Weather Proof Your Hairstyle!

Weather Proof Your Hairstyle! I’ve often been asked for styling advice for bad-weather days: so many women complain about putting in a lot of time into their hairdos only to have it fall apart within moments of stepping out of the house. I thought it’d be fun to do a little piece on how to weather-proof your hair for cold, rainy and windy days while still looking super cute! The best part about these styles is that they are really easy to throw together and will suit everyone!

So, the next time you want a hairstyle that’s going to last through the day, come what may, use my styling tips to beat those bad weather blues!

The Messy Side Braid

I love the messy side braid because it is so easy to do and it’s such a great look because it’s equal parts fashionable and relaxed. It’s definitely notice worthy and looks like you put an effort into your ‘do and yet it’s got a boho, fun vibe that can’t be beat!

Work on freshly washed hair for best results: finger-dry your hair and rub some texturizing product in to bring out the natural grain of your hair. Make a side part and pull your hair to one side. You don’t have to be particularly neat: this style’s all about the tousled look! Braid your hair together loosely: loose strands and natural flyaways are a part of the look. Secure it with a clear elastic a few inches from the bottom. Tug on the braid’s sides a bit for a more voluminous and messy effect.

The braid will hold up through the day and even if a few strands come loose in bad weather, it’ll just add character to your look!

The Beanie/ Crochet Hat

Style your hair any which way you like- pull it into a low bun or a side fishtail braid or let it hang loose in big waves. Rub a little hair serum into your hair to seal in the moisture. This is especially useful for dry and extremely windy days that can leave your hair a bit brittle. Add a cute beanie or a crochet hat and that’s it! You’re all done! The hat will keep your hair safe from the elements of nature, and will also add a heavy dose of style to your look.

In my opinion, loose waves look best with this style because they add a glam quotient to an otherwise cute, young style. And if the weather gets especially crazy, you can simply knot your hair into a bun and tuck it under the beanie and still look adorable!

The Scruffy Top Knot

The topknot is a great variation of the classic high bun, and with this messy, relaxed version, you’re all set for bad weather. Run your fingers through your hair and secure it in a ponytail on the top of your head. You don’t want to brush it because that’ll make it too smooth and this style is anything but! Rub a few drops of mousse into your hair with your palms to give it a slightly scruffy texture. If your hair’s too sleek for this informal style, you can even blow-dry it upside down for added texture. Gather your hair loosely and twist it around the base of the ponytail. Don’t be too neat with it. Secure it with pins. Just make sure you use enough bobby pins to keep it in place!