Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends Milan. Considered by many to be the heart of global fashion. If London and New York and Paris are the life and soul of international fashion, Milan is its spirit. Fashion breaks free in Milan, and the Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Week this year reminded us once again fashion is not only about designer names and famous people, but also about having something to say!

We’ve got tons of really cool, wearable hairstyles from the runways of Milan this year. Here’s my pick of the Top 5 hairstyles and how you can get them!

1. Bottega Veneta

You probably never thought you’d hear the phrase “scruffy English Rose”, but Bottega Veneta’s show at Milan Fashion S/S-13 perfected a look that was all things dainty and pretty and rosy, yet there was a distinctly unfussy and relaxed vibe to the styling.

Models wore their hair parted at the centre and gathered in a low, messy chignon at the back. A perfect look for someone who doesn’t want something too formal, yet you don’t want to look like you don’t care at all either!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This look is decidedly uncomplicated. You don’t need your hair to look polished or slick or too tidy. The charm of the whole thing is in how easy and relaxed it is!

You don’t need poker straight hair for this, but if your hair is really curly or wavy, you might want to just blow dry the top/ front. We’ll be parting the hair down the middle and you basically want the hair to fall evenly so curls aren’t easy to work with here! To keep the natural texture of your hair and not get an over-styled look, you can use a diffuser and run a comb through your hair to just ease out the curls.

If you’ve got really fine hair you’ll want to add some dry shampoo or a texturizing spray. You want some volume and body to be able to create a slightly mussed-up style, and that’s going to be difficult with limp hair!

Brush your hair through to remove any knots and tangles. Then create a parting in the center. You don’t have to be terribly meticulous with it, just make sure you’ve got a distinct middle part.

Take your hair and gather it at the back of your head in a low ponytail, at the nape of your neck. Leave a few strands loose to frame your face; you want a very natural style.

After you’ve got the ponytail secured, using the tips of your fingers and lightly rub your roots to loosen the hair a little bit. Remember, you don’t want your hair to look perfect.

You can also take the end of a rattail comb and just lift your hair at the front a bit for some volume and maybe pull a strand or two out here and there.

Now, take the ponytail and start winding it around its base. Unlike regular chignons, you don’t have to be particularly neat as you go along, just get the general shape right and stick in a couple of pins to hold the bun in place.

Remember, it’s a messy chignon and not a ballerina bun, so the messier, the better! If ends stick out, great! If they don’t pull a few out artfully, to make it look like they did!

2. Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana models had their hair done up in large chignons, with a twist: each model had a brightly colored, patterned scarf tied around her head. Headscarves have been a rage the world over all of 2012 and are clearly going to be a hot favorite the coming summer too!

Headscarves are a fabulous way to jazz up a simple outfit and add a lot of oomph to your look without trying too hard. Usually though, headscarves make for a casual, boho look. With D&G styling headscarves around chignons, maybe all that is about to change!

Take a look!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

The key about perfect chignons is smooth, straight hair. So, begin with blow-drying your freshly washed hair.

It can be hard to get the perfect shape and size on a chignon, especially one that’s made halfway down the head and not at the base. You can buy a bun donut to work as a base for your chignon. These are sponge bun stylers and can be used as a base for creating the perfect bun, without fail!

Begin by brushing your hair to get it really smooth and pull it into a ponytail. Secure the ponytail at the height you want the chignon to be.

Slide your ponytail through the bun donut. If you’ve got the snap-shut variety, close it around the base of the ponytail.

Start by taking small sections of hair from the ponytail and smoothing them over the bun ring. You basically cover the foam ring and keep winding the sections around it, covering it as you go along and tucking in the hair sections under the bun donut as neatly as you can.

Secure the end of each section into the bun donut with bobby pins to keep it in place.

Repeat this with all the hair in the ponytail until it is all wrapped around the bun donut. Make sure your bun is secure. Crisscross bobby pins for extra hold.

Use a hairspray to tame any flyaways. Your chignon is ready.

Take a rectangular scarf and fold it in half such that you get a triangle shape. Turn this triangle in on itself lengthwise until you’re left with a multi-layered, thin long stretch of fabric. Place this on the top of your head and bring the ends down at the back under your chignon and tie them in a knot.

