wears well with just about every imaginable hair accessory, outfit and makeup look- here’s the one. It’s basically something of a high bun, but instead of an actual solid topknot, you’re going to pile your hair in on itself in soft layers, giving the structure shape and form as you go along.

Ever treat yourself to those swirly ice-cream cones as a kid? Remember how that soft, cold, gooey goodness would flow out of the machine and the ice-cream man would slowly twist the cone around creating waves and folds? Let that be your inspiration for this particular hairstyle!

Let some strands fall loose and frame the face- but instead of the usual practice of curling them slightly, wear them straight for a more polished effect.


Another faux bob, another fantastic trend. We’ve seen the asymmetrical bob grace runways and magazine covers for quite a while now, but there’s something a little different about this version. You could always choose to get your hair chopped into the style but if you’re not ready to make the cut just yet, just use the usual techniques to faux it. What’s different here is the straight side part (instead of the usual angled one) because it creates an almost square-like frame around the face. You might not think boxing your face in is the best idea but done right- like it was at the Fendi Spring Summer 2016 show- it can look quite arresting. By adding a pin or a clip right above the brow on the other side you can not only keep the hair out of your face but also create some strong structural lines and add that curtain-like effect with the asymmetrical edge. I love that instead of the graduated length that most asymmetrical bobs have, this one has a sheer, abrupt change in length. It’s startling and almost a little uncomfortable and that’s what makes it so sexy.

Stella Jean

This is such a cute look for those of you who enjoy the half-up-half down hairstyles. I recommend wearing this hairstyle in wavy hair because the more texture you’ve got going on, the better it’s going to look. The central focus of this hairstyle is, obviously, the massive bun on the top. It looks like the love child of a Cornish pasty and a crescent role!

The first step is to separate your hair into a top half and a bottom half. Usea rattail comb to trace a line from the top of one ear to the other, moving in a straight horizontal line on the back of your head and not in an arc around the crown. Use the line to divide the hair into two sections and secure away the lower section.

Now, we start working on the top section. Divide the hair into about five equal segments. Take each segment and start rolling it in on itself, lengthening and flattening it out a bit as you go along. You basically want each roll to take on a hollow cylindrical shape by the time to reach the end. When a section is completely rolled up, secure it in place using bobby pins. Insert two pins through each ‘open end’ of the roll, crossing them over in an ‘X’ shape and fixing the roll onto the scalp. Repeat this move with the other sections. Pay attention as you go along because you want the mouth of every subsequent roll to begin where the previous one ended. That’s how you’re going to get a complete circular tube-like shape around the head. Once you’re satisfied with the top, let the bottom loose. You could even add a half ponytail in the open section if you want to really emphasize the top bun: just brush the sides back, slick down with a little product and secure in a skinny ponytail at the back. Then carefully brush all the hair in the lower section together, ponytail and all, to blend it in without tugging on the new ponytail or disturbing the bun. You can also go over the open section with a curling wand again to really amp up the texture.

I hope you enjoyed reading these mini tutorials on how to recreate the Milan Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week hairstyles. We saw some really fabulous hair trends for 2016 and it’s been a great ride.

Best Hair Looks From Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

I’m so excited to bring the best hair trends from the Paris Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week to my readers. So, let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Bernard Chandran

Now, granted, this is not the most wearable look of the lot but if you are looking for inspiration and you’re tired of everything that’s “normal”, I really recommend giving this hair trend a shot. And even if you don’t go all out, you could use the look to brainstorm some hair trends of your own!

I, for one, do love the look from the Bernard Chandran Spring Summer 2016 show because it’s so unusual and futuristic but at the same time there’s an almost-Victorian effect to the whole thing. Credit it to the impeccably neat ‘swoop’ accent or the gently undone face-framing locks- something about this particular hairstyle is at once ultramodern and vintage.

Side profile shots from the runway show just how unusual the hairstyle is: the crown accent was created by securing the hair in a high ponytail and then flipping it on itself to bring it forward and then artfully arranging the ponytail in the ‘swoop’ at the forehead. We’re talking about very interesting raised planes and angles and while you might not be able to pull this off on a regular work day, it is a fantastic choice for an occasion where you need to dress it up a bit or even pull off a costume! Hint: Halloween anyone?


