Style Spotlight January 2016 Edition-Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Hey everyone, I’ll be running a new series here on the blog starting this year, called ‘Style Spotlight’. We’ll be showcasing a style icon every month and discussing some of their best recent looks.

There is no denying that celebrity style is one of the biggest sources of inspiration there is and it is so much fun to cover the Red Carpet and map trends in magazines and online and so on. Whether a particular trend originates from a celebrity or is adopted by one, we all know that the one sure shot way of knowing that a trend is going to make it big is when it pops up on the Red Carpet. Some celebrities wear trends well while others have their own inimitable style signatures- either way, there’s a lot of inspiration to be mined there and I’m so happy to have this platform to share some of my favorite style icons with you.

The looks I curate here are only possible because of the incredibly talented men and women in the styling industry who’re out there daily, bringing out the beauty in everyday life and keeping things creative, 24x7. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of them and it gives me such joy to be able to celebrate their handiwork and share the craft.

For January 2016, we’re going to go with none other than British supermodel and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Post Mad Max: Fury Road, Rosie’s had a really great run on the Red Carpet and at various events and her styling is sheer perfection. From the outfits and accessories to hair and makeup that really kicks it to a whole new level, Rosie’s stylists really get her beachy-yet-sophisticated-goddess vibe. Her looks this past month have been phenomenal and offer up some solid inspiration on how to look your best for formal events.

Critics Choice Awards 2016

Rosie’s slick, twisted bun was one of the most tweeted and talked about looks from the 2016 Critics Choice Awards and it is easy to see why. When you’re in the mood for something minimalistic but memorable, make like Rosie here. Twisted, looped buns are a great way to add depth and dimension to an old favorite and fairly easy to create- all you need is some dexterity, a great mirror and bobby pins you trust. Getting the texture right is the key to such looks, which is why I fully recommend investing in some Argan oil (for that sheen and finish), a styling mousse or cream with adequate hold to be able to lay down the crown like that and a fine-toothed comb to get the last of those flyaways. Remember to always spritz some hairspray on when you opt for a look like this- you want your efforts to hold and a neat trick is to spritz some hairspray onto the comb as well before you run it over your hair to really flatten out any pesky loose strands.

Golden Globes 2016

The two-tone ombré, shifting from a yummy caramel to a buttery blonde is just the thing you need to get ready for summer 2016. And, as Rosie clearly proves here, the lob is the perfect iteration of a laidback yet versatile haircut. The lob is easy to style and easy to wear, which means you can go from grunge to glam in no time to at all.

As I said in my coverage of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, this particular look can be worn anytime, anywhere. Can’t you just see yourself sporting this look to university classes and lunch dates with friends, but also glamming it up at a formal event like Rosie did? Everyone has a go-to hairstyle or makeup look that works wonderfully for all occasions and makes you feel like a million bucks. I think look of Rosie’s is one that you can trust- and it’s also something you can put together on your own at home, with a bit of practice and the right tools.

Swarovski Galvan For Opening Ceremony Dinner

Another sleek, classic updo on Rosie. This one is from the Galvan For Opening Ceremony Dinner organized by Swarovski on January 13, 2016. Rosie does the whole ‘slinky/sexy’ look very well and it is always so understated and tasteful that you can’t help but remember the sirens of Old Hollywood.

The hair was secured in a classic bun at medium height, but what sets this look apart from your everyday ‘knot my hair and run’ style is the texture and the parting. Slicked down hair always looks interesting and edgy, and when it is used to hold one of the more classic styles, the overall vibe is one of extreme sophistication. Adding to the look is a high side part, a change from the low-laying side parts we’ve been seeing all of last year. It’s elegant without being stuffy and I think Rosie and her stylists have really perfected the fine art of using classic hairstyles for formal events while hinting at a secret spark of edginess.

Hope you enjoy the series. I can’t wait to see what February has in store for us and who’s going to make it to the top spot here.