You can leave the ends loose for a casual look or make a bow out of them for a more feminine style. If you want a neater look, tuck the ends in along the rest of the scarf!

3. Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci’s models wore their hair down, very sleek and chic, with minimum styling. Straight hair with a centre part and face-framing bangs defined the look. Small sections of hair were taken from the front and gathered and twisted before being pinned at the back to add some neatness and style to the look.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This style is a terrific way of wearing your hair if you want it to look like you made an effort with your hair, without really having to! It’s also a simple way to dress up plain old open hair without having to use a lot of products or tools!

Begin by washing your hair and conditioning it, using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

Towel-dry your hair as much as possible and then use a blow dryer to straight and smoothen your hair out. Make sure you use a heat protectant spray first! Sleek hair is a big part of this look, so add some shine-boosting serum after blow-drying.

Comb your hair and part it in the middle so that it falls neatly around your face. We want some strands to frame your face, so this style works exceptionally well if you have long bangs or chin-length layers, but even if you don’t, you can leave 1-inch wide sections out on either side to gently fall around your face.

Leaving the bangs aside, take the next 1-inch of hair on both sides and pull them to the back, near the center of your head. You don’t have to tug on these sections and make them lay flat on your head; just gently make a “halo” around the sides and to the back of your head.

Take both sections and secure them with a clear elastic band. For added effect, you can entwine the two sections around each other before tying them together to give a rope-like effect.

If you don’t want to use an elastic band you can also use two pins to fix the twist into place.

4. Fendi

Fendi’s look was very mod, almost edgy. They took the season’s favorite chignon and upped the drama with a wet look, tight high bun instead of the classic, low chignons. Hair was slicked back for a wet-look and knotted into small, high buns. Some of the models wore funky leather and rubber hair bands to accessorize the look.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

The wet look is loaded with sexiness: like you just stepped out of the shower, threw your hair together and walked out of the house and onto your own personal runway!

Start with freshly washed hair. Towel-dry your hair and then allow it to dry naturally so that you can retain your regular texture. The wet look will enhance your hair’s graininess so you want to have some good texture to work with.

Once your hair is dry, take a hair product that will make your hair look slick and glossy, so much so that it should look wet.

You can either use a styling product: wet-look hair wax or gel or hair oil can work wonders. You’ll have to try this a couple of times to see what works best for you. Argan oil is a favorite with hairstylists the world over. Try it!

Run the oil/gel through your hair using your fingertips. With your fingertips, “brush” your hair back and gather it in a high ponytail. Don’t use a brush or comb because that’ll give your hair a plastered structure! Don’t part your hair and if it’s not very neat and a few strands poke out here and there, don’t stress!

Wrap the ponytail around its base and pin the chignon in place using bobby pins.

If you think there are dry spots in your hair, take some oil on your fingertips and touch those areas up.

Add a striking headband and your Fendi-inspired hairstyle is done!

5. Roberto Cavalli

No fashion show is complete without some tousled glamour thrown in and Roberto Cavalli made sure he didn’t disappoint. A very casual look, this style is super wearable and is universally flattering.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Tousled waves are rather easy in terms of styling, but they need a fair bit of prepping for the style to really work and show through! You’ll want to wash and condition your hair before you begin and use products that are curl enhancing and volumizing.

When you’re towel drying your hair, choose a product to improve texture according to your hair type. If you’ve got fine hair, you should add a little volumizing mousse or hairspray to your comb for more body, but if you’ve got heavy hair you should use a frizz control product that allows you to keep your texture but ditch the drama!

Comb your hair and create a central part. You want the waves to fall around your face casually.

Take a curling iron or hair tongs and curl your hair gently in small, inch-wide sections. You don’t have to be particular with the curl placement; the waves should run through the entire length of your hair.

Take inch long sections, wrap them around the tongs (not too tightly!) and hold for a few seconds and release. Applying too much heat will create tight curls.

Wait for the curls to cool down and then run your fingers through them. This step will create piecey waves.

Using a regular hold finishing spray to keep your style neat through the day!