I picked this particular shot from the Chloé show because just look at that hair! I love when designers and labels decide to embrace their models’ natural beauty and mix it in with an overarching theme. Even though we see a lot more experimentation and self-expression in style today, there still isn’t enough being done for the curly-haired woman. If you’ve got an unruly mop, don’t fret: it’s a good thing. No, scratch that. It’s a great thing.

The look from the Chloé show proves how sexy and feminine and arresting natural volume, messy curls and short hair can be. Perfect for when you’re looking to wear your pixie in a new way or you want to add some impish charm to your short crop. And if you’ve got naturally straight hair, there’s nothing a curling iron or even leave-in curling rods can’t help with.

I know that my readers are always on the lookout for new styling options and inspirations for short hairdos and when something so effortlessly chic comes along I can’t wait to share it here.

Guy Laroche

The look from the Spring Summer 2016 Guy Laroche show was centered on some strong individual statements: a deep side part, retro-esque waves to one side and a slight height at the roots. I personally loved the shorthaired iteration of the look but if you like to wear your hair longer you’ll be glad to know that the combined effect of all these trends looked just as great in medium-to-long hair as well. If you do wear your hair short or are open to the idea, I give this look a thumbs-up. There’s something so Swinton-fabulous about it.

When you’re recreating the look and styling the front section just remember to add some lift at the roots and style your hair up and away to the side: it creates a ‘break’ from the rest of the hair and draws focus to the point, which is what sets this particular hair trend apart from your usual cascading retro waves.

You could set your hair in curlers to add texture throughout the length or use a wide-barreled curling iron for the waves. Alternatively, you can always try using some styling paste and simply arranging your hair and shaping it with your fingers for a less structured, more pliant effect.

Pascal Millet

The moment I saw the models walk the runway for Pascal Millet at the Paris SS2016 Fashion Week I knew we had a major hair trend on our hands. Braids have been huge these last few seasons and while you’ll hear no complaint from me on revisiting the classics, braided updos are great for when you want to take your look to the next level.

Don't be thrown by how complicated the style looks: it’s actually much easier than you’d expect and you don't need to bread around the crown in one go; instead, we've got two braids that go back down from the front and meet at the bottom at the back. The overall effect is much like the halo braid, except at the back and bottom and not the top and center.

Part your hair down the middle to create two sections for easy styling. Pin/ clip one side away so you can work easily on the other. Now, brush the entire section backwards without disturbing the part. By changing the fall of your hair you’ll make it easier to braid front-to-back. Start a Dutch braid at the hairline (position it above the highest point of your eyebrow) and braid downwards. Don't braid straight down in a sharp line; follow the contours of your head instead and create a braided boundary. Depending on the length of your hair you might have to finish off with a regular plait once you reach the nape of your neck.

Unpin the other side and create another braid that meets the first one at the back. Once both braids are in place, just take the ends and tuck them under the braids to hide them. Insert a few bobby pins to keep everything secure. Push each pin vertically into the braids and when you feel the pin against your scalp press it sideways and slip it into place- doing this will give your braids extra support.

If you’re new to braiding, don’t worry. The good news is that you don't have to target a perfect finish: the slightly messy texture, little ends sticking out and loose strands are all part of the look. When was the last time you saw a runway hair trend that encouraged static-y hair and unfinished ends!

Vanessa Seward

Another braided accent, another fabulous hairstyle. This is, hands down, one of my favorite hair trends to come out of the Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Weeks. Very slick, very polished and very, very Parisian.

The elements that make up the look are quite easy to deconstruct as of themselves. You’ve got a sharp side part, straightened hair with a glassy finish and a diagonal front-to-back Dutch braid. To achieve the graduated thickening effect with the braid slowly increasing the amount of hair you pull into the sides while you’re braiding; just make sure that you maintain symmetry at every step and add the same amount of hair to the outside strands while you braid. This will make sure that you get an even braid that lays flat against the scalp.

Do take a minute and note that both the side part and the braided accent travel from the front to the back at an angle and almost create a ‘V’ as they do so.

I do recommend getting some practice in with this particular hairstyle because the entire point is to keep everything very perfect and polished and let the braid be something of a surprise edgy accent. 

