Cameron Diaz For The What To Expect When You're Expecting Premier

What a great start to the week!  Just returned from Cannes to style the gorgeous Cameron Diaz for the What To Expect When You're Expecting premier, press junket,  and the Graham Norton Show in London  last night.

Cameron is one of my favourite hair chameleons, always adapting her newly shorter style to perfection.

The secret behind a reduced length cut is the tailored frame around the face - so every haircut needs to be personalized to each individual face shape.  I prefer to try different styles and move it around with some strategically placed grips in front of the mirror, and then cutting the length before washing it to be able to judge where it will actually land once dry again.

A short cut should look modern and alive when styled, so avoid using too many products at once. I prefer to keep adding small amounts whilst structuring the hair. Another tip to avoid an accidental overload is to towel dry the hair very well.  Since your product won't be diluted by the water, you'll be able to better judge how much you really need. (It's less than you think!)

I'd start styling by applying a  golf ball size dab of mousse to the palm of your hand and use a wide toothed comb to pick up a small amounts and comb it through the roots in the areas where you want to add volume and hold.  Then dry it using your fingers or a skeleton brush - working with your natural texture and movement using a hairdryer that allows you to adjust the heat.  (Fine or fragile hair should be dried at a lower temperature to reduce the risk of damage.) As many of you know by now, I rely on the Braun Satin Hair 7 Range in part because of the adjustable temperature feature.

For finishing products, personally I am not a huge fan of waxes. They give very little hold, and often the hair becomes greasy and loses the shape.  I prefer instead a strong hold hairspray that dries quickly such as Wellaflex for Shiny Hold - giving the hair definition and texture without becoming stiff or hard and creating the dreaded "helmet"!  It's important to use one you can brush through easily to restyle when transitioning from your day to evening look.

To define the texture and create an interesting twist, a great trick is to spray some of the hairspray on your finger tips , and then twist, pinch, tousel or scrunch your hair to create definition and depth to your style.  Then finish it off with a light, all-over misting.