Milan Fashion Week - Spring Summer 2012

Milan Fashion Week delivered all the beauty and romance we have come to expect from Italy!  The looks here were noticeably softer and more feminine then what we've seen so far this season...Have a look and try some of these gorgeous styles for yourself!

Jil Sander

Jil Sander's  ladylike collection was wonderfully topped with this timeless coif.  The elegant yet modern style can be created by back-combing the entire head to give hair structure, and then brush the hair back and away from the face, using some spray to get that 'slicked' look in the front. Create a pony tail, only secure the elastic at the very end of it, and using a foam roller for support, roll the hair under (starting at the ends,) up towards the nape of the neck and secure with pins.  Be sure to finish the look with plenty of hairspray for extra shine and a firm hold!



Both D&G and Versace featured beautiful, bouncy, full blow outs. I found this to be a nice departure from all the "undone" looks we have been seeing and a wonderful return to full, sexy hair! To create this look at home, apply a volumizing product to damp hair and use a large round brush to blow dry, (making sure to lift the roots for maximum body.) Use rollers or pin curls as you dry to ensure that your bounce has staying power. Brush through at the end with a paddle brush, (again, for this I love the Braun Satin Hair brush, as it eliminates static and leaves hair super shiny,)  to break up the waves and keep the hair looking irresistably touchable!


Ahh Missoni... The iconic fashion house chose this soft, simple look, which lovingly showcased the beautiful necklines of the collection and kept the over-all effect from becoming too busy.  I would recommend backcombing the top of your hair a bit for added volume and texture before taking a dramitically deep side part.  Gently brush the hair over the forehead and loop through an elastic, however stup pulling the hair just short of having a ponytail and let the ends hand slightly down the back. Secure with a few pins to the back of the head and top off with a pretty barrette. Leave the fly-aways alone on this one to keep the look fresh and effortless!


Fendi! How stunning?! How cool?! I adored these dramatic, slightly disheveled 'dos!  Creating this look at home would be similar to the steps mentioned above at Jil Sander, though instead of flattening the top and front and smoothing the look, here we let the backcombing stand tall! You may want to even add a few blasts of dry shampoo throughout the hair for extra volume and an airy texture. Be sure to work close to the roots when teasing to ensure the style does not fall flat, and pull at a few random pieces to add to the fun and make this one uniquely your own!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo's luxurious waves were a sweet and romantic compliment to his very feminine collection.  Take a deep side parting and use a waving iron to crimp these large waves into the hair and brush though with a paddle brush to help melt them all together.  Tuck the lighter side back and use some hairspray to keep it there!  For some extra hold, you could use several pretty pins or a decorative hair comb to tuck the hair back and maintain the pretty, one-shouldered look.

Phillip Plein

Phillip Plein certainly knows how to have fun with fashion, and these quirky floral headpieces further prove this point!  The lush tropical colors gave a great bit of punch and feminine quality to the mohawk shapes... Always great to see something different and strictly "catwalk" during fashion week!

Journalists everywhere are commenting on how Milan seems a bit subdued compared to NY and London FW, what do you think? Do you prefer these softer styles, or the more playful and edgy looks of the prior shows?