Hair Tips: Hair in the Heat

I have several celebrity clients who spend a lot of time in the heat either working or simply relaxing and one thing they always ask me is how to control hair in the heat. Spending all day on the beach can leave your hair messy, frizzy and out of control. The best way to cope with it is to keep styling simple – over styling will make it worse and add extra damage to your hair.

If you are spending your time on the beach or dashing around in the heat of town always carry:

  • A clip to pull hair out of your face in a side parting and secure or tie back at the nape of the neck for an elegant look.
  • A tail comb with thin close together teeth, to tease volume into hair at the roots if the heat is making yours look limp and lifeless.
  • A large round brush, spritzed with hairspray before brushing hair, to smooth unwanted frizz and flyways.
  • Kirby grips to turn a simple ponytail into a glam evening look by twisting it in and creating a sexy chignon.

These are just some of the key products and styling tools to create loose or sleek up-do’s or just to pin some of the hair away for more freedom to avoid that uncomfortable summer hair feeling.