Anne Hathaway’s Hair For The BAFTA 2013 Awards

Hi All! Hope you’re all doing great!

Awards season is on in full swing, and I just got done with styling Anne Hathaway’s hair for the BAFTA 2013 awards! What a fantastic experience!

I’m always charmed by working with Anne: she’s so warm and friendly and she’s got the kind of lovely beauty that doesn’t make a fuss about itself!

I am so thrilled for Anne and so happy that she won! She’s really done an outstanding job in Les Misérables and deserves every bit of the praise she’s getting! It’s inspiring to see how far she’s come from her portrayal of the shy, gawky teenager-turned-princess in The Princess Diaries. She was adorable then, and she’s absolutely stunning now!


Keeping up with her super-trendy short do, I decided to style her hair in a simple style, but with a slightly messy and piecy texture, to compliment her sleek, metallic stud embellished t-shirt style black Burberry dress. Anne paired up her dress with two thick burnished gold bangles and a gorgeous clutch. She completed the look with a bright pop of pink on her lips and softly lined eyes.

I wanted to keep in tune with her overall rocker glam look so I decided to go for a slightly messier version of her simple, short style. I also played up the look with a choppy side part and a heavy fringe with lots of body, drawn low over her forehead.

I used a tiny bit of Wellaflex mouse and towel-dried her hair using my fingers and a skeleton brush to play up the natural texture and volume of her hair. After that I added some more choppy sleekness to her hair by using the Braun Satin Hair Senso Care styler, which is the ideal tool for a look like this, adjusting to just the right settings for the particular hair type.

Once I’d arranged her bangs low across her forehead, I misted her hair with some of the latest Wellaflex hairspray for a strong, yet flexible, hold. At this stage you can also separate a few strands with your fingers if you want to further play up the texture.

The look is very youthful and very stylish and adds a slightly mischievous, rocker chic charm to her delicate features.

It’s such a great everyday look but for someone with Anne’s vibrant personality, it also works wonders at a formal event like the BAFTA awards.

Speaking of, the BAFTA awards are one of my absolute favourite award shows. There’s such a lovely warm vibe at the BAFTAs that you can’t help but get drawn into the festiveness of it all! What I really admire about the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (the organisation behind the awards) is that it’s a fabulous charity of really talented people working tirelessly to promote and celebrate the moving image art form.

The BAFTA awards happen to be one of the most prestigious award shows in the international film community, and it’s such a great pleasure to be present in the city in the midst of all the excitement!