Back To Black – New York Fashion Week Begins!

After a season of bold, bright hair colours, we’re now about to experience a complete reversal in trends – welcome to New York Fashion Week! Expect to see sleek raven black and dark brown shades hitting the runway as glamorous gothic makes a welcome comeback for spring 2013.

Expect to see a collection of sexy up-dos and natural braids and twists woven into soft waves.  This look will be complimented with glossy, berry coloured lips and pale complexions.

If you’ve been inspired to go over to the dark side, remember there are several shades of black and dark brown you can choose from and think about how the shades will match with your skin complexion.

Don’t forget to consider the density and style of hair as this will affect the depth of colour.  Thick, wavy hair will produce a deep, rich colour while thin, straight hair will appear lighter.

Remember to take good care of your hair in order to keep it looking healthy and shiny.  Regularly moisturise (preferably with a restoring/repairing conditioner) your hair to avoid it drying out and splitting.

When using heated tools, keep them at the lowest possible heat to avoid unnecessary damage and colour fading to your hair.