Hair Beauty


Discovering the perfect "look" for any given shoot always takes a bit of preparation, but faced with the challenge of finding four equally strong yet distinct party looks for one model  really requires some advanced planning.  Fortunately, the lines of communication were wide open with this team, and after several weeks of pulling references and comparing ideas, the payoff was this gorgeous spread for Woman Magazine  Playing off the wonderful textures in the white clothes selected by the clever Julia Schauer, it was important to me that the hair remained shiny and wearable, with just a touch of avant garde in the shape.  The sexy yet subtle makeup by Sophie Kaspar really played up the etheral quality of the lighting, and gave the beautiful Anna @  a sumptuous glow.  Shot in Vienna by Sabine Liewald, whose talent for shooting beauty has put her on my personal favourites list, I am super excited to share these images.