Jessica Biel For Inside Llewyn Davis Premier in Cannes 2013

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following the Red Carpet happenings at Cannes 2013,  you couldn’t have missed Jessica Biel at the premiere for Inside Llewyn Davis. Jessica Biel attended the premiere to support her husband, who looked suave as always in a Balenciaga tux.

I had the pleasure of styling Jessica’s hair for the premiere and am absolutely delighted to see how perfectly she rocked the look. It’s a very fresh, soft, fairy-like look and was a great match for the dress & her personality. Jessica wore a gorgeous Marchesa dress, which she accessorised with nude Monolo Blahnik shoes and a matching bag. Her stunning Bulgari snake neckpiece has set the online world on fire!

The dress was truly breathtaking with its stunning appliqué detailing and feather underskirt added just the right amount of girlish glamour to Jessica’s look. It really is no wonder that she’s been voted one of the best dressed on the Cannes 2013 Red Carpet!

If you’re dying to try her soft updo yourself, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Wash your hair and towel dry it. Wait until it’s almost 90% dry before moving on to the next step. Apply a golf ball amount of volumizing mouse such as Wellaflex 2 Day Volume and spread it evenly through your hair by using a wide toothed comb. Start drying your hair backwards using a Hair dryer and your fingers or a skeleton brush, if you want the look to be more piecy (really like the one from Braun as it is super lighweight and protects your hair from heatdamage). For a sleeker look, use a round brush. Lift your hair upwards and back for some soft, swept-away volume.

Separate a section at the crown and secure it with a styling clip to keep it out of the way. Gather the hair at the sides and pull it into a loose high sitting ponytail, this will create the base of your style.

Now, take small individual strands from the ponytail and start twisting & rolling them into little coils. Secure each section sitting flat to your head by using curby grips. Repeat this step with all the hair in the ponytail until you have a nice round shape at the back.

Now open the top section and while keeping the loose volume start gently brushing the hair backwards and also secure the ends it into coils.

Add some hairspray, and voila! You’re all set!