Milan Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends

Milan Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends The Milan Autumn/ Winter 2013 Fashion Week turned up a bunch of lovely hairstyles and trends. I was really impressed with the diversity on the runway: the hairstyles at the Milan Autumn/ Winter 2013 Fashion Week had a little bit of everything: flirty curls, slicked back hairdos, elegant updos, soft natural bobs and more! No matter what your personal style statement is, you’ll find something to recreate from the Milan Fashion Week files!

I picked my top 3 favourite hair trends to include the best of the variety that we saw on the runways. These are three distinct styles that are great for different occasions.

So whether you’re stepping out for a lunch date with your girlfriends or attending a gala this evening, there’s something for everything!

1. Bottega Veneta

Volume is going to be a major trend this year, and the Bottega Veneta show had a fabulous spin on how to rock voluminous curls. For all of you who’re looking for a flirty, retro hairstyle to add some glamour to your look, this one’s a winner!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Firstly, get your hands on some good quality foam rollers for this look. You know the kinds that have plastic clip holders that you can snap shut? Foam rollers are a great, no-heat way of curling your hair and they’re so comfy you can go to sleep in them too!

Wash your hair and when it’s around 70% dry, create a medium side parting and brush your hair through. Take the foam rollers and roll all your hair in two-inch sections.

Make sure you place the rollers over each section and start rolling upwards. If you place the roller under the hair and then tuck it in, the plastic clip will leave very strong linear creases in your hair and those won’t look nice!

Don’t roll your hair all the way to the top: the retro look is known for a smooth, soft crown giving way to a riot of curls! Roll your hair till the tops of your ears and then clip the rollers in.

Let them stay overnight.

Next day, undo the rollers and you’ll have a beautiful bunch of tight, springy curls. Gently run your fingers through your curls to loosen them out a bit and to add some volume.

Now, if you’re happy with just this much, you can stop here, but for a really retro-inspired hairstyle, we’ve got to add lots of drama and volume.

Take small sections of the curled hair and tease it using your fingers. If you don’t know how it’s done, don’t fret: from the section you’ve taken, just pull a tiny bit of hair really straight and then pinch the rest of the hair using your other hand and push it back upwards along the straight shaft.

This creates a lovely, teased effect and adds masses of volume to your curls. Repeat this step with all the curls around your head.

If you’re having a tough time teasing your hair this way, just use a rattail comb and backcomb each section gently, but be careful and make sure you don’t undo the curls.

Take a bobby pin (or even a bejewelled clip if you like) and add it to one side, just above the curls. This will help highlight the dichotomy of the style and separate the straight tops from the curled ends.

2. Dolce & Gabbana

The models at the D&G show had beautiful, classic updos. The style combined a very soft bouffant with a gorgeous twisted chignon. The feminine bouffant detail is undoubtedly one of the most timeless hair styles ever. It’s such a dainty and glamorous way of dressing up your hair for a special day!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Begin by blow-drying your hair straight. Remember to use a heat protectant product. Also use a little bit of volumising hair foam to add some soft bounciness to your hair.

Create a small, one inch part that’s just a little bit off centre. Take the sections of hair that fall on either side of this part (the one inch on both sides will immediately separate from the rest) and tuck them behind your ears or pin them out of the way for now.

Now, take a rattail comb and trace an arc from ear to ear. This will separate your hair into two sections. Secure the lower section in a ponytail for now.

Start with the upper half of the hair. Remember not to disturb the part, so start lifting hair from behind the part and spraying it with a little bit of hairspray or dry shampoo to create stronger texture.

Hold each section up for a moment to let the product dry and then back comb it gently. This is to create the beehive look. Don’t backcomb too heavily, we want a very soft bouffant.

The top section should be backcombed from the front to the back. Once it’s all backcombed, gently pile the teased layers on top of each other and fan the bouffant out in a horseshoe shape. It should extend in a lovely, soft U-shape over your head. Pin the sides of the bouffant onto your hair using bobby pins.

Once you’re happy with the height and the shape of the bouffant, coil the bottom of the section (the ends that stick out of the beehvive) into a small chignon just above the ponytail. Use bobby pins to hold it in place. Cross them over each other to really keep the style together.

Use a soft bristle brush to very gently smoothen out the tops of the bouffant. Don’t brush through; just even out the surface of the ratted hair.

Take the two front sections from either side and smooth them over from the front to the back. They should form two strips framing the bouffant. Pin these into place.

Now undo the ponytail gently, careful not to upset the rest of the hair.

You can arrange the hair in a small chignon covering the other sections. If you’d like more drama, you can first braid the hair and then wrap it over the other sections and pin it into place.

Use a gloss-boosting spray to add some shine to the look. Finish off with a hairspray.

3. Prada

The models at the Prada show wore their hair in the runway-favourite edgy style: wet-look slicked back strands. Now, this isn’t an everyday look and it might be too severe for a lot of people, but if you’re open to trying something new, this is one sharp look!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

When you wash your hair use a good conditioner to boost your hair’s softness and shine.

Let the hair get almost-dry, naturally. When it’s about 80% dry, take a styling product like a hair gel or a mousse and rub it between your hands.

Run your fingers through your hair and use your fingertips to push your hair back from the front to the nape of your neck. Use a styling product with gloss-enhancing properties so that you can add some shine to the look.

Make sure you don’t push your hair back neatly: this wet-look emphasises the “just out of the shower” effect by roughly combining some strands and loosely breaking up others.

If you want to add a little height at the sides, just lift your hair and spray a little hairspray at the roots and hold the section up for a few seconds before letting it fall down. Pat it down a little and push it back with the rest.

Don’t forget the hair that falls down your back (if your hair’s longer than shoulder-length). Use some gel/ mousse and run your fingers through this section as well. If you want to roughen it you can rub it between your hands to make it slightly scruffy.

Avoid using a comb because that’ll make it a neat, slicked back surface and we want a messy, natural one instead.

Use a shine-boosting product like Argan oil to create the wet-look effect. Rub a few drops of the oil between your fingers and gently touch your hair all over to transfer the product onto it.

Add a hairspray, and you’re good to go!

I hope you guys like these three styles! I can’t wait to review the hair trends from the Paris runway!