London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends London Fashion Week is an always interesting, sometimes eclectic, meeting of classic, timeless British fashion and the latest, edgy street fashion from around the world. This year did not disappoint, with Christopher Bailey wooing audiences with a new spin on the classic Burberry coats and Christian Dior showing that sharp lines and soft curves can look fabulous together!

The hair trends at this year’s London FW Spring Summer 2013 were a combination of sexy, structured trendiness and flirtatious, classic femininity. Whether you’re looking to oomph up your daily hairstyle with a little drama or turn heads with understated elegance, here is my pick of the Top 5 trends from London Fashion Week S/S-13 that you’ve just got to try out!

1. Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton’s models had a little bit of everything going for them; boho braids, a teased crown for some vintage glam and side-swept bangs; all thrown together casually for that “I-just-got-out-of-bed-looking-this-fab” style!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This style needs a little bit of structured scruffiness so it’s great for second-day hair.

Take a pintail comb and “draw” an arc from ear to ear through your hair. This will separate the hair into the front and the back. Take the front section and pin or tuck it over one ear, forming a gorgeous side-swept fringe as you go along.

Another way of getting messy side bangs is to make a deep, low part in your hair and comb it towards one end. Fulton’s models wore their hair with a deep side part. You can choose whatever works for you!

Use a little dry shampoo at the crown, and if you’ve got really fine or limp hair you can add a volumizing mousse or spray too. Tease the roots of your hair, right at the crown.

Take a big bristle brush and gently go over the bangs and the teased crown to smoothen the surface. Remember, you don’t want to actually brush through the hair- that’ll just ruin all your teasing. You only want to smoothen the hair surface and make sure it doesn’t look rough and shaggy.

Take a section of hair from the side opposite your bangs. If you have dark hair, you’ll need about a 1-inch section for the style to show through. For a daintier look, take a smaller section. Braid this section in a regular plait and secure with a clear band.

Take the rest of your hair and secure it to one side in a loose, messy braid, away from the direction of the bangs. Make sure you gather the hair in such a way that it doesn’t disturb the teased crown. Leave the small braid out of this portion.

Take the small braid over and across your head and pin it over the bangs on the other side. Your braid should now look like a headband framing the fringes. Tada!

2. Michael van der Ham

Michael van der Ham’s models had perfect, preppy hairstyles complete with pristine white headbands. Think Blair Waldorf meets Kate Middleton. There was a rather proper, almost conservative vibe to the hair.

If you think the look is too strict or put together, you can always add some fun with brightly colored, jeweled or textured headbands instead of going in for the straight-laced stark white.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Getting this look is really all about knowing how to blow-dry your own hair.

Begin with a frizz controlling serum to keep your hair smooth and give it a glass-like sheen. Use a lightweight product that gives your hair a shine without making it sticky. Take a few drops between your palms and rub your hands together and then run them over your hair. Don’t apply the product directly to your hair as it’ll deposit unevenly and weigh your hair down!

Use a large round brush and blow-dry your hair to make it very smooth and straight.

To get the most out of your blow-dry, work on your hair in small, manageable sections. If you try to get a lot of hair onto a round brush, only random sections will get straightened. Try working in 2-2.5-inch sections for best results.

Once your hair is straight, comb it back over your head, without making a parting. Add a headband about 1.5 inches in from your hairline. You’ll want to use a snug-to-tight hair band: this look is all about neatness and perfection. You also want the hair band to push your hair “back and up” before it falls down.

If you want some more drama, or the hair band doesn’t create a natural height, you can tease the hair right at the centre of the crown just a little bit to make a small bump and add some height to the look. Don’t tease the sides, let the hair cascade down

Add some finishing and holding hairspray and you’re good to go.

3. Burberry Prorsum

When you go to a Burberry show you know you’re going to see some effortless fashion. And just like the clothes, with hairstyling too Burberry believes that fussy doesn’t necessarily mean fashion.

Models wore their hair down, tucked into their collars, in loose waves that were created in imperfectly done hair parted at the side. The hairstyle is super wearable, and is just a slightly stylish take on regular, everyday open hairstyles.


Here’s How You Can Get It:

Because this is an open-hair style, you’ll want to do it on freshly washed hair. If your hair is dirty it might get weighed down or stringy.

If you’ve got thick, heavy hair, half your job on this style is already done! If not, add a thickening product before you blow-dry your hair to give it some structure and body. Add a heat styling spray too before you start blow-drying.

Now, it’s best you dry your hair with a diffuser and not a blow dryer because this will help you preserve a lot of your hair’s natural texture and retain its natural character. If you blow-dry your hair it’ll polish it too much, and a casual, thrown-together vibe is essential to this look.

Create a side part, but not one that’s too deep, just a little off the center. Everything about this look is subtle and relaxed.

Take a curling iron with big tongs to create large waves in the hair. Remember, you want waves and not full curls, so you can run your fingers through the hair to loosen the curls up a bit.

Add a little shine serum and set your hair with hairspray to make sure the waves hold through the day. Nothing too strong though, you want to convey laidback sexiness, not rock a hair helmet!


4. Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s shows have taught the fashion world to expect only one thing: unexpectedness! The master of surprise, Paul Smith continues to stun and awe with his London Fashion Week S/S-13 Collection! And if you managed to tear your eyes away from the stunning clothes and the neon orange lip every model rocked, you’d notice the super sexy and super sleek high buns the women sported. An edgy yet wearable style, the high bun is a great way to be fuss-free yet fashionable!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Start with clean hair and give yourself a blow dry. Make sure you apply heat protectant before you start. And if your hair’s looking a little dry, add a shine boosting serum too.

Take a comb and pull your hair back into a high ponytail. A great tip to prevent flyaways and make your hair really sleek is to spray some hairspray onto the comb before you use it!

Take the ponytail and start twisting it around the base to create a bun. Keep pinning the bun in as you go. Since high buns tend to ‘droop’ through a day, you can crisscross your pins into ‘Xs’ for extra hold.

Spray some strong hold hairspray.

5. Christopher Raeburn

The models wore a faux undercut in different lengths, ending in tiny, barely-there ponytails. The faux undercut gave the impression of a ‘buzz cut’ at the sides graduating into more volume and length at the top and down the back. This is definitely the edgiest of my Top 5 picks, and isn’t a style for everyone. But if you want to try something a little bit androgynous, a little bit outré and a lot of oomph, this is a great way to go!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Wash your hair and towel dry it till it’s just a little bit damp. Rub some styling mousse between your palms and run it through the hair. You can also use a texture-enhancing product to exaggerate your natural hair grain. Allow hair to dry naturally.

Separate a section of hair on either side of your head from the temples, about two inches from the top of each ear. These are the sections you’ll style first, so secure the rest of the hair on top of your head and out of the way.

Take each section and comb it using a setting spray and secure it at the back, near the nape of your neck. You want to really slick the hair down, tightly over your scalp, to create the undercut effect. After you’ve tied the two sections together at the base, undo the rest of the hair.

Allow the rest of the hair to fall naturally backward over the slicked sections. Let it dry on its own for a slightly mussed up texture.

If you want more drama, add a little dry shampoo at the roots near the crown and tease to give a bit of body and height at the front, to enhance the edgy effect. Then go over it with a brush to smoothen out the roughness.

Make sure you top it off with some firm-hold hairspray!