As for the rest of your hair, you could wear it in a ponytail or a braid or a low bun. My advice would be to wear it low because you want all the attention at the crown to be on the braid.

If you enjoyed these hairstyles and can’t get enough of 2016’s hottest hair trends, be sure to come back for more on hair trends from Milan Spring Summer 2016. 

Best Hair Trends From London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

London is one of my most favorite cities in the world, and as some of you may know, I used to live there until sometime back. London Fashion Week is always an exhilarating experience because this is a city that has essentially perfected the balance between posh, classic styling and edgy, personalized fashion. Watching that dichotomy manifest and play well together is one of the things that make the streets of London so beautiful. And usually, the runways from London reflect that enchanting quality.

While the fashions on display boasted some interesting styling and new trends, I was surprised to see that a lot of the designers went with very simple hairstyles- usually loose flowing waves or open, straight hair. On some level, it makes sense: you might want to highlight the clothes and keep everything else minimal. But from a hairstyling perspective, we always crave the new and unexplored. In that way, the London Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week didn’t really push the envelope. But I did spot a few that I liked and think can make for some lovely hair statements in the coming months.


#Giles #LFW #SS16.jpg

Braids are always welcome. That’s the motto we live by around here. Models at the Gilles show sported two braids, running from the front to the back, one above each ear. You want the braids to be positioned high enough to show while maintaining some distance from the part. Add a middle part to create more lines in the look. I recommend Dutch braids because those will sit on your head instead of being braided into your hair. Dutch braids are basically reverse French braids and they’re great for when you want a 3D effect. Once you secure the braids you can leave the rest of your hair loose, combine it into a single plait or ponytail, wear it in two separate ponytails or pigtails or even twist into bun. The options are endless.

Paul Smith

If you are a fan of hair trends that incorporate buns, you’re going to love this one. This coiled, low bun is a lot longer and ‘flatter’ than the usual chignon but that’s exactly what makes the look so interesting. And it is very easy to style too. For the simplest, quickest take on the hair trend begin by parting your hair down the middle and securing it into two ponytails behind your ears. Pick one ponytail and twist it in on itself to create a tightly wound column. Then pin this onto the back of the head in an elongated, sideways ‘U’ shape. Repeat the same step with the other ponytail, fitting the second one into the first so that you basically have two interlinked ‘U’ coils weaving in and out of each other. Crisscross your bobby pins for added support. You can arrange the coils anyway you like, looping one over the other, intertwining them or even working on both sections together so you can keep pinning them into more intricate patterns as you go along.


While the super wide, tri-paneled headbands from the Sibling show at LFW16 make for a solid hair trend by themselves, what really caught my eye was the short, choppy fringe. If you enjoy experimenting with bangs and are done with all the usual styles, this new trend is a great way to revisit an old favorite. The bangs are super short at the center but a little longer on the ends so they frame the face nicely. I love the slightly unfinished edges: it’s very cute without trying too hard. If you’ve got a very long face or a round one, you might want to stay away from this trend because it will only serve to exaggerate those features and won’t balance out well against them. You want to play to your strengths and bangs can be tricky in that regard. That said, people with smaller faces, heart-shaped faces and diamond-shaped faces should definitely give this hair trend a go. And if you're blessed with an oval face, you already know that bangs of all varieties work well on you.

Simone Rocha

Another Dutch braid makes its way into the top picks from the Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week. I’ve picked a photograph detailing the hairstyle from the back where all the impact really is, but the front was pretty interesting too, with lots of volume and little sections slightly tugged upwards to create low peaks around the crown. You might not want to go that far with the styling on a day-to-day basis, but the USP of this look is that it’s a messy braid.

As I’ve mentioned before, Dutch braiding is a great technique for when you want the braid to really ‘pop’ on the head. It’s a fantastic way to add more life and character to the braid. It really is the same as the French braid, except you braid ‘under’ the central segment instead of over it. Every time you add a little more hair to your outside sections you need to take them under and across instead of over and across. It’s fairly easy with a little practice. Once you reach the nape of your neck just continue on with a normal braid and secure the ends with a hair elastic.

