Blonde Hair Trend

Blonde Hair Trend It’s hard to believe that January is half over! Time sure flies by when you’re as busy rushing about as I am, and I for one cannot wait for all the great trends and styles to come this spring and summer!

Over the years, we have seen a trend of sorts when it comes to hair color: people choose to go dark around autumn and winter, and light when spring rolls around. Which means, if you have wanted blonde locks for a while, now is the time to start preparing for it! Light hair looks great for the coming seasons because ‘summery’ tones are typically light and breezy. ! Think spun gold, champagne, silvery gold and even warm caramels!

But remember, you have to be completely sure light locks will suit you before you take that step towards your salon: some skin tones just aren’t meant for blonde hair and if it is a change you’re after, it’s better to go a shade or two lighter than your natural color than to go all the way!

If you’re naturally dark-haired or like your new dark color, by all means, keep rocking those tresses! But if you want to go blonde, there’s no time like summertime for it! Here’s my take on the blonde color trend:

If you’ve got a light to medium complex and you want to go blonde, but with a bit of color and fun, pick a strawberry blonde shade. The tinge of strawberry adds a fabulous depth to your overall color, and is an especially lovely hue for women with green or blue eyes. And if you’re looking to rock up some Southern Belle charm, this is the shade for you!

Caramel blonde is another option if you have a medium to fair skin tone because it’s the perfect mixture of light and dark blondes. The warm, creamy caramel hue is a great way to play to play up your natural skin tone and the golden-brown hue suits a lot of different features and styles. The best part about coloring your hair caramel blonde is that it does not need a lot of care and maintenance, and your normal shampoo and conditioning routine coupled with a few healthy hair habits will be enough!

If you have a fair complexion and the personality for it, platinum blonde hair can look stunning. The ‘iced blonde’ look has been made famous the world over by celebrities like the gorgeous Sienna Miller, and is a sure-fire way to turn heads wherever you go! Going platinum is not for the faint-hearted, because not only does the color look expensive, it is expensive.

A high quality color product and a reputable salon are the only way to go when you are making such a drastic change to your hair, and platinum blonde being one of the most exclusive yet sought-after shades in the world, is an expensive transition to make. Also, there is a fair amount of time and money invested in maintaining the color, because you will need to deep condition the hair twice a month and use quality products to enhance the lustre. But if you can manage these, go right ahead. It’s a truly unique blonde and will immediately transform your look and personality!

Let me know which blonde tone you prefer best! Remember, with the right stylist and the right product, you can breathe new life into your look!