Selena Gomez For Unicef Snow Flake Ball

Was  great fun to style Selena Gomez's hair  for the UnicefSnowFlake Ball.  I just love the volume at the crown and the luxe, pinup feel.

It really is one of the best looks for the upcoming festive season, as it combines gorgeous open flowing hair and volume that is easy to archive and will last.

Spray some salt water or surf spray onto the root area of towel-dried hair as it just  adds mega-volume without stickiness.
Blow-dry using a large round brush.  Direct the nozzle upwards for added root-lift.
Once the hair is completely dry, use a medium sized curling iron and wrap workable sized sections of hair around the curling iron allowing the warming heat to build in instant movement.
When curling hair with tongs, hold in place for no longer than a few seconds. Gently unwind the hot curl from the tong and keeping the curl shape, pin it loosely to the head to allow it to cool.
When the hair is completely cool, release the curled sections, remove all the pins and rollers and smooth through with your hands to loosen the ringlets and encourage movement.
Gently hold each section of curled hair and brush through with a soft brush to loosely separate all curls
The result will be soft tumbling curls.
Apply a few small drops of hair oil into the palms of your hand and work though the mid length and ends for a instant boost of shine.
To give even more volume gentle backcomb hair on the crown to provide lift and height. Use a  comb and push the hair down towards the roots. Once this base is created, take the remaining sections of loose hair from the sides of your head (these should be about two fingers wide) pulling them back to meet the other secured hair and gripping them firmly at the back to hold in the bouffant shape. Spray the finished look with hair spray for lasting hold.