Kirsten Dunst For The Premier Of "On The Road"

Working with the gorgeous Kirsten Dunst for the premier of " On the Road " movie was great fun! We decided to go for a modern, free, slightly rock chic feel hairstyle with a little volume and a loose wavy texture to compliment her killer dress.

To recreate this look start by spraying some salt water or surf spray onto the mid length and ends of your hair and gently dry the hair until it is 90% dry. A diffuser attachment on your hairdryer will work wonders to get the hair dry quickly without blasting it all over the place and avoids creating unwanted flyaways.

Decide on your parting: I would recommend a very low sitting side parting for added sexiness.

Separate smaller sub-sections in slices around the head and twist them individually in different directions before clipping and securing the ends in little buns to your head using either some curby grips or small metal section clips.

Continue drying the hair by holding the diffuser attachment in one area at a time, allowing the hair to dry quickly.

Let the hair cool down and gently scrunch with your finger to check if the hair is completely dry.

Take out the grips / clips and let the twisted tails unroll

Apply only a few drops of a light hair oil into your hands and break up the strands by carefully teasing the hair with your fingers to create a loose, relaxed lived-in feeling.

Et voilà!

Sexy modern waves in a few minutes.