Oscars 2013: Top 5 Hairstyles And How To Get Them!

Oscars 2013: Top 5 Looks And How To Get Them! Hello all you beautiful people! How are you all?

The Oscars just got over and it’s been a whirlwind time! The Academy Awards are undoubtedly one of the biggest, brightest and most important events in the film industry. I know I was looking forward to the most glamorous and most-awaited night of the year, as always! For most of us in the fashion and beauty trade, the Red Carpet is almost as important, if not more, than the awards show itself.

It’s always so much fun to see who’s wearing what, the different makeup looks and hairstyles that the stars are sporting and so on. Oscars 2013 was just as fabulous and sexy and stylish as one would expect.

One of the most distinct things that struck me about the styles this time round was the rise of the short hair trend. I’ve been loving the trend, and after working with Anne Hathaway over the past few months, I knew it would become quite the rage but wow, it’s caught on even faster than I expected! There was a whole bevy of shorthaired beauties at the Oscars, each more stunning and stylish than the next.

What’s so great about the short hair trend is that it’s such a fresh and funky take on hairstyling, but it’s so feminine and flirty at the same time! It’s such a versatile look that you can totally keep changing your look to match your mood. Whoever said short hair gets you stuck in a rut obviously didn’t know the kind of magic these ladies would pull on Oscar night!

I had a tough time narrowing down my top 5 favourite looks, but here they are! Enjoy!

Charlize Theron’s Glamorous Cropped Pixie

I have to begin with the super stunning, super gorgeous Charlize Theron because she totally blew me away with her look on that night. You know how every time at the Oscars there are always one or two stars who steal the show and make waves with their stunning gowns and jewels and style? Well, this time it was Ms. Theron. The minute she walked onto the Red Carpet in her gorgeous white peplum Christian Dior Haute Couture gown, I knew we had our evening’s winner.

Charlize is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and best-dressed women in the industry, but what really bowled me over that evening was her hairdo. She made the short, traditionally boyish pixie cut look ultra feminine and glamorous.

If you’ve got a short pixie cut like hers, here’s how you can get the look:

Wash your hair and let it dry naturally after rubbing some hair mousse into your hair. Part your hair on one side and comb it through.

Take a few drops of a texturising product on your hands and run your fingers through the hair to add some quality to it. You don’t want your hair to be super smooth and silky: it’s a slightly piecy pixie so you want to enhance the natural grain of your hair.

Use a styling mousse on the hair at the very front, just at your hairline to raise a small section of the hair and add some volume and movement to it. Do this to create a small, side swept quiff to frame your face.

You can just play around with the quiff using some mousse till you’re happy with how it looks: it’s as simple as running your fingers through the hair with a little hair gel until you’re satisfied with the shape and height of the quiff!

The quiff really helps to add a glamorous rocker-chic vibe to the look and it adds a bit of drama and oomph to a look that’s otherwise too plain and too masculine for most women!

Charlize’s hair is very short at the back, almost a buzz-cut, and that might be too severe a look for many. If you’re uncomfortable going that short, just use a little bit of styling oil on a comb and slick your hair down at the back while you play up the grain at the front.

Add a pair of large solitaire earrings and get ready to turn heads!

Anne Hathaway’s Soft, Side-swept Pixie

Anne Hathaway’s wonderful, voluminous take on her short pixie was just another example of how lovely and feminine short crops can look. Anne’s growing out her hair, so there’s a lot of body and volume to play around with, and her slightly windswept-look made for a very pretty yet laidback style.

Add a gloss-enhancing product to your freshly washed hair, mist on some heat protectant spray and then blow-dry it to add a lot of volume. Part your hair to one side and keep styling in the same direction.

Make sure you concentrate on building volume at the crown and the roots because this ‘do is all about big style in short hair.

If you’ve got very fine hair and you can’t achieve this kind of volume naturally, add a little dry shampoo at the roots to help boost volume. You can also use a thickening mousse if you want to really play up the thickness of the hair shaft, from root to tip.

Use a natural-bristle brush to style your hair while you blow-dry it. Use an in-to-out rolling wrist motion, moving from the crown to the tips to straighten and place the hair while you blow-dry for volume.

After you’ve got the shape and volume you like, take a flat iron and straighten bits and pieces of hair to make sure your style’s free of any flyaways. You should also straighten the bangs/ section at the front so that you can frame your face with a pretty, side-swept fringe.

Despite all the blow-drying and the straightening, this style has a very fun, relaxed texture. You can run your fingers through your hair lightly, once, to break up the stiffness of the ‘do if you want it to look more natural.

Add some stronghold hairspray, and you’re done!

Halle Berry’s Spiky Pixie

Halle Berry has always been a trendsetter and a true style icon: nobody could have pulled off this edgy almost-Mohawk better than her! And with that stunning black-and-sequinned structured gown, she sure to looked every inch of the Hollywood rock star that she is!

