New York Fashion week - Spring Summer 2012

New York's legendary Fashion Week has offically wrapped, and as I perused the images I couldn't help wanting to share with you some of the looks that excited me this season! One of the greatest things? Most of these looks are actually quite wearable in real life! I've shared with you a few tips on how to achieve several of the looks on your own. LOVE this stunning 'crown of thorns' created for Jason Wu-- framing the face wonderfully from the front and adding interest and beauty to the back of the head. When wearing any head piece, keep in mind that placement is key, so check with a hand mirror to ensure it flatters from the profile as well as the front and rear views.

These two-toned top knots shown at L.A.M.B. are a very cool new take on one of the season's bigger trends, and the contrasting hues give both the blonde and the brunette looks texture and dimension. With a few hair pieces wrapped around and pinned into a high pony tail, this is a fantastic way to give some edge to a hairstyle so many ladies fall back on!

Also feeling this clean, shiny, simple back roll Preen opted for, I would suggest this as a flattering look to request from your stylist for upcoming holiday parties for an elegant departure from your basic chingnon or french twist!


These cotton candy textured bobs at Chris Benz make me smile, and show yet another, more stylized way of wearing a beautiful wavy bob.

If you are already rocking chin or collar length hair, the extreme backcombing will pull your length up to arrive slighly higher, and for you longer-haired ladies a D.I.Y. is in the works to show you how to tuck your tresses and create a temporary bob to switch things up for an evening...

Badgley Mischka also played with texture.. the smooth sides provide a lovely base for the explosion of awesomeness at the top of the head, adding structure to the look and again this is an easy look to create at home by pulling back the sides and twisting up the back of your hair, pinning into place, curling the entire top and using a teasing brush and your fingers- as well as some dry shampoo, (for body and texture,) to create the desired height and shape to suit your fancy...Don't be shy with the hairspray either!

Sally Lapointe featured these genius 'dark ballerina' half head pieces.. so simple, chic, and unique, it was easily one of my favourite looks!!

Here's an architectural take on one of the biggest trends we are seeing lately; the pony tail. If trying at home, be sure to flat iron first, and use a smoothing brush and some flexible hairspray to keep the look polished so the details and lines can be appreciated from every angle.

Michael Kors inspires to let the braids run wild!! These perfectly imperfect braids allow for so much freedom when creating them! I would advise sectioning the hair first, (three sections for a single braid and six for the pigtails shown here,) and teasing each section individually before crossing the strands to give your braid some extra oomph! Not enough hair to get the look? Don't worry! Grab some clip in extensions and attatch them at the nape of the neck! The messy, rough texture and full body will hide away the clips! (Remember-- when using clip-ons, tease the section tightly at the root where you want to attach the peice to prevent slipping!) Use your fav colored ribbon or string over a clear hair tie to add a flash of color and further accesorize your style.

Narciso Rodriguez played with several shades of colourful powders.. Coloured sprays and powders are a fun, easy way to add some jazz to any basic slicked-back look, without doing any damage to your hair or forcing you to committ to just one of the many neon shades popping up all over the place! I would reccomend using a firm hold gel or hairspray to slick the hair back, and allowing it to dry before applying the pigment to give a nice base, letting the colour really stand out as opposed to just fading into a tint on your own hair.

Jeremy Scott is too much fun! Always pulling out something different and youthful! While this, admittedly, is NOT a very wearable look for most, I found the "hillbilly Barbie" vibe delightlful! And just looking at that shade of pink gave me an instant sugar high!

So many to choose from, and all so different!! Tell me! Which is your favourite? Feel free to ask for further tips on creating these looks on your own!