Retro Hairstyles are Back!

Retro Hairstyles: Old Is Gold This Winter! If you’re one of those girls who just cant get enough of the vintage trends that have been so hot this year, here’s some great news: all the trend reports have confirmed that retro hairstyles are going to get even bigger in the coming winter months! Which means if you aren’t ready just yet to put away your big rollers and your polka dot scarves, you don’t have to!

When we think of the decades gone by, there are so many wonderful memories and iconic moments that are ingrained in our collective psyche, but nothing has made quite as much of an impression as the fabulous hairstyles and trends that have come, and gone, and come back again! Here’s a complete breakdown of some jaw dropping, oomph oozing styles you can sport this winter!

Teeny Tiny Bangs

Think Audrey Hepburn meets Michelle Williams.  Super short bangs that barely skim the forehead are a great way to accentuate big eyes and play up a great bone structure. These fringes look fabulous with long or short hair, but to really sock the retro vibe, we suggest a short, sharp elfin cut. A word to the wise though: sharp cuts leave little to the imagination, so they look best with slender necks, high cheekbones and a distinct jaw line. If you’re feeling feminine, dress up the do with a delicate headband or add a bejeweled clip.

Finger Waves

Finger Waves are possibly the most universal symbol of the times gone by! It’s safe to say that there wasn’t a woman in any country in the Roaring Twenties who didn’t try her hand at this Flapper hairstyle at least once! A super way to adapt this style to the present day is to keep the waves a little loose, a little less structured. The essence remains the same, but the look is a lot more casual, a lot more touchable.

Work on your hair in two-inch sections, by spraying a texturizing product and then fixing the sections into hot rollers. Once the rollers have cooled down, take them out and loosen the curls and arrange them as you like with your fingers. Finishes off with a shine-boosting spray like Wella Stay Essential Finishing Spray, put on some red lippie and you’re good to go!

Geometric Cuts

Geometric cuts are back, and how! This 60s mod trend has been the talk of the town this past month, with sharp, angular cuts with heavy bangs and glasslike smoothness. The mod styles work best with those who have medium to heavy thick hair because the styles usually need some density to weigh them down and keep them in place. If your fashion statement is dramatic, daring and just a wee bit theatrical, then these cuts are a fantastic way to go retro while still looking oh-so-modern!

The drawback? These styles are typically high maintenance. So, no flyaways, no stray strands sticking out here and there and absolutely no knots and tangles. You’ve got to keep the hair super smooth and shiny!

Wavy Bobs Parted to the Side

If you want a retro look that’s feminine yet functional, the delicately wavy bob with a low side parting is perfect for you. Divide your hair into one-inch sections and secure them in hot rollers. Once the hair’s curled, remove the rollers and spray on a tiny bit of dry shampoo at the top. Brush your hair out to loosen the curls and add a little volume and then part your hair to one side. Make sure you take a really deep part that’s low on one side. Pull the hair on the other side of the part away over your forehead, creating a sweeping side-bangs style. You can pin this section over the curls for a truly vintage look. Keep the hair soft and flowy- the entire charm of the look is in a youthful, almost-messy perfection!

Side Ponytail with Crown Pouf

Nothing says “vintage” quite like teased bumps at the crown! Whether you like it big, like Brigitte Bardot or smaller, like Kate Beckinsale, the poufy bump is a gorgeous way to add some old-world glamour to modern hairstyles! This season’s hot favorite in hair trends is the side ponytail made vintage with a teased pouf.

Begin by teasing the hair at the crown. You can decide how much hair to tease according to how big you want the bump to be. Pick up a small section from the front of you want it just over the front, or pull out the hair from the top of one ear to the other if you want some major drama!

When you’re teasing, do it lightly because you don’t want the full on, stiff, “standing up” bouffant from the Sixties! The 2012 version is softer, more natural and lots more laidback. Pin the bump into place and then pull the rest of your hair to one side and make a ponytail. If you’re going in for a flirty look, take a curling iron and add some loose waves to your ponytail!

Updos and Ponytails with Hair Scarves!

There’s something so quintessentially vintage about hair scarves that you just can’t help but go, “Oh! That is SO Sixties”. Hair scarves are a wonderful way to dress up simple, on-the-go hairstyles with too much fuss. And if you’re running on scruffy, second or third-day hair, there’s no better way of doing up your locks!

The first option is super basic, and super fun: add a little mousse to your hair and scrunch it around to give it a messy texture. Pull your hair up into a ponytail, as high or low as you want to go, and secure! Take a brightly colored scarf and tie it at the center of your head. You can pull the ends into a small bow or tuck them in for a neater look!

For a truly vintage look, try a scarf with an updo. Spray a volume-boosting product into your hair and pull it up into a high ponytail. A side part looks best with this hairstyle, so go as low as you can. Curl the hair in the ponytail into big, loose waves and then pin the curls onto your head in any direction and structure, making a big, messy bun as you go. Then take a pretty scarf and tie around two inches in on your hair. Stunning!