If you want some more volume just tug very gently on the loops of the braid. Do this one by one if you’re new to the technique. If you are pulling on two loops, make sure you choose two that lay side-by-side and never yank two diagonal loops at a go because you’ll end up unraveling the braid. 

Topshop Unique

There were so many different hairstyles on the runway from the Topshop Unique Spring Summer 2016 showcase that I was tempted to add in a few more. But this particular look really caught my eye. The bold, blunt fringe and the shoulder length pageboy-like bob are fantastic but what really takes this look to the next level is that hair color. The ‘Granny Hair Trend’ is one of 2015’s biggest hair color trends and if you’re looking for a more sophisticated, more grown-up take on the silvery hue let this look from Topshop be your cue. A dark granite dye will look striking against every skin tone. It’s a color that’s seen on the ‘natural hair color’ spectrum so it’s appropriate for all occasions and yet it’s so sexy and powerful that you’re going to wonder what took it so long to catch on!

I hope you like this selection of the best hair trends from the London Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week. Milan’s already given us some fantastic new trends to look forward to and I can’t wait to bring them here to you.

Best Hairstyles From New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

Can you believe we are already looking at hair trends for 2016? Where did this year go? The Fashion Weeks are always the best events of the year for anyone in the styling industry- yes, the Oscars are pretty fantastic too but the Fashion Weeks are dedicated to fashion. For a hairstylist, it really doesn't get better than that.

New York Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week brought with it some of that trademark New York gritty edginess and topped it off with a dash of some elegant, classic styling. If you are looking for some inspiration for hairstyles that are exciting, unusual and flat-out fabulous, look no further. Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the New York Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2016 edition.

Cushnie et Ochs

#CushnieetOchs #NYFW #SpringSummer #2015

Sometimes the smallest styles can be the most impactful, as is clearly established by this photo from the Cushnie et Ochs showing at NYFW SS16. We are looking at super-straight, super-sleek hair, which may not seem all that interesting at first, but one look at the accents and you’ll be a convert. The look is really easy to achieve and a great way to spice up your everyday style.

Diane von Furstenberg

#DianevonFurstenberg #NYFW #SS16

Look, Jourdan Dunn can make anything look stunning but you’ve got to admit, the smooth-to-curly do is one of the best retro hair trends ever. The fluffy curls, the major volume and the Seventies styling is all about women embracing their natural hair textures and celebrating real beauty. The hairstyle was a tribute to the designer herself, and is being called ‘The Diane’.

To get the look, begin with freshly washed hair and allow your hair to dry naturally until it is about 70% dry. Add a curl-enhancing product and then work a styling cream/ paste into your hair. Preferably something that lets you sculpt the hair while also giving it some support. Create a deep side part, separate your hair into two-inch sections and create small buns with each of these and pin them onto your head. Go over each bun with your hairdryer and make sure your hair is properly dry before you undo the buns. Unravel each bun and run your fingers through it to loosen the curls up a bit. Use a boar bristle brush to add more fluff and volume to the look. Add a hairspray once you’re satisfied with the results.

Hervé Léger

#HervéLéger #NYFW #SS

If you’re looking for a braided hairstyle that will dress up your daily university look or date night outfit, here is a fantastic option. Tired of the milkmaid braids and the braided headbands but not ready to give up on braids just yet? The forehead framing braid accent is just the right amount of old and new to become a styling choice that’s both striking and wearable.

Just remember to brush some of your forward over the forehead and braid from one ear to the other. You will need to follow the French braiding technique on the side closer to the crown, adding in bits of hair to your uppermost strand as you go along so that your hair gets woven into the braid. A few errant strands here and there can help complete this offbeat look. Wear with a sleek ponytail or wrap the rest of your hair into a chignon for a more glam hairdo. The braiding technique is also a nifty way to dress up your bangs (and keep them off your face for those unbearably hot days).

Karen Walker

#KarenWalker #NYFW #SS16

If you’re like me and you think of the pill-popping, bling-flashing lady from Will & Grace when you first hear the words “Karen Walker”, the hairstyles from the actual Karen Walker- the New Zealand designer- will delight you just as much. Megan Mullally’s TV character sported some spectacular voluminous updos throughout the sitcom’s run and I quite enjoyed the elegant updos we saw on the New York runway. A deep side parting makes way for a low, side-swept front while the back has been rolled into a high, crown-framing twist. Think of it like the classic French twist, only instead of twisting your hair in vertically down the head, you roll up and twist it in horizontally, creating a sort of crescent at the back of your head as you go along.

