Golden Globes 2013 Hairstyles

Golden Globes 2013 So, the 70th Golden Globe Awards have just gone by and everyone’s abuzz with excitement about the different nominations and wins, the fabulous dresses and the heart-warming acceptance speeches. I thought I’d do a piece for you guys with my top three favorite hairstyles from the show and some tips on how you can reproduce the Red Carpet glamour in your own home!

1. Emily Blunt

The graceful Emily Blunt always looks so calm and poised, and her elegant high bun at the awards function was just that too: refined, understated glamour. As we’ve seen, the topknot and high buns have been all the rage this past season, and continue to be trendy.

After you’ve blow-dried your hair straight rub a little smoothing serum onto your hair for a sleek finish. Tie your hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic. You can then take sections of the pony roll them in on themselves till you reach the roots. Secure the loops onto your head with bobby pins, from inside the bun, for an elegant look that isn’t too fussy either. Finish with some setting spray!

2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looked absolutely stunning in her salmon gown and retro glam hairdo. The deep waves complimented with a low side part have been a timeless favorite on the Red Carpet.

Begin with freshly washed hair and blow-dry it on a warm setting to smoothen your hair out. Using wide-barreled curling tongs, curl 2-inch sections of your hair. After you’re done, part your hair low on one side, gathering it over the other shoulder. Comb through the curls gently to loosen them up get soft, large waves. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

3. Adele

The English songstress looked absolutely breathtaking at the awards show, proudly displaying her new-mommy beauty and also scooping up an award for her song ‘Skyfall’ in the latest James Bond film.

With her trademark thick eyeliner and big beehive style, Adele simply glowed on the stage and the Red Carpet. Her look is definitely high glamor, but that shouldn’t stop you from sporting it at the next do you attend! Here’s how you can get the ultra-chic and eternally stylish beehive style:

Blow dry and then section the hair into a semi circle from ear to ear, over the crown. Fix a hair cushion or doughnut around a ponytail at the central part of this section to give added bulk to the look. Backcomb most of the remaining loose hair leaving a “halo” of hair free around the face to use at the end to perfect the style with. Bring the teased back section up and over the base of the ponytail. Fold the hair ends under and fix neatly with grips. Comb the teased hair from the front, back and over the structure. Fold the hair ends under and fix neatly with grips. Smooth the remaining ‘halo’ of hair over the shape hair, pin and mist with hairspray for a polished look.