New York Fashion week - Autum Winter 2012

A/W 2012 Fashion Week season is here already, kicking off as usual in NYC!  There were so many beautiful hair looks this week, it was quite difficult to decide which ones to feature.  Here's the final selection of my favourites, as well as some key tips and tricks to inspire you to try something new at home! Carolina Herrera

Oscar de la Renta

Nearly everyone who knows me is aware of my fondness for huge hair, so it's no surprise that these were my two favorite looks at NYFW.  The hair at Carolina Herrera was wonderfully full, and the clean, smooth finishing and thin black headbands flattening the front kept the look modern.  Also feeling the simple grosgrain ribbons as a sweet finishing touch. At Oscar de la Renta, the volume was concentrated more in the sides and amplified by tucking under the ends.  Another great use of a headband, although this time it was thicker and a bit more glamourous.  You can create a headband like this at home with a satin scarf, ribbon, (even a man's necktie would work,) and change it up by attaching different jeweled pins, brooches, or earrings to suit your mood and match your outfit!  I recommend securing your chosen accessory by either using a safety pin, a spot of hot glue, or a few stitches on the underside of the band to ensure it stays put and doesn't go missing.


At Rodarte, the soft texture of the hair and the loose wrapped braids blended together beautifully, forming a subtle halo shape.  Reserving the golden stars for the sides of the head, (rather than all the way around,) kept the look elegant and provided a lovely sparkly finish...  My instincts are telling me we haven't seen the last of these celestial adornments!

Badgley Mischka

The high impact curls at Badgley Mischka added just the right amount of drama and edge to compliment the collection.  A fun party look, you can do this at home by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair, and blowdrying upside down for maximum root lift. Once dry, wrap small sections around a tiny curling tong and mist with hairspray before brushing out with a paddle brush to create an airy texture.  Backcomb if necessary to create the shape you desire, and if your hair is very long, you may chose to either pin up the bottom pieces or let them run wild!

Lela Rose

Awesome side rolls at Lela Rose...this look is huge this season! To get at home, prep dry hair with powder and backcomb throughout.  Then gently brush all the hair over to one side,  and create a line of bob pins along the top corner of your head where you want the roll to arrive.  Next, roll the lengths of your hair up to the top and tuck under- securing by pinning into the base you created with your initial line of pins.  Finish with a strong hairspray, such as Wellaflex, for flexible hold and added shine.

Marc Jacobs

I adore these little braided knots- a simple, clean style that stays in place whether you are wearing a hat, (as the models did at the Marc Jacobs show,) or not!

Zac Posen

Copying this punk-geisha top knot from Zac Posen may be easier than you think!  Pull hair into a tight, high pony tail, then wrap another elastic about three quarters of the way down.  Next, twist and roll the tail to create a bump, and pin the lower elastic to the base of the pony. Finish off by flat ironing the remainder of the tail upwards and add plenty of hairspray before and after applying the iron to hold the 'blades' of hair in place.

Derek Lam

I love a good beehive, especially the loose version featured at Derek Lam. Use plenty of hairspray and be generous with the back-combing to form the bump at the crown, whilst leaving the front a bit softer. Secure some of the hair into a pony at the nape, but leaving several pieces free from the front and the back will give it an undone wear-ability, and provide an instant update to the classic style.


To create this beautifully wind blown look seen at Preen, start by applying a generous amount of mousse to damp hair and blowdrying.  Work loads of hair powder into the roots for a light texture that will allow for easy molding.  Tease your hair from the nape to the crown, and twist into a messy knot, securing with a few hairpins. Finish by blowdrying the loose bits of hair whilst misting on hairspray to create a "whoosh" effect.   Add a comb or barrette of your choice, and voila!

Calvin Klein

No wigs or faux fringes here! Apparently, the six Calvin Klein models who wore these bold, geometric bobs had their hair actually cut backstage just before the show! This is super rare - as the girls are typically busy jetting from one show to the next, seldom do they agree to actually chop their hair into such a dramatic shape during fashion week!  The rest of the girls wore pony tails with a slick finish on the top and a more dry texture at the ends.

Jason Wu

I always try to think outside of the box, and what I appreciate about the ponies at Jason Wu is the unusual usage of black bondage tape as a hair elastic. Not only does it look cool and modern, but the thickness held the tails away from the body, allowing for much a much more dramatic "swing" effect as the models walked.

Jeremy Scott

We've come to expect crazy, creative, and cartoonish hair at Jeremy Scott, and this season did not disappoint! Fun as ever, the frizzy blonde wigs were cut into exaggerated shapes and painted with random patches of pink, blue, and yellow.