This was one of the most elegant hairstyles we saw at the New York Fashion Week and I think it will be especially lovely for Spring 2016 brides.

Nicole Miller

#NicoleMiller #NYFW #SS16

Dreadlocks may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but a lot of people are tempted to try them out at some point in their lives. However, the commitment involved in creating and maintaining dreadlocks- and the fact that your hairstyling options can get pretty limited afterwards- causes most people to shy away. However, you can try the hair trend out with faux dread locks. The best thing about modern hairstyling is that there’s a ‘faux’ version for just about everything. And the models at the Nicole Miller Spring Summer 2016 show sure did make the dreads look hot. Could be the perfect look for the next beach season, right?

Faux dreadlocks are actually pretty easy to achieve on your own at home. It’s best if you start out with second day hair that’s slightly grainy and then add some texturizing paste. Run your fingers through your hair a couple of times to muss it up a little. Take a little bit of a styling cream or mousse, pick a small segment of hair and add the product to it and then just start twisting the strand in on itself. Work from the roots to the tip and keep winding tightly (not too tight or your scalp is going to start hurting). Repeat this all over the head and spray some stronghold hairspray and you’re done! From city-chic to hippie-hot in less than fifteen minutes!

Tanya Taylor

#TanyaTaylor #NYFW #SS16

Topknots and high buns always make an appearance at New York Fashion Week and are basically staple fare now. But this particular iteration is so quirky that I really can’t wait to see people try it off the runway. Even if you are not particularly keen on having some pointy ends jab out of your bun (though why not!) you must try the twisted cornrow-base accents.

Choose where you want one of these ‘faux rows’ (didn't I tell you this is the time for faux everything?) and use a pintail comb to carve out a really straight line. Pick the hair falling behind the line (go with tiny sections) and start twisting it really tightly in on itself; focus on keeping the ‘row’ you create as close to the scalp as possible. Choose another point at a distance from the first ‘row’ and repeat. You can keep these as close to or far apart from each other. For a more intricate affect, you’ll want to keep them closer together and more tightly wound. To recreate the look from the photos you can space them apart and create looser twists and even go with messy parting lines.

Notice how the bun is slightly off-kilter? You can wear a classic topknot or a slightly off-center one for a jauntier effect.  

Victor Alfaro

#VictorAlfaro #NYFW #SS

The warrior braids from the Victor Alfaro show were one of the best hair trends to emerge at the New York Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week. Why do I call them warrior braids, you might ask? Well, for one thing, these are fierce! For another, don’t they remind you of the traditional warrior hairstyles from what we do know about the lives and practices and traditions of ancient armies like those of the Viking warriors?

Now, I admit that this isn’t a look that you are going to be able to recreate to perfection in one go: it will take some practice and effort. But the efforts, as this photo clearly establishes, are completely worth it. For a simpler version (yes, ‘simple’ is relative here!) you can opt for a Dutch braid and not bother with the ‘triple triangle’ sectioning of the crown. Do use the braid-on-ponytail effect though, because that is what makes this hair trend especially cool. In the beginning just section away a bit of your hair at the bottom and pin it into a bun that is out of the way while you get the braid ready. Once your braid is all done you can unroll the bun and secure it into a ponytail that originates and falls under the braid.

There were a lot of other really cool hairstyles at the New York Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week as well; shout-outs are due to the ‘twisted bun bands’ at the Jsong Way show and the ‘8 bun’ at the Naeem Khan show and the wacky volume from the Jeremy Scott runway. Be sure to check them all out and make notes on the hair trends you will be trying come Spring-Summer 2016.

Best Hairstyles From The 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards

So, the 2015 Emmy Awards just happened- and I had some great behind-the-scenes time styling Morena Baccarin for the same. We saw a bunch of other great hairstyles on the red carpet last night and I’m pleased to say that September is shaping up to be such a fun time for the fashion and style industry. What with the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, the Emmys and now the Fashion Weeks, we’re seeing so much great styling and such fantastic hair trends.

