Katy Perry Hair Chameleon

Hair chameleon Katy Perry showed off her latest look at a benefit in LA this weekend! This 'reverse ombre' style, with pink roots and paler highlights, is a fun, fresh way to wear extreme color. The melting of the tones gives the color a much softer effect and pairing it with her chic new bob allows her hair to look healthier than it would at a longer length.

(Beware - Katy has wigs and professional colorists at her finger tips! Trying a look like this yourself will require a lot of maintenance to avoid the color block effect that will occur as the roots grow in, not to mention the potential damage! Already blonde? Get this look with zero commitment using pigment powders! Check out my post about the technique http://www.saschabreuer.com/blog/?p=1885 )

She's taken quite a journey though various shades of red, pink, and blonde, and mixed it up with her colourful wig collection.  Besides her standard black, I'd personally think this is one of the more flattering hues she has worn this year and is definitely one of my favourites, which one is yours??