Anne Hathaway For Glamour

Had the honour to work again with Anne Hathaway, this time it was for the cover shoot of Glamour where Anne acted as the face of One Billion Rising, the global movement to end violence against women

The shoot took place a day after Superstorm Sandy that tore through the northeastern United States and the entire team did everything to ensure that this got done in time to be able to raise the money for the charity, even though half of Manhattan was without power.

The idea of the shoot involved a lot of movement, so we decided to create a style that was free, a little messy and raw with a bit of an edge. The inspiration for the shape and texture came from the early stages of London's punk area.

To recreate this look I recommend that you apply a golf ball size amount of strong hold mousse on towel dry hair and blast your hair dry using your fingers or a skeleton brush to move your hair around in different directions to give it light volume and a loose texture. Once the hair is completely dry use a straightening iron and define a few strands which will add a deeper texture and more separation. I suggest that you invest in a good straightening iron that allows you to adjust the temperature to the needs of your hair, to avoid your hair getting heat damaged whilst styling, Braun has a great one.

To finish this look spray some hairspray directly onto your fingers, then pull out individual strands to define them. When you are happy with the overall result give it a good mist all over to ensure the style will last.  A good hair spray is the key for this and should stay flexible whilst giving you the hold you need, I really like the one from Wellaflex.