There were A LOT of really fabulous hairdos at the 2015 Emmy Awards so narrowing down the list to my usual five was impossible. It’s so interesting to see that the majority of last night’s hairstyle choices involved a deep side part in one way or another: looks like the side part is 2015’s hottest hair trend for sure.

Claire Danes

The Homeland star’s faux-bob was very 60s and very, very fabulous. The movement at the hairline with the hair swooping up and away from the face- a stroke of genius! It’s just the kind of look you want to go for when you have a couple of very strong styling elements that you’d like to tie together- but without wimping out on making a hair statement. The sleek texture, the spun-gold hue and the short length really helped offset Claire’s sequined gown. When you’ve got unusual pieces like the chain-link straps you might be tempted to play it really safe, but like Claire shows us here, there’s a way to keep things harmonious without making them boring!

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts’ buttery blonde locks last night were sheer perfection. On the face of it, the hairstyle is one we’ve seen several times already: loose waves pulled over to one side. Old Hollywood glam never goes out of style. But with the high side part and that stunning color, a classic hairstyle has been turned into one that’s undeniably chic and striking. Emma’s hairstyle is all about perfection, so you will have to spend some time getting your texture just right. This is a look that won’t scream off the rooftops about its trendiness but it will lean in close and whisper it to you- and have you listen.

Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie wears retro really well. The curls are a serious throwback to the Roaring Twenties and if you want to treat yourself to some vintage glamour, look no further. Gwendoline is fantastic as warrior Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones and it’s nice to see her step out of character and trade in the sword and shield for the Giles Deacon gown and that breathtaking hair. 

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland’s messy, undone bob is one of the most talked-about hairstyles from the 2015 Emmys. This is a great length to opt for if you’re worried that a chin-length bob like Claire’s might be too short for you. The piece-y texture, messy side part and natural volume make for a great hairstyle if you want to make a statement without trying too hard. And while this is a hairstyle that would suit women of all ages, I think it’s especially fantastic on someone young- it gives you a chance to experiment with edgy fashion without making a hair faux pas that you’ll look back on and cringe about for years to come. 

Taraji P Henson

Taraji P Henson is an absolute treasure. From Person of Interest to Empire, this is a woman who sets the small screen ablaze and steals every scene she’s a part of. And she killed it last night with her new look: a razor-sharp angled bob. The jet-black color, the strong middle part and a finish you could cut glass on: only a superstar can carry all those trends together and Empire’s Cookie is the fiercest fashionista in town.

Uzo Aduba

Yesterday was a big night for Uzo Aduba- the actress won her second Emmy for her portrayal of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on Orange Is The New Black. If you haven’t seen Aduba’s performance you’re missing out on something truly magical. She’s so convincingly shocking and yet endearing on the show that it’s almost impossible to associate the glamorous lady on the red carpets with Litchfield Penitentiary’s wackiest inmate. Uzo’s look was one of more traditional red carpet elegance- a low side bun with a side part. By arranging the hair in a wave over the forehead you can add girlish charm to an old-school updo. I’d also recommend braiding your hair first and then pinning it into place for a more intricate bun.   

Zoe Kazan

We’ve got another bob making it to the list here. The almost-wavy texture is kind of quirky and unusual. Wearing a ‘single wave’ in short hair is a smart way of adding an element of surprise to an otherwise simple style. Bobs- whether they’re even or angular- are usually a hair statement on their own, and so dressing them up can be difficult. But you do want to be able to style them every once in a while.

You can achieve the look by parting your hair deep on one side, flipping the hair over to the other and adding a singular, deep wave right in the lower third of your length. These days you’ve got a lot of styling tools that come with very large wave-making plates so you don't have to worry about loosening up smaller curls or ending up with frizzy hair. Just remember to keep the upper two-thirds of your length smooth and straight; you can even use a flat iron to work out any accidental texture you may have added!

Hope you’ve got tons of style inspiration from the 2015 Emmys for the coming weeks. We’re going to dive right into the Fashion Weeks now, so be sure to come back for more.

