Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Top Hair Trends Paris is the city of dreams, of love and all thinks fashion-y. Parisian women are acclaimed to be some of the best dressed in the world. Style, fashion and looking good aren’t just about brands and shows: they’re a part of everyday life in Paris. Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 was just as memorable as it always is, with Louis Vuitton possibly being the star of the week, with Marc Jacobs creating one of the simplest yet most striking shows ever!

Hair trends at the Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 ranged from vintage-inspired bows and beehives to everyday, workable plaits and small and big waves. Here’s my pick of the Top 5 hairstyles from the Paris Fashion Week and how you can get them at home!

1. Balmain

The Balmain models wore their hair tied back in cool, unfussy braids. The front was loosely gathered up towards the back, with a slight middle parting. The hairstyle was very relaxed, very casual and a great way to keep your hair away from your face and neck on hot summer days while still looking fashionable.

Here’s How You Can Get The Look:

Start with freshly washed hair and work a little texture-enhancing product like a styling cream or a mousse into your hair. Run it through the length of your hair, starting from the crown to the tips, and don’t bother being too neat.

Take a comb and brush your hair backwards.  Again, don’t be too neat, but make sure you work out all the knots and tangles before you gather your hair in a ponytail. Don’t tie your hair too tightly, you want a little bit of volume at the front and top, and if a few strands are looser than the others, great!

Tie your hair back using a black, cloth-and-elastic hair tie, if you want to replicate Balmain’s look. You can always experiment at this stage if you want the accessories to match your outfit.

Now, start braiding your hair. The models all wore their hair in regular three-strand plaits. It’s the simplest way to style your hair, but if you want you can do all kinds of braids!

When you have about an inch of hair left to the bottom, stop braiding. Secure your hair with another hair tie (in the show the models all had their hair tied with black colored hair ties) and you’re done.

You can choose to skip the hairspray if you don’t want to use too many products. This is the kind of hairstyle that won’t come undone easily and you can always touch it up on the go!

2. Giambattista Valli

The models at the Giambattista Valli Paris Spring Summer 2013 wore minimal makeup and simple, slicked-back open hair. Models wore their hair open in a ‘halfway slicked back’ style to create a bit of an undercut at the temples while letting the rest of the hair fall down gently at the back. Despite the “slicked back” styling, the hair didn’t have the “wet look” that usually goes hand-in-hand with this style.

Here’s How You Can Get The Look:

It’s a very chic, yet very simple look and how you carry it makes all the difference. With a simple t-shirt and jeans you can rock a tomboyish style but with a sharp, sexy pantsuit you can totally amp up the oomph factor at your workplace. It’s the kind of hairstyle that evolves with every outfit and every occasion!

Begin with absolutely clean hair. You’ll be using a hair product to slick your hair back and since this is a glossy, sharp style, even the slightest bit of scruffiness and dirt can totally ruin the style. Use a conditioner so that your hair is soft and ready to be styled.

Wait till your hair is just slight damp and then take a dollop of styling gel in your hands. Rub it between your palms and run them over your hair. Then, using your fingertips, “comb” through your hair, pushing it back over the crown and down the back. You could use a comb if you want really slicked look, but if you want a slightly mussed-up, not-trying-too-hard style, fingertips are the way to go!

Use a diffuser on a medium or cool setting and go over your hair with it while you run your fingertips through it again and again. This will help set the style and also give it more definition.

If you don’t want any shine, like the models in the show, you can skip this step. But if you want your hairstyle to be even edgier, take a bit of a shine serum and go over your hair using the same fingertips combing technique.

Set your hairstyle with a light hairspray!

3. Guy Laroche

No fashion show can close without at least one designer paying homage to the eternally popular 40s-style big waves. We saw them in New York and Milan and London, and we saw them in Paris too. There’s just something about this style that keeps it from going old. And it looks so unique every time. Guy Laroche’s models wore their hair parted to one side with thick, bouncy waves spilling over one shoulder and the rest of the hair falling down the back.

Here’s How You Can Get The Look:

Wash your hair with a curl enhancing shampoo and when your hair is dry, spritz on some heat protectant serum so that you don’t have to worry about any damage from the curling iron.

Take some styling mousse and work it into your hair. Brush your hair till it’s really shiny and then cut a deep side part using a rattail comb. The side favored by the part will sport all the waves over the shoulder, and the rest will fall down the back, but you still have to curl all your hair.

You can always part your hair later, but since we won’t want to comb through the hair too much once the curling is done, it’s best if you get it over with right at the start.

Take a curling iron with a wide barrel and begin by wrapping 2-inch sections of hair around it. Hold the curl in place for a bit, and then gently ease it off the curling iron. Try to “slip” the curls off the iron and onto your hand and then pin them using styling clips onto your head. Do this with all the hair so that you can loosen the curls into waves later.

Once all your hair is curled, let the curls loose and run your hands through them to open them up a bit, or run a brush through them. Pull a chunk of your hair to the side favored by the parting and bring some of the waves over your shoulder for a glamorous, side-swept style.

