Valentine's Day Hair

The most romantic day of the year is here, and I wanted to share some sexy ways to style your hair for Valentine's Day.  As a male, I'm of the opinion that sightly undone hair is ideal because there is no fear of ruining a moment by messing up your hairstyle...and of course, tempting your man to touch you is the whole idea! There is no better hair-spiration for this topic than the ever gorgeous Brigitte Bardot! Here are a few ideas to inspire you on your quest to achieve that perfecly imperfect, come-hither hair: Add dry shampoo to incorporate volume and soft, sexy texture to your straight look, Pin back the front pieces for a more innocent vibe.

Or add a bow or headband for a sweet touch!

And remember -- If you want to go with an up-style, try to keep it soft and loose, (with minimal hairpins and the right hair spray,)  so you can go from here:

to here...

At exactly the right moment!!