Morena Baccarin At The 2015 Emmy Awards

I had the great opportunity of working with the absolutely gorgeous Morena Baccarin for her red carpet appearance at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. This is the first time I’ve worked with Ms. Baccarin but I’ve been a longtime admirer of her work and her compelling performance in Homeland.

#morenabaccarin #emmys #2015  #hairbysaschabreuer
#morenabaccarin #emmys #2015  #hairbysaschabreuer
#morenabaccarin #emmys #2015  #hairbysaschabreuer


Morena experiments with styling a lot, and I’ve seen her sport a lot of very funky short haircuts and daring styles. She always manages to look graceful and edgy and so I wanted to choose a style that complimented her fun personality and the occasion.

The side-swept quiff is a hair accent that you can wear in any number of hairstyles but we kept Morena’s hair slicked down on the sides to really emphasize the volume up top.

The side-swept quiff is a unique iteration of your standard pouf. If that’s a look that you’ve done or seen too many times and the classic quiff feels a little too severe for your liking, pinning it over to one side is a really neat way of creating angles and motion while softening up the overall effect.

Much as I love face-framing hairstyles and bangs, the occasional pull-away look is great too because it really allows you to draw attention to the face and it works especially well with outfits that have striking necklines, such as Morena’s fuchsia-red gown.

Morena was an absolute delight to work with and I’m so happy with the results we achieved. I hope you like the look; send me photos if you decide to try it out yourself!

Top 5 Hairstyles From The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival

The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival has been the best experience ever. It's always such fun- and so humbling- to be a part of all the red carpet action at the major events but every now and then you have an event that’s just full to the brim with exciting fashions and very interesting style choices and to be at the frontlines of it all and watch the trends begin is exhilarating.

We did see a lot of the usual hairdos and some of the favorite classics make their way down the red carpet, but I’m really pleased to note that the 2015 TIFF events were marked by tons of really funky looks that hit just the right note between wacky and wearable. I’ve picked five of my favorites from the festival. Enjoy!

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain was at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival for the premier of the Ridley Scott film The Martian. Her look here may be the simplest one of the lot, but that doesn't make it any less fabulous. What you have here is essentially a medium-length bob that skims just past her shoulders, but the way the cut has been styled is what makes all the difference.

The side part is making an appearance but it’s been drawn somewhat higher than usual. If you want to recreate the look just trace a straight line up from the highest point of your eyebrow to your hairline: that’s where you want the part to begin. Normally with a side part what most people do is flip the hair over to the side favored by the part. We’re doing the same thing here, but at an angle. Instead of all the hair ‘landing’ squarely on the other side we’re drawing it slightly to the front to create a sharp angle on the face and create the illusion of an asymmetrical bob.

The thing that makes Jessica’s look so striking here is the hair color and the texture. You can easily achieve a sleek, shiny base at home using my tips on how to get a bombshell blowout at home. As for the color, it’s the perfect hue if you want to warm things up for autumn-winter 2015.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara Tiff 2015

Kate Mara’s short crop was one of my two favorite looks of the night (the second one’s coming up soon!). This is a hairstyle that a lot of women are afraid to try out because they worry it might be too severe or mannish, but if you’re looking to go short, here’s a great example of what to ask your stylist for. The crop is short, no doubt, but by adding wispy layers and keeping some volume at the crown and a slight length in the form of a fringe at the front, the overall effect is feminine and pixie-like. With the right outfit and makeup, the hairstyle is just what you need to bring out your inner goddess. Kate wore it especially well, pairing it off with a strong lip and making a statement that complimented the gown instead of clashing with it.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Steward Tiff 2015

Kristen Stewart’s always had a very distinct style and even if the edgy, almost-punk vibe isn’t your cuppa, it is refreshing. So many of celebrities end up reflecting the style sensibilities of their stylists and in some cases you see a marriage between stylist and celeb that may not be the most natural pairing but it ‘sort of works’, while in other cases the union results in something discordant. Kristen Stewart always looks like she’s representing herself, albeit in an haute couture, styled-to-the-skies way, of course.

You’ve probably guessed that Kristen’s look was my other favorite from the night. The slicked back, super-sculpted bob is the kind of hairstyle that’s undeniably funky but it’s also very wearable if you like to add an extra kick of glam to your look every now and then.

