Paris Fashion Week - Spring Summer 2012

  The Fashion Week marathon came to an end in Paris last week and as always, it was truly stunning. The hair shown this season was understated, beautiful, glamorous, and best of all, most of it can be re-created at home!


The sophisticated look created for YSL is super elegant and can be achieved simply! Prep the hair with a volumizing product and blow dry it up and away from the face. Next, lightly tease the top for some lift and structure. Use your fingers to rake the hair back and pull into a low pony tail, which you will also tease and then twist up into a knot. Secure with some U-pins at the base and adorn with a chunky metallic accessory for some pop!
Limi Feu

  These fun little top rolls featured at Limi Feu, whilst slightly challenging, are also possible to construct at home! Start out by  flat ironing the whole head to get strands sleek and smooth.  Next, section out the hair on top by taking a U-shaped parting from front to crown, and clip remaining hair out of the way. Back comb the top section from roots to ends to provide structure, and smooth out the tease on one side.  Roll down the opposite side, (add in a small foam roller similar to your own hair color for support if you need it,) and secure at the base of the roll with pins.  Release the remaining hair.  Longer-haired ladies can slick back the remaining hair into a mid-height pony tail, while those with shorter crops can slick back the sides using a strong hold hairspray and gently kicking out the bottoms with a flat iron. Miu Miu

Miu miu provided us with a sleek, alternative way to wear a fringe!  The key to getting this curvy look is using your medium barrelled tongs. Gather your fringe and curl up and away from the face.  Allow it to drop and take a center parting, and smooth the hair using a firm hold spray against the forehead into this darling little curtain shape.  (Tip: pin the fringe at both sides into place and allow to set for a bit before heading out to ensure the shape stays put.) For the rest of the head, take large sections and wrap them around the barrel to achieve the loose movement through the lengths of the hair. 
Roland Mouret
Costume National
Love the idea of contrasting textures? You're in good company! Roland Mouret, Chalayan, and Costume National all opted for these fresh, easy to wear, wet-to-dry looks.  Simply use a firm hold gel to slick damp hair back and away from the face.  If you have straight or wavy hair, let your own texture do the talking in the back, (curlier ladies may opt to straighten out a bit prior to slicking back using a large round brush to blow dry smooth.) To up the contrast and take the look a step further, follow suit with Costume National and take a crimper to the lengths of the hair.  Finish off by brushing out the crimp for this great, feathery texture, and polish off the top with some firm hold hairspray. To help the look set into place, fasten a headscarf over the slicked back top and allow the product to dry and hair to remember it's shape.
In the mood for something a bit more glamorous? This side swept roll may be the perfect choice for you.  Start out by blow drying with a large round brush and some smoothing product, (if necessary,) to ensure a smooth, glossy finish.  Next, take a deep side parting. Using large barrelled tongs, curl the front sections of the hair up and away from the face and brush out, (to make sure you end up with a wave rather than a curl.)  Gather the hair to the back and construct a low side pony-tail, but instead of  tying off at the nape of the neck, tie it down at the ends of the hair and roll upwards towards the base of the hairline to get this subtle, sexy silhouette. Secure with U-pins and finish off with a high shine hairspray to tame any fly aways!  
Braids are nothing new this season, but this one was so soft and angelic I had to share it with you.  Get this halo effect by flipping the head over and very softly teasing the lengths of the hair before beginning a french braid (crossing sections underneath each other rather than over so it is essentially "inside out" and can stand up a bit), slightly off center at the base of the neck and working around over the top and down the other side. Braid any remaining hair, tuck it into the back base and secure with hairpins.  The key here is to slightly pull at the braid all over to create the loose, easy feeling, and leave out the tiny hairs near the ears and the hairline. Unsure how to create a french braid? Just ask - I'm always happy to explain it further!
Yohji Yamamoto
It was so fun to see the individual, avant garde looks designed for each model at Yohji Yamamoto!  From the v-shaped partings to the quirky buns, it's always great to see looks developed specifically with the runway in mind. Perhaps it shouldn't, but I think it seems to work perfectly with his geometric inspired, genius collection!
Feel free to message me for further tips and tricks, and tell me what your favourite look was this season!