Best Hairstyles Seen At The Critics Choice Awards 2016

Another award show, another host of fantastic hairstyles to glean inspiration from. The 2016 Critics Choice Awards turned up a slew of really smart looks and I can really see some of these becoming major hair trends. I’ve picked five of my favorite looks from the night. From elegant to edgy, there is something in here for everyone.

Bryce Dallas Howard

The moment I saw Bryce’s hairstyle at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards, I knew I just had to feature it here. I’m always on the lookout for ponytails with a twist and this one meets the mark- in more ways than one! That layered detail creates an almost French twist-esque impression and it’s such a fresh take on your everyday ponytail.

This is the sort of hairstyle you can easily take from a university lecture to a night on the town. Of course, it helps to have hair the color of burning embers- anything looks good in that rich hue. So, for some added inspiration, if you are in the mood for changing up your hair color, liven up the winter months with this gorgeous cinnamon-on-fire hue.

Bryce’s hair has been styled with a low, side-swept fringe at the front and some volume at the crown. I love hairstyles that combine a number of subtle elements to create an overall look that’s at once sophisticated and sexy.

Constance Wu

#ConstanceWu #CriticsChoiceAwards2016.jpg

From ponytails to braids. Constance Wu’s crown braid made for one of the prettiest, most feminine hairstyles at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards. There is just something about halo braids and crown braids that never gets old; you could pair it up with jeans and a plain T-shirt or a gown and the results would be just equally charming. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that scores high on aesthetics and practicality, I recommend adding all the hair at the front into the braid. It’s a great way to look fabulous and keep your hair out of your face. But, if you’re styling for a more glam event and you want something a little more elegant, leave some face-framing strands out for a softer effect. A smart barrette at the back is great for keeping the look together and adding some discreet bling to the look.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams’ tousled lob strikes just the right balance between carefree and stylish. If you really want to play up a haircut like this, I recommend adding a couple of highlights and lowlights to introduce more body and spunk to the look. Rachel’s highlights take on an almost coppery hue in the light and it adds a little extra pizzazz to a hairstyle that works just as well on the red carpet as it does off it. For volume at the base, just work a little dry shampoo into your roots after you’ve blow-dried your hair and then comb. Flip some of the hair over to one side, creating a messy side part of sorts. This will add more volume at the front and create the illusion of an angled lob, if you’ve hair your hair cut even.

If you don’t have a whole lot of time to style your hair regularly- or don’t know how to- a haircut like this one is a great solution. It looks sassy, is easy to style and can be worn in a bunch of different ways. You can’t always get your hair styled professionally but that shouldn't keep you from always looking your best. All it takes is some smart planning and a great cut and you’re red carpet ready- all day, everyday.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie’s super-slick coiled bun was one of the best hairstyles of the 2016 Critics Choice Awards. Nothing screams ‘sophisticated’ quite like slick, perfectly coiffured hair. It is so because it’s obvious to anyone looking that such perfection is only possible with the utmost effort and expertise; anyone worth their styling two cents knows that looking like a million bucks doesn’t come easy and that’s why such hairstyles always stand out- even amidst other professionally styled people.

Rosie’s precisely combed down crown and looped bun makes for a minimalistic, almost-severe hair trend that’s absolutely perfect for formal events. This is the kind of hairstyle you need to opt for when you want your entire look to make a statement, without dulling down any of the individual elements. A hairstyle like this is a whole look in itself but it pairs beautifully with the clothes, makeup and accessories as well.  

Saoirse Ronan

#SaoirseRonan #CriticsChoiceAwards2016.jpg

If Rosie’s look is too strong for you, Saoirse’s soft, half-up half-down hairdo is the stuff hairstyling romances are made of. This is a hairstyle that works well in both freshly washed and second-day hair, and a little texture is all you need to keep things looking interesting. A little volume at the crown at the back adds a slightly vintage-y vibe and the loose locks at the front add to that diffused, almost ethereal vibe. It’s a great look for parties, weddings and basically anytime you want to dress up but still maintain a laidback, girly vibe. It’s understated but not underwhelming, and as Saoirse proves, it’s a look that’s really great if you want to let your outfit make the major statement.

The common denominator in most of these looks is that they’re straightforward and yet, striking. Sometimes, the secret to styling success is in finding something simple that works for you- and then embracing it.