UV Protection for your hair

While hair doesn't exactly get sunburnt, it is still easily damaged by the sun, seawater and other chemicals used in pools.  Exposure to these elements disturbs the otherwise smooth cuticle layerof the hair. The result is dryer, rougher and more brittle to the point ofappearing straw-like hair. This  can all be helped with the help of a few tips on how to protect your hair just like you would your skin.

  1. Wear a hat wherever possible, especially when the sun is at it's strongest between 12 and 3pm.
  2. Make sure you rinse your hair straight after being in the pool or sea to rinse the remaining salt crystals out and/or chlorine.
  3. Make sure to use some form of UV protection for hair, this can be found in shampoos, conditioners or sprays.
  4. It is recommend to have a trim after your hair has been exposed to prolonged sun exposure to stop split ends from worsening.