Slicked-down sides, a swept back crown with volume at the roots and sleek, straight texture make for a strong, structural statement. Perfect for a night of clubbing or a glam event.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Tiff 2015

Another strong showing at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival from Rachel McAdams. Rachel’s wearing her hair short these days and if you check out her appearances at TIFF 2015 you’ll get some great insight into all the fantastic effects you can achieve with a short bob.

For this particular look, Rachel’s stylist has emphasized her natural texture. The hairstyle is all about a tousled, wavy surface that’s still polished. Volume at the roots helps add some lift while the piece-y effect allows you to frame the face and create that slightly rakish impact. The side part- this season’s hottest hair trend- makes an appearance here as well.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Tiff 2015

Sandra Bullock really killed it with her appearance for the Our Brand Is Crisis premiere. Just like Jessica Chastain’s style, this hairdo might not be reinventing the proverbial wheel; instead, it shows us why there is every reason to keep it going.

From a stylist’s perspective there are two extremes that always make for an interesting study: the totally outré hairdo and the timeless one. And Sandra’s heavy fringe and the long, straight locks are as timeless as it gets. A lot of you may already have experimented with the haircut but not gotten the same results: the secret is in the hair color and making sure your hair is healthy.

To make a simple hairstyle really pop you should consider adding highlights and lowlights to your hair. Always stick to the ‘rule of threes’: only go up to three shades darker and lighter than your base color. Multi-tonality can add a lot of dimension to the hair and can make even the most basic haircuts look frisky and fun. You may notice that Sandra’s fringe also sports a couple of different hues and while that’s a bold move, it really helps warm up her face and play up the natural gradient of her eyes.

If you’re looking to switch styles without going too far, this hair trend gets my vote.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival hair trends as much as I have. We’re going to be moving to the Fashion Weeks soon, so keep your eyes out for more on the hottest hair trends.

Emily Browning At The "Legend" Premiere Toronto Film Festival

The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival is shaping up to be such a blast. Today I had the absolute honor of working with Emily Browning for her red carpet appearance. She’s in town to walk the carpet for Legend. The film also stars Tom Hardy and is generating quite a buzz.

Working with Emily is an experience unlike any other. She’s a real pro, but she’s also so real. If you’re looking for someone who tells it like it is and has a presence that simply sets a room ablaze, Emily’s your girl.

I love her style- it’s generally a mix of classic, slightly vintage hairdos with a somewhat sexier, ‘modern messy’ take. She wears a lot of the middle part too, so I knew that I wanted to take some of her trademark style elements but build it into a look that went a little beyond- just like her performance in Legend.

#emilybrowning #hairbysaschabreuer
#emilybrowning #hairbysaschabreuer
#emilybrowning #hairbysaschabreuer

We went with a 60s inspired half-up half-down do, complete with a beehive and some serious volume. Since I love the middle part, and I wanted to preserve some of her characteristic style, we created a soft middle part (try not to be too exact with this since you want it to have that ‘sexy by accident’ vibe) and used it to split the front layers into face framing bangs. While most retro hairdos usually carry a side-swept fringe, the cheek-length, split fringe was the perfect accent to the mod hairdo.

To modernize the look a bit, we went with very soft, smooth texture instead of the typical teased-to-the-nines effect you get with most retro-inspired looks. We kept the loose hair super soft, with just the merest hint of a wave. I wanted her hair to have body and movement without adding actual curls to the look. We did flip out the ends to finish off the style with a spot of edginess. The entire effect is very Brigitte Bardot, 2015 edition.

I kept the ‘down’ portion of the HUHD fairly simple because we wanted the volume at the crown to be the center of the look. The simple ends also compliment the high neck and strong lines of Emily’s honeyed caramel Miu Miu dress.

The film hits cinemas next month, so be sure to see it! Emily’s performance already had insiders raving about the Aussie actress. If you’re a fan of strong female characters in gritty themes, you’re going to love Emily’s vulnerable-but-fierce portrayal of Frances Shea, the ill-fated lover of gangster Reggie Kray (essayed by Tom Hardy).

I hope you enjoy the look as much as I enjoyed creating it. Watch this space for more on TIFF 2015.