If you have too much hair to be able to use a curling iron and get homogenous waves, using bendy rollers and leave them in your hair overnight or use hot rollers for more defined waves.

Make sure you spray some lightweight holding spray to keep your curls in place all day!

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a name synonymous with luxury the world over. This year, at the Paris Fashion Week, LV stunned audiences with a shout out to retro fashion and vintage pride mixed with mod makeup and super hot trend-of-the-moment: smoky eyes.

For girls who love beehive hairstyles, LV’s Paris runway combined Edie Sedgwick’s love for big hair with dainty bows and headbands for a breathtaking hairdo!

Here’s How You Can Get The Look:

Brush your hair till it’s super shiny: this look is all about classy elegance. It’s also a look that will work best with straight hair, so you should either blow dry your hair after a wash or straighten it with a ceramic hair iron. Don’t forget to apply a heat protection spray before you turn on that switch!

Once your hair is straight and brushed, take a section at the front, from ear to ear and tie it out of the way. Tie it in the front, and let it hang over your forehead for the moment.

Take the hair behind this section in small, 2-inch sections, add some dry shampoo at the roots and start backcombing. The more you tease, the more volume you are going to get later. If you want some major drama, you need to comb around 3 inches down your head from where this section begins. If you want a more wearable style, backcomb smaller sections.

You need something to act like a base for the “hive” or “bump”. You can get tons of styling tools in the market for added lift and volume. From plastic, “inverted U” headbands to volumizers made of spongy material and even bump-makers that are specially made for beehives (a lot like bun donuts), there’s no end to the tools out there. Add the bump-maker under the backcombed hair and pin it into place using bobby pins. Make sure it’s nice and secure.

Now start lifting the backcombed sections and covering the styling device with them. Go slowly, gently laying each section of hair into place and then pinning it in place. You want to cover it from every side and make sure nothing peeks out. Pin all the sections at the center at the back. If you crisscross the pins you won’t even have to use too many of them.

Leave around an inch of hair from the front-sides on both sides of the face. Take it from over your ears or a little from the chunk of hair we tied off in the beginning.

Once the rest of the hair is in place, take those two strip-sections from the sides and bring them over, across the sides and over the back. This will cover the sides of the beehive and hide any bumps and random scalp ridges and uneven patches. Pin these in place.

You can leave the rest of your hair down, or wear it up like the models in the LV show. You can pin the hair up in a simple, small French twist or even in a low bun or gather it at the back in tiny pin curls.

Take a soft bristle brush and very lightly go over the raised beehive and the sides to smoothen any roughness. Be very careful at this stage.

Undo the hair you tied up at the front and straighten it again if needed. Then comb it over across the forehead and pin it in behind one ear, creating side fringes.

Spray your hair with a stronghold hairspray.

Now’s the fun part! Take a headband of your choice and slip it on just behind the side fringes you just made. Pick something with bows for an extra-dainty touch!

Your LV-inspired retro hairstyle’s done!

5. Viktor & Rolf

The models at the Viktor & Rolf runway show wore their hair in loose “crimped” waves. The hair was slick at the top and parted in the middle, and the waves began around 2-3 inches down from the parting.

Here’s How You Can Get The Look:

This is an awesome hairstyle if you love waves in your hair and want to dress up your plain old open hair without using any heat.

Begin by washing your hair. Use a shampoo that is suited to the natural texture of your hair. You don’t want an awful lot of bounce or any unusual activity going on with this style! Use a good conditioner to make your hair pliable and shiny.

The whole style depends on leaving braids in damp hair and letting them set into crimped waves on their own. You don’t want to braid your hair when it’s really wet because that’s when it’s at it’s weakest, so you can wait till it’s dried a bit before you start.

Create a severe middle parting and divide your hair into two sides: the left and the right. Take a couple of styling clips and slide them into place around 2 inches down from the part on both sides. You want to do this so that you can leave a section of hair straight on the top, and braid from below that. This way you get the straight crown without it being pulled into the waves.

Since your hair is wet, slide the pins in using paper towels over the hair and under it. Your hair should be between the towel pieces and not directly in contact with the styling clips. This will keep the clips from leaving an indent in your hair. You can always use a straightening iron later too. At the back, when you’re braiding, make sure your start a little way down, and not right at the top.

Now, braid the rest of your in fishtail braids for a tighter crimp. If you don’t know how to do the fishtail braid, even a regular plait will do the trick. Choose thin or thick sections of hair to braid depending on how tight or loose you want the crimped portions to look. You should ideally have anywhere between 8 and 16 braids in your hair. Secure the braids at the bottom with elastic bands.

If you can, leave the braids in overnight. This way they can set naturally, for curls that will last long. If you are in a hurry or don’t feel comfortable sleeping with braids, spray some hairspray onto the hair and then go over your braided hair with a hair dryer till it’s bone dry and then undo the braids.

If you can leave them in, undo the braids the next day and gently run your fingers through your hair. Do it only once, to get all the hair smooth. If you need to straighten the front of your hair, do so.

Rub a little shine serum between your palms and apply it to the hair. Spray some setting spray and voila! Perfectly crimped hair!