Bella Heathcote At Cannes Premiere Screening "For Once Upon A Time In America"

Bella Heathcote attended the Cannes Premiere Screening for Once Upon A Time In America Film last night and looked stunning in her Gucci dress!

We decided that a softly pulled back, up style was the ideal hair to feature her beautiful neckline and keep it very young and fresh looking. After blow drying her full fringe back, I gently gathered all her hair in a loose ponytail and pinned individual strands around the base of the ponytail, adding volume and shape to the back of her head.

To ensure that the loose yet glam style lasts, spray with a flexible hair spray, such as Wellaflex, whilst gently blasting hair backwards using  a hairdryer to create a deeper texture.  A few soft but controlled fly aways  are key to keeping this look organic and modern looking.

Et voilà !!