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During my time in New York I had the chance to meet some incredible people including world famous journalist - Cator Sparks. My interview with him has just been posted on Lookbooks or check it out here:

Interview: Hairstylist Sascha Breuer

We have all received those notes from friends that say, “My friend is moving to town and you must meet him. You will love each other!” Dreadful. But we always make the effort. Well the last time that happened to me I become rather smitten with the person moving to town. German hairstylist, Sascha Breuer thought he would give New York City a go and his first week here we ended up in sombrero’s doing tequila shots and that was only at 7pm. Our bromance has continued (as have the booze!) and Sascha has flourished in the big apple. Read below how he was born into the business, what he loves about the Big Apple and who he is shooting with next.

Why did you decide to move to New York?

I love New York City. It is like no other city and the people here really make it this exciting mix of constant movement, energy, creativity, noise, art and music combining all cultures in this great melting pot.

The stuff that happens in NYC really can only happen here…

We agree!

It is one of the most inspiring cities I have ever experienced. This is the place where it makes the most sense for me to be to continue to grow as an artist and reaching new levels.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I was born into this industry (literally in the hair washing basin).  My parents own a salon and everything started there.

Becoming a teacher for Wella and Toni & Guy at 19 was the first big step in totally understanding hair whilst being able to teach and communicate cutting, coloring and styling techniques to hundreds of hairstylist.

When did you move to London?

When I was 21 and this really changed everything for me and brought things to the next level, doing session work and traveling globally. My first big job was with Naomi Campbell shot by Simon Emmett, after I was in London for six months.  Since then it has been a wonderful journey of working with incredible people all over the world. Now, being in New York is the biggest and most exciting step and I am thrilled to be here, pushing myself further and expanding my life and career in the States.

Has Social Media helped your career?

This industry is so much about exposure, and social media has created new ways of connecting with fantastic people almost instantly, it is an amazing platform to be able to share my latest work, inspirations and creations with the world wide network of people I am connected to.  Blogging has been an excellent way to be able to communicate and even share educational information with so many people at the same time and the number of people who have seen my work as a result is mind-boggling.

I know you have dabbled in art. Is that a big part of your life?

Art is something that constantly influences and inspires me to new ideas and I look out for it all the time, Galleries, museums, my travels, Google.  Everywhere really.

Being involved in shoots can be very artistic, specially if you are pushed and stimulated to create something that is really new, beautiful or edgy, I recently had the great experience to shoot a stunning global image campaign for Rolls Royce with the amazingly talented Rankin, every image translated beauty in a very artistic way and the results are now on display in various galleries.

What are some highlights of your time in New York?

There is little that I don’t love about the city. Thinking of my first week in Manhattan: I was wearing a sombrero and doing tequila shots with you and all those lovely people that I just met … where else in the world does this happen?

Booze brings the world together!

It does indeed! And having the chance to collaborate with all the talent this city has to offer and meeting all these amazing people is incredible. I love a good challenge, and there is no shortage of that here! I love the fact that this city is running 24 hours a day.  There is so much history here, yet there is something new and exciting to discover every day.  It's impossible to be bored, as the sights, smells, and sounds are constantly stimulating my creative process and my curiosity to experience even more.

What is next for you?

I happily have a full plate! Working on the Escada, Hugo Boss and PPQ shows and shooting with Anne Hathaway and Eva Herzigova in January and gearing  up for a campaign with WELLA. No rest for the wicked!

Sascha is represented by Starworks.