London Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends

London Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends The London Autumn/ Winter 2013 Fashion Week saw a lot of really great hair trends and styles. We had big, voluminous hair that harked back to the old glamour days of Hollywood; we had soft, natural, everyday looks that are just the right balance of practicality and style; and we had some fabulously elaborate, sleek styles that are just what you need for a special occasion.

I’ve put together a list of my 3 favourite hairdos from the London Fashion Week and tips on how you can achieve these looks!

1. L'Wren Scott

The hairdos at the L’Wren Scott London show were absolutely stunning! There was a lovely, retro feel to the big, wavy and unabashedly bushy hairstyles. If you’re looking to dramatically change your look one of these days, or you want to do something striking for a special day out, give this style a whirl!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Begin by washing your hair and then adding a texture-enhancing product to it once you’re done. Let your hair dry naturally, but don’t let it get absolutely dry: we need it to be somewhat damp for the style to set.

When it’s just lightly damp, comb your hair and part right down the middle.  Separate your hair into two sections, one on each side.

To get this look, you need to add a very natural-looking crimp to your hair. Using a crimping iron can also get you good results, but to be really able to reproduce the exact look, you should do it the natural way: braiding!

Braid your hair in tiny braids and pin them onto the head. You should start braiding about an inch or two away from the middle parting so that the contrast between the smooth tops and the rest of the hair is heightened.

To get distinct, tight waves you can use the snake-braiding method. If you don’t know how to do that, just braid your hair the regular way in small braids and pin them all over your head so that they don’t come loose.

Add a hairnet to your hair to hold the braids in place and keep the style overnight if you can. If you can’t just spray on a very tiny amount of hairspray to hold the waves and wait until your hair is absolutely dry before proceeding.

For added hold, you can also always lightly run a blow dryer over the braids. This will help in fastening the waves.

Undo the braids carefully, while maintaining the middle part. You’ll have a lot of tight, tiny ringlets spiraling down right about now. Loosen them up a bit by running your fingers through your hair.

Now, take a rattail comb and pick up small sections of hair and start backcombing inwards, towards the scalp. Tease your hair in small strokes so that you don’t end up completely breaking the waves.

Work your way from the bottom to the top, moving from the tips to the tops of the curls, as you keep teasing. Keep arranging your hair while you tease so that you can get a shape that suits your face structure.

If you tease your hair properly, you’ll get a LOT of volume without loosing the waves. They’ll definitely get opened up but the overall effect will be distinctly wavy, crimped hair.

You can add pins at the tops, right where the smooth hair gives way to the crimped hair. This will help enhance the contrast and add a certain “widening effect” to the look.

Add a hairspray and you’re done!

2. Burberry Prorsum

The Burberry woman is always chic, always stylish and always effortlessly glamorous. This year’s Burberry Prorsum show was no different, and we once again saw how the brand takes simple, classic looks and adds an undeniably sophisticated touch to them.

The basic, shoulder-length bob is not a new look, if you really think about it, but with the right styling and products, even this simple style can look amazing! What’s more is it’s so easy to recreate and would look stunning regardless of the occasion.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Dry your freshly washed hair with a diffuser. If you have very wavy or curly hair, use a natural bristle, round brush and a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry your hair. This look works best on medium length, straight hair.

It’s not a very fussy style, so don’t tire yourself out trying to blow-dry your hair poker straight. In fact, you should blow-dry it to give it some volume and natural lift.

Rotate your hairbrush and move from your roots to the tips to add some body to the hair while you dry and smoothen it out.  Don’t straighten the ends; let them fall naturally.

The Braun Satin Hair Senso Care styler would work really well on a style like this.

Take some styling mousse, rub it between your palms and then dab it onto the hair lightly. Rub some of the strands between your palms to add a little texture to the hair. This will keep it from looking to sleek or falling flat.

Part your hair slightly to one side: this is not a deep side part, more like an inch off your natural middle part to one side. We want a section of hair to fall over one eyebrow and frame the face.

Don’t make a very neat part; just flip your hair over to one side. You can even do it with your hands for a very natural look.

Use a thin comb and gently brush through and arrange your hair. Let it fall naturally over your shoulders. If you’ve got layers, this look will really help play them up.

Take a skeleton brush and add a bit of texture and messy grain to different sections.

Add some hairspray if you’re stepping out!

4. Moschino Cheap & Chic

The models at the Moschino Cheap & Chic sported darling messy buns. I absolutely love messy buns: they’re so easy to create, they’re very natural and don’t look too stiff, and with the right amount of texture and volume they can look really glam!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This is a look you can do on freshly washed as well as second day hair.

Begin by combing your hair (and letting it dry if it’s just washed) to get any knots and tangles out.

Take a dime-sized amount of styling mousse in your palms and run your hands through your hair. The mousse will add a lot of body to the hair. Keep running your fingers through your hair and scrunching up random sections to add volume and character.

Take a drop or two of styling gel and “lift” the hair at the crown and rub it between your hands for added height. You can even backcomb it a tiny bit, to add a slight pouf at the front and centre.

If your hair is very smooth naturally, the previous steps will have helped in artfully messing it up a little bit!

Take a hair elastic and tie a ponytail. Don’t gather your hair very neatly at this step. In fact; the messier, the better. Don’t use a comb for this step, just run your fingers through your hair and gather it at the back.

Tug on some random sections on the top to loosen out a few strands and enhance the look.

Take a rattail comb and backcomb a few sections of the ponytail to give them a grainy look. You could also use a skeleton comb to do so.

Take your hair and make a loose, messy bun with it. Make the ponytail into a bun by drawing it through another elastic, but don’t pull it all the way through: let some of it hang out of the bun. You can even tug a few strands out to create naturally falling bits and to loosen the bun.

If you want a wider, messier bun, you can skip the previous step and pick up small sections of the ponytail and pin them using bobby pins around the base of the ponytail. This will let you create loops of different sizes and the final bun will be big, messy and super stylish!

You can skip the hairspray, unless you’re stepping out and want the style to last.


Play around with these three looks: you’ve got big crimped hair, a stylish layered bob and a fabulous messy bun to experiment with! Have fun, and keep it stylish!