Anne Hathaway Berlin Les Misérables Premier

Anne Hathaway Berlin Les Misérables Premier  

Hi everyone!

I styled the spectacular Anne Hathaway’s hair for the Berlin premier of her movie Les Misérables on 9th Feb! I absolutely adore working with Anne- she’s got such a lovely, vivacious personality and she’s really rocking that short do!

Working at the Berlin International Film Festival is such a thrill! For those of you who didn’t know, the Berlinale is one of the premier film festivals in the world! We’ve got such a wonderful collection of movies this year and I absolutely loved the energy and spirit! These film festivals are not only an amazing way to celebrate cinema, but they’re also such a fabulous inspiration for trends for the rest of the year!

Seeing as to how popular Anne’s short cool hairstyle has become all over the world (it’s become quite the trend internationally) I decided to also do a small piece on how to style short hair!

Short hair is such a great way to refresh your overall look and make a statement, but I’ve heard from so many people that they have a tough time with styling short hair and they feel like there just aren’t as many fun options for short hair as there for long locks! Not true! It’s just a matter of getting creative and playing around with different looks!

If you’re at a loss for new styling ideas and how to keep things interesting from day-to-day, use these tips for some fab, fast looks!

If you really want to play up your natural hair texture, don’t use a blow dryer after the wash: let your hair dry naturally and scrunch it  gently to increase the movement . Or for a more tousled look, rub a bit of styling spray into your hair and dry it upside down with a diffuser if you want to bring out a slightly grittier texture!

Experiment with different kinds of finishes: go straight one day and wavy the next! You can’t really do deep, glamorous waves with very short hair, but you can certainly experiment with super-straight styles and really tight pin curls. Changing the finish is a great way to celebrate your short hair while keeping your look interesting.

Dare to go spiky! You may be a bit wary at first, especially since most women think spiky hair isn’t really feminine, but you’d be surprised by just how good it looks! Take some inspiration from Halle Berry: that lady has been rocking the Red Carpet with her spiky short do like a true diva! Just make your hair is really well conditioned and then use a straightening iron to smoothen your hair out before you arrange it into a spiky do with some hair putty.

For some ultra edgy glamour, try a quiff or a pouf! After your hair’s dried up naturally, use a bit of styling gel or putty and run it through your hair with your fingers. Then take a section at the front and backcomb it for some added volume. Gently position it into a quiff and spray it into place with an extra strong hold hairspray so that the look lasts all day.

For some Hollywood Noir glamour, try setting your short hair into finger waves. You’d be surprised by just how sexy and feminine this style is! It’s perfect if you’ve got an event or a party coming up and you’re wondering how you can style short hair into something glamorous and striking!

Have fun ladies, and remember, the only thing stopping you is your imagination