Kate Beckinsale For Met Ball 2013

Hi guys! I also had the pleasure of styling Kate Beckinsale’s hair for the Met Ball 2013.

Ms. Beckinsale is a truly stunning woman and it was such fun working with her! Kate wore a gorgeous red-fuchsia Alberta Ferretti dress with a lot of structured paneling and geometric shape to it and we went with a quirky, punk-inspired quiff to complement the dress!

It’s a very 50s-meets-punk look and there’s a lot of edginess to the look, but also a lot of Red Carpet-diva in there too,  a perfect look for someone as versatile and fun as Kate Beckinsale!


kate-beckinsale-met-ball-2013 hair by sascha breuer

If you’d like to try Kate’s look on yourself, here’s how you can do it:

Start by spreading a golf ball size amount of Wella Professionals Styling Extra Volume mousse through your hair. The mousse will help add some body and hold to your hair, and is a great way to set the style in. It’ll also make your hair more pliable, so it’s going to be easy to work with.

Take a blow dryer (really like the one from the  Braun Satin 7 Series ) and start drying your hair: use a skeleton brush or work with your fingers to create the wanted Volume.Once the hair is fully dry, separate a horseshoe shaped section ( the part between both temples & your crown area ) and clip it away.

Pull the remaining hair into a high sitting ponytail and coil & warp the tail into a messy bun. Secure it with a few bobby pins.

Take the hair from the top section and backcomb the roots to maximize the volume and create a slightly disheveled texture.Mist the hair with Wella Professionals Styling Stay Firm Finishing Spray and define a single strands and secure with a few more pins.

Spray overall with hairspray for long-lasting hold, and you’re good to go!