Jessica Biel at Dior Cruise Collection 2014 in Monaco

Had the joy of to work with the stunning Jessica Biel and style her hair for the Dior Cruise Collection 2014 in Monaco. We decided to transform Jessica into a modern version of a silver screen siren with her  hair in a classic Hollywood side swept up do.

If you’re interested in recreating this look at home, follow these steps:

Wash your hair and towel dry it. When it’s around 90% dry, start spreading some mousse through your hair, moving from the roots to the tips.

Take a large-barrelled round brush and blow dry your hair to give it a smooth, sleek finish. Make sure you’ve worked out any tangles there might be.

After your hair is fully dry, separate it into smaller sections (each section should be around 1 inch by 1 inch for convenience). Use a curling iron and curl each individual section, moving from the back to the front. I’d suggest using a 1 or 1.5 inch curling iron that allows you to set the temperature for the needs of your hair for the task. The Braun Satin Series works wonderfully!

Curl all your hair, moving horizontally around the head. Take a drop or two of shine boosting serum such as Wella Mirror Polish Shine Serum or a product like Argan oil to add some gloss to your hair. Run your fingers very gently through your hair to loosen the curls a bit and give them some natural texture.

Take a hair elastic (make sure you use one that won’t break) and fix it at the bottom end of your hair, gathering it into a tail-like structure. This will let you style your hair upwards by making it a little bit easier to manage in the next step.

Then take your hair and start rolling it inwards and upwards, moving to back of your neck. You should be rolling your hair such that when you reach the nape of your neck, all your hair is tucked into one swooped-up roll.

Take some bobby pins and secure this roll at the bottom of the hairline.

Tug on the hair towards the face, and backcomb it a little bit to give it some height and volume. Fan the hair out a bit, horizontally, to give the illusion of a rounded bob.

Leave a few strands loose to frame the face. Muss up the surface a bit by running your fingers through it or tugging a few strands out for a more relaxed, natural look. This really helps create the perfect faux-bob.

Spritz on some long-lasting hairspray and that’s it! You’re done!

Have fun rocking this flirty, feminine bob!