Milan Fashion Week A/W 2012

Milan provided a lovely finish to round up Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Weeks, (though I doubt anyone will be waiting for the fall to try most of these styles at home!)

Blumarine  chose a classic blown out style, but the polished, soft finish and added volume at the roots gave it extra sex appeal. I also love the color on these models; a subtle ombre highlight brightens their natural shades without becoming high-maintenance.   A perfect example of hair that says "touch me!"

The wet-to-dry look made it's way from France to Italy and popped up at Missoni.  This time, the ends of the hair were rolled up into a faux bob.  You can create this look by applying a heavy gel or pomade to damp or dry roots, then loosely gather ends into a pony tail, but wrap the elastic towards the end of the tail and roll up and under, pinning into place at the nape of the neck.
Check out the retro bombshells at DSquared!  Looking for a similar effect? Start out with a strong volumizing mousse, and set hair into pin curls or rollers whilst blowdrying.  Then back comb your roots all over, (spray each section as you tease it with a ultra strong hold hairspray,  for extra support,) especially at the crown and front sections.  Smooth back with a flat paddle brush (look for a combination of nylon and boar bristles,) and add loads of hairspray.  Va va voom!

The pretty waves and softly pulled back front at Gucci is another easy style to try at home!  You can do this on nearly any hair texture to achieve a similar bohemian vibe.  Simply pull back the front sections and twist towards the back, securing in the center either with an elastic, barrette, or a few pins tucked into the rolls. (For extra control and to help keep the rolls in place, spray them with a flexible hold hair spray before twistin, I like the one from Wellaflex.)

Couldn't help but notice the short, blunt, slightly U-shaped fringes at Versace.  If this is a trend you would consider trying, take some time to consider your face shape to determine the width  and length of the fringe.  I recommend seeing a stylist for this one, as attempting an even cut with so little room for error can easily land you on the wrong side of the fine line separating "edgy" from "silly."
These delicate rolls lent a unique textural twist to the braided headband trend, and I LOVE IT! Fendi's modern goddesses get my vote for best hair in Milan!

Prada brought the drama!! I love the contrast of the models' natural hair, streaked with blonde through the lengths, and then shocked to life against brightly coloured, extra long extensions.  The sleek, flat ironed finish really allows all the shades to stand out and work their collective magic.