The Great Gatsby Trend

Hey everybody, If you guys have been following trend reports, you probably already know that The Great Gatsby is sweeping the world by a storm. Whether it’s hair or makeup or accessories, the Flapper look is the trend of the season, and we’re already seeing so many Gatsby-inspired celebrity looks.

Every decade had its own trademark style and contributed something unique to the world of fashion, culture and lifestyles but when you look back, there was no time quite like the Roaring Twenties. With its extravagance, opulence and unapologetic larger-than-life grandeur, the Flapper era was truly a milestone in fashion the world over.

The Great Gatsby has been dazzling audiences with its trailers, and I doubt there’s a soul who hasn’t lost their hearts to Carey Mulligan in her stunning drop-waist tea dresses, 20s-inspired hairdos and breathtaking hair accessories. What’s so enchanting about all the styling is that they’re not a literal reproduction of the Twenties’ trends as much as an inspired recreation with some modernistic elements.

The bob and the finger wave styles are probably the most iconic looks from the 1920s, and anyone who’s seen Mia Farrow’s rendition of Daisy Buchanan in the original film adaptation will probably remember just how glamorous and heartbreaking she looked on screen.

If you’re just longing to rock some major Twenties-style glitz and glamour yourself, here are a few tips to help you get roaring!

Wash your hair and wait till it’s just damp enough to style. Spread some hair styling mousse through your hair. It helps if you use a mousse with a stronghold quality.

Divide your hair to one side with a deep part. Blow-dry your hair. Using the blow dryer or a wave-maker, create a deep wave in one side. Clip this section into place to keep it from moving.

Using curling tongs to add smaller waves and pin curls to the rest of your hair. Do so horizontally, moving from the top to the bottom. Don’t create ringlets: take a section of hair, curl it in one direction, and let it loose and then repeat with the section below it. We’re looking to recreate finger waves and not corkscrew curls with this look.

If the curls are too tight, run your fingers through them or use the blow dryer to loosen them up a bit.

If you’ve got long hair, arrange it into a faux-bob for a truly Twenties-inspired look.

Arrange the curls around your hair, as you like: you can pin them along your hairline or collect them and pin them into little coils to a side.

Add a blingy hair accessory and voila, you’ve successfully transported yourself back in time!