Vintage Glamour, Emma Magazine

Here are the reamining images of the seducive story we shot for Emma Magazine, (after Vogue Italia picked up on our shoot and published it on their online magazine.) It just came out today., and I love each picture! Ioanna Ntenti just looks great in this story, shot with the super team in Miami.

Here's how to achieve these sexy Hollywood Waves, adding all the glamour without looking too retro:

The idea with this look is to achieve deep, almost horizontally running waves, using your curling tongs in a special way. Start from freshly blow dried hair. Take small sections of hair and with your curling tongs, (I use the Braun Satinstyler,) clamp a section of the hair and hold for 5-10 seconds. This creates an outward wave. Then turn the barrel of the curling tong the other way around clamp the section of hair just below your first wave and hold to create the reverse wave. Continue down the length of the hair and throughout the sections of hair you want to wave.

Tip: The more precise you are with your movements and hair sectioning the more polished and stylised a look you will achieve – perfect for the red carpet! If it’s a fresher look you’re after, then simply be less precise with your tongs on the hair for a more messy effect.

Photos:Branislav Simoncik

Make Up : Katerina Brans

Styling : Jan Králíček