Hair Looks For 2013: Trends You’ve Got To Try!

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Summer 2013 is well under way and we’ve got a host of styles and trends to look forward to. I thought I’d do a little piece for you guys on some of the hottest upcoming trends for 2013. These looks are super stylish yet super simple, which means you’ll be able to do them easily on your own at home.

These trends are fantastic for all of you who want to try new styles this year and keep your look interesting.

Swept Away

Hair that’s been swept away from the forehead, towards the back is going to be really popular this year. This is a great way to experiment with an edgy look without going completely overboard. Remember to add the right amount of volume to give your hair the lift it needs to create the look. Work on clean hair and use the right products: greasy roots will weigh the hair down and you won’t be able to get the right height.

Peek-a-boo Braids

Peek-a-boo braids are one of my absolute favourites! They’re such a fun way to add some pizzazz to an ordinary style. There’s something delightfully mischievous about a couple of hidden braids peeking out from underneath regular hairdos.

Whether you add a few thin braids into straight, loose hair or introduce some braided accents around a bun, peek-a-boo braids make for a lovely addition to everyday hairstyles.

Loopy For Loops

Looped styles are really popular this year, with looped-through ponytails and buns making a big splash on the international runways. Looped hairdos have a subtle vintage vibe about them, and can be dressed up for a glamorous occasion or be worn simply, for a more regular look. Loops add an interesting dimension to the hair, and can be used to dress up an otherwise plain look.

Big Blowouts

Blow-drying your hair is one of the easiest ways of going from dull to darling in a matter of a few minutes. Instead of just blow-drying your hair to make it straight, also add volume and some lift to the roots so that you can get big, sexy hair. Whether you want to flip the ends out like Farah Fawcett or pile on layer upon layer like Brigitte Bardot, there’s no end to the different ways you can blow-dry your hair into looking stunning.

Too Sexy To Style

Messy, sexy hair is always a great trend to rock: the just-out-of-bed look has been around for years, and 2013 sees it get even sexier and bolder. Brush your hair through to make sure it is free of knots, then add some volumizing product or dry shampoo to your roots and brush it through the length of your hair. Take thick sections and twist them into braids. It’s okay if these are messy, we’re just adding some body to the look. Gather the braids into a bun and add some hairspray and let it all sit for five to ten minutes. Then undo the bun and the braids, run your fingers through your hair and you’ll have that perfect tousled, styled-but-not look!

Curved Bangs

Curved bangs are bangs that follow the natural shape of your face and frame the face in a soft arc, longer at the sides and shorter at the front. Curved bangs are a great way to accentuate your features and draw attention to your eyes. If you want to add some more oomph to the look, blow-dry your bangs after you shower and use Velcro rollers to add a slight curl to the bangs, so that there’s some volume to them and they don’t fall limp against your forehead.

Mermaid Magic: Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids, though really easy to do, are one of the most interesting kinds of braids out there. They’re very eye-catching and they look very intricate, so they immediately give the impression of a lot of effort.

Braided Hairlines

Braids right at the hairline are a really cute trend we’re seeing a lot of this summer. If you’re leaving your hair loose or pulling it into a ponytail, adding a French braid or a waterfall braid around the hairline is a great idea. It instantly brightens up the look and is a favourite for sunny days at the beach.

Futuristic Ponytails

For a really mod look, try super high ponytails in hair that’s been slicked down and back and is straight as a pin. We’re not talking cute, bouncy ponytails here, we’re talking smooth, tight, at-the-crown ponytails with gleaming, glass-like sheen. It’s a slightly severe trend, but done right it could work wonders for your look!

Cone Buns

Topknots have ruled hair trends for months now, and here’s a fun variation: the cone bun. The cone bun is the slightly angular, more futuristic cousin of the messy topknot. It’s a great look to wear with your hair slicked back on the crown and gathered into a tight, conical bun.

Vintage Waves

Vintage waves, set deep and pulled over to a side are a timeless style. They’re back in a big way for 2013, with actresses like Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone rocking some high glamour with deep-set vintage waves on-screen and off this year. Vintage waves continue to be one of this year’s most popular formal hair trends, and this is one style that’s sure to suit everyone.