A lot of the drama and dimension of her short, spiky look comes from the different colour tones at play: blonde tips in dark hair add a really interesting tonality to the look. But don’t worry! Even if you’re not ok with colouring your hair, you can still don this unusual, fuss-free pixie anytime you like!

This is a look you can pull off on second-day hair too. It doesn’t have to be sleek or smooth, in fact, the grainier the better!

If you’re working with freshly washed hair, run a few drops of volumizing product through your locks first.

Now remember, the spiky texture has to be created only with the hair at the crown: the hair at the sides and the back needs to be combed down. So take a drop or two of Argan oil on your comb and comb the hair at the sides and the back in smooth, downward strokes.

Take a few drops of styling gel on your fingers and start finger-combing the top your hair. First just run your fingers through your hair and tousle your hair to create the messy, grainy texture that is the basis of this look.

Then take some stronghold gel or styling mouse and start “lifting” your hair up in spikes. It’s as simple as catching your hair between your fingers and pulling it upwards to create an unstructured, spiky Mohawk of sorts.

Remember how we’d all make shampoo-spikes in the shower as little kids? You’re basically doing that now, but with a lot of cool styling products instead!

You can keep twisting the spiky sections around until you’re happy with how they look. Once you’re satisfied, spritz on some stronghold hairspray and go out and take over the world!

Jessica Chastain’s  Hollywood Waves

Jessica Chastain is one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood today! There’s a vulnerability about her that just takes my breath away! And she’s so versatile! When she floated onto the Red Carpet in her stunning, salmon-pink gown, I could hardly believe it was the same woman who played the tough-as-nails CIA operative in Zero Dark Thirty!

Jessica Chastain’s hair is an amazing, shimmery copper-red tone that looks fabulous against her porcelain skin. Even if you can’t pull off that fiery colour, there’s no reason you can’t strike a pose in those lovely, loose waves!

This style blends smooth, sleek hair texture with loose, big curls, so interestingly enough, you’ve got to begin by first straightening your hair. If you’ve got naturally straight, smooth hair you can give this step a miss.

You can smoothen your hair out by using a straightening iron or by blow-drying it. You don’t have to be very precise; the point is just to even the texture out.

There are two ways to add curls to your hair: you could use a curling iron or you could use heated rollers. I suggest the latter because for true, deep loose curls you’ll need large-barrelled curling tons or you’re going to end up with small, tight curls.

Add rollers to large sections of hair, but only roll your hair up to the nape of your neck. This style involves a gradual transition from smooth, straight hair on the top to luxurious, loose waves as you go down the length.

Take the rollers out once you’re done and then gently brush through your hair to loosen up the curls a bit. Be careful not to overdo this step or you’ll undo all your hard work.

Make a side part in your hair and pull most of the hair over to one side, without bringing it over one shoulder. Let the hair drape over the ear on the side favoured by the part, but tuck it behind the other ear to sharpen the contrast.

You can use curling tongs to add a more defined curl some of the strands at the front for framing your face.

Add some hairspray, and that’s it! This side-swept wavy do is very reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, so it’s a fabulous option for a night out or a fancy occasion.

Kristen Stewart’s Messy, Side-swept Blowout

The Twilight Series star has earned a reputation for having a very distinct, 70s-esque, rock-chic style. Even when she’s decked out in gorgeous shimmering gowns, Kristen Stewart’s unmistakable grunge glam style can’t be ignored.

Her messy, side-swept blowout isn’t the stuff most Red Carpet tales are made of, but she did pave the way for fashionistas who’re not all about updos! If elaborate, carefully coiffed styles aren’t your thing, here’s how you can rock some bed-head glamour!

Begin by washing your hair and make sure you use a high-quality conditioner. This isn’t a very glossy or sleek style, but it will look better if your hair looks healthy and shiny.

If you’ve got limp hair, add some volume at the roots in the front by backcombing the hair at the crown for some added lift. You don’t have to tease the entire length of each section; just the bottom inch is enough to create volume.

Once your hair’s almost dry, divide it into layers using styling clips. You want to work your way up from the bottom to the top so that the final layer can be arranged on top of the rest.

Use a round brush to style your hair while you blow-dry it. Wrap sections of your hair around the brush and use an outward-flick motion to flip the ends out. The trick to getting the flipped look right is in maintaining a continuous rotating motion with the wrist. It gets tiring, but it’s so worth the final look!

You can play up the drama by curling some ends inwards while flipping others out for an interesting contrast.

Keep repeating this process with all the layers until you’re done and then flip, not part, your hair over to one side. Creating a proper parting will immediately take away from the messy, natural appeal of this style.

Pull some of the hair over one shoulder and let the rest hang loose at the back. If you want some extra graininess, use a rattail comb to slightly scruff up the surface of the topmost layers.

This look’s all about getting your blow-dry right, so buckle up ladies, grab that little power tool and start styling.