London Fashion week - Spring Summer 2012

London Fashion Week impressed as always! Gorgeous collections, genius makeup, and stunning hair all prove that London fully deserves its spot at the forefront of global trend setting! Here are my personal favourites and, more importantly, tips and tricks to help you catwalk into spring! 

 Marios Schwab              

This beautiful, Grace Kelly, inspired look complemented the classic collection at Marios Schwab perfectly!  To achieve this look, set hair in hot rollers. After allowing the hair to cool, brush out with a paddle brush, like Braun's Satin Hair brush, to achieve soft, smooth and shiny waves. Take a deep side parting and use a medium to firm hold hairspray to push hair away from the face. If desired, clip behind your ears with hairpins or pretty barrettes.

 Bunmi Koko & Florian Jayet


These extra body looks are out of this world!!  Both Bunmi Koko and Florian Jayet featured extreme volume and tons of texture. Want to try the look?  First, apply a volumizing spray or foam at the root and flip head upside-down whilst blow drying to create maximum volume. Returning upright, take large sections and wrap around a smaller to medium size curling iron, (or a crimping iron if you prefer) to add movement.  Follow up with some stronger hold spray and loads of backcombing, concentrating at the roots, but following lightly throughout the hair.  Bush it all back or brush lightly at the top and adorn it with one of the season's many beautiful headpieces.

 Antonio Berardi


This look is so pretty and wearable, it would almost be a shame not to try it! If your hair is straight or a bit wavy, allow your hair to dry naturally. If you have curlier or frizz-prone hair, apply a smoothing cream and blow dry. Take a deep side parting and twist the heavier side toward the back of your head. Secure at the back corner with a two criss-crossing hair pins, and voila! Finish the look and keep it polished with a light hold hairspray on top, and a tiny bit of styling cream scrunched into the the ends to keep it looking effortless. 

Sass and Bide


Perhaps not one to try at home, but this gorgeous braided look at Sass and Bide is a super cool way to incorporate a major trend with a classic chignon shape.  I love the contrasting textures and how the simplicity of the shape allows the details of the expert braids to really pop and complement the collection perfectly. 

Peter Jensen


Look closely at this giant bun created for Peter Jensen and you will see the texture is quite special... The hair was crimped and then lightly flat ironed to create this fluffy yet subtle texture, and then pulled back over some hair cushions to give the bun it's structure.  Another great example of an updated classic.  



The texture of this low slung side-chignon is what made it a stand out for me, and the ease of doing this at home yourself is probably why it is such a popular look for spring! Create this airy, matte texture by misting the hair with a surf spray (make your own by adding a bit of salt to some hot water in a spray bottle, shake vigorously, and let cool a bit..) Roughly blow dry the hair upside-down, leaving the brush out and using just your hands, for some light volume at the roots. Rub the hair between the palms of your hands and add some dry shampoo or hair powder if you wish to further enhance the texture and simply twist a low pony tail into a pretty little knot at the nape of the neck and secure with pins. Leave a few pieces out around the face and rub them with your fingertips to create romantic, soft wisps to frame the face.

Simone Rocha


Ever dreamt of having a mohawk? This one from Simone Rocha is surprisingly simple to create at home. Start by taking six or seven  vertical sections and making pony tails going from front to back of the head. Tease each one lightly, and twist into messy little knots, securing  with hairpins and leaving out the ends. Roughing with your fingers for added effect. Let the last little pony hand down the back and backcomb it a bit as well to remain consistent with the rest of the look! 

 Teatum Jones


This stunning take on the ponytail at Teatum Jones can also be easily re-created by you! Take a deep side parting and clip aside the heavier front section. Gather the remaining hair into a neat low pony, and if needed, wrap some extension pieces around the base for extra length and fullness. Take large sections of the pony tail and wrap around large barreled curling tongs, and lightly shake them out to give a loose wave rather than a tight curl.  Next, unclasp the front section and slightly back comb to give a bit of body and structure, and brush it down and back towards the tail. Gently brush it over the top and secure it at the nape with a few pins underneath, allowing any remaining hair to fall into the bottom of the pony tail whist hiding any hairpieces and giving you this lovely, romantic detail.

Meadham Kirchoff


Always a fun, creative show at Meadham Kirchoff.  There were several shapes shown, and most wouldn't ordinarily be worn for a night on the town, but for those of you who wish to go bold, it is possible to create a similar look with less effort than you may fear.  The trick here is to back comb the entire head in small sections, and then wrap these teased pieces around a tiny barreled tong. Fluff them out with a brush or a comb and mold into any shape you like! Add a splash of colour using a spray to pump up the playfulness! 

Let me know your favourite style and stay tuned for Milan's round up next week!