New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends The New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 has set the fashion world ablaze and fashionistas from the front rows to the streets are hoarding up on fashion tips and trends for the coming season! No Fashion Week is complete without a dose of wacky, and New York didn’t disappoint.

In a departure from tradition, though, a lot of designers had their models sporting wearable, classic styles that would look every bit as fabulous off the runway, as they did on it!

Here’s my pick of the Top 5 hair trends from New York Fashion Week and how you can adapt these into everyday styles:


1. DKNY: Deep Side Part

This Fashion Week saw a lot of interesting, wearable takes on styling the hair parting, with DKNY’s deep side part being labeled a hot favorite. The look was decidedly youthful and fresh and had a distinctly casual, yet carefully structured appeal. The models’ hair was parted low on one side and swept over across the forehead and tucked behind the ear on the other side. A quintessential “city girl” look, this hairstyle works great on all lengths and for all occasions.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

For this look, you’ve got to begin with freshly washed and conditioned hair. It’s a fun and flirty look so your hair needs to be in great shape.

Finger-dry your hair for a natural texture and then divide your hair with a low parting. Secure this section behind the ear on the other side using hairpins. You can secure it neatly for a sleek look or tug at the section from the crown and allow it to hang over the ear for a more relaxed vibe.

If you want a more polished finish, take the hair to be tucked over in small sections and blow-dry it straight before pinning it in place.

Once the front has been pinned, take the hair from both sides towards the back, divide it into two sections and twist them over one-another like a rope.

Use a styling spray or mousse and dry the twisted section to create a multi-dimensional texture. Undo the twists and let your hair hang loose.

If you want to enhance the “style, but not” appearance, take small sections and rub them between your palms to create a natural, slightly messy surface.


2. Ralph Lauren: Chignons

If I had to pick one hair statement to adapt for regular wear from this Fashion Week, it’d have to be Ralph Lauren’s sleek chignons. Nothing says, “glamorous” like a chignon, and Ralph Lauren’s sleek, center-parted chignons are the height of chic!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This style works best if you’ve got straight hair, so you might want to start out with a smoothening serum and blow-dry or iron your hair straight.

Take a pintail comb and create a strong middle-part. Brush your hair till it’s absolutely smooth and gather it at the back in a low, tight ponytail.

Take the ponytail and start twisting it and coiling it around the base of the ponytail. Fix the bun with pins and tuck-in and tighten any loose ends.

The models at the Ralph Lauren show wore hairnets for extra neatness. You can skip this step for a more natural style. Take a hairspray and smoothen any flyaways!


3. Rebecca Minkoff: 80s Beachy Waves

Beachy waves were one of the biggest trends in Summer 2012, and if Minkoff’s show is any indication, the trend is only going to get bigger come Spring 2013. Minkoff’s models combined “beach grunge” with “street polish” and the result? Fabulous tousled waves with smoothened ends! The hair had a very matte texture giving way to polished tips.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Apply a hair spray or styling wax to damp hair and dry with your fingers to create volume and texture.  You’ll want to do this in quick, short strokes to add some lift and body to your hair.

Take a paddle brush and brush out the ends to make the tips smooth. Don’t smoothen out the top or center of your hair- you want to create a dichotomy of sorts between the crown and the tips!

Use a curling iron, preferably a 1” barrel, and take sections of the hair from the middle and create waves. Don’t touch the ends, just pick random bits from halfway down your hair length.

Then straighten your tips with a flat iron to enhance the difference between the textures.

If you want to replicate Minkoff’s styling, add a mattifying product like a dry shampoo to the crown and spread it with your fingertips till the mid-length. Remember, let the tips hang poker straight and super shiny!


4. Marc Jacobs: Heavy Side Swept Ponytails

Another star from NYFW S/S-13, Marc Jacobs took a couple of hot favorite hair trends- the deep, side-swept part and low, side ponytails and crown volume- and created a gorgeous medley. Hair was swept low across the forehead over one side and gathered into a low hanging, side ponytail on the other side. For added effect, hair was given extra volume at the crown, lending a distinct vintage-y yet mod vibe to the look.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Use a texturizing spray and finger-dry your hair to create a messy grain.

Part your hair low on one side and swing the parted section low across the forehead over to the other side. You’ll want the hair to graze the top of your brow and create a dramatic, sweeping fringe. Pin this section either behind the ear for a subtle look or over the ear for more visibility.

Take the rest of the hair, add some dry shampoo and light tease towards the crown for added volume. When you’re happy with the amount of volume, secure the hair in a low side ponytail (towards the same side as the pinned fringe).


5. Marchesa: Skinny Plaits In Tied Back Hair

Marchesa models rocked skinny plaits in sleek, straight hair that was pulled back away from the face and tied. An interesting layering of two distinct forms: braids and slick neatness, this hairstyle can be easily adapted for daily wear and is a great way to spice up your average ponytail.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Straighten your hair and slick it away from the face towards the back. You can avoid straightening if you hair’s not too curly. It’s just one of those looks that shows up better in straight hair!

You can create a center part for added severity and drama, but if you’re wearing it casually, go for a softer look by brushing hair back without a parting.

Take small random sections at the front and braid your hair into skinny plaits. You can do a couple of these on both sides in any direction- diagonally from the front to over the ear, from the front to the back- to create a slight criss-cross effect.

Take two braids on either side and pin them to the back. Cross them over each other to create an “X” near the side of your head. Braids from the both the sides should meet at the back. Try pinning them in a way that you can create an illusion of continuity so that it looks like there are two braids going around the back, and not four!

Take the rest of the hair into a sleek ponytail and secure it at the center, not too high and not too low. A great way to add some style would be to secure it between the “loop” created by the braids!