Bad Haircut Blues: Dealing With A Hairstyle You Hate!

Bad Haircut Blues: Dealing With A Hairstyle You Hate! We’ve all had those awful haircuts at least once in our lives: you go to the stylist anticipating your new look and how you’re going to woo everyone with the new you, and you sneak out of the salon in desperate search for a huge hat and a pair of sunglasses to hide under!

If your stylist’s botched your hair up, there’s very little you can do in terms of a permanent fix: you’re just going to have to wait it out till your hair grows to a reasonable length and you can get it cut again, this time by someone with better skills! However, there are some short-term fixes that can help minimise your agony till you hair grows out!

#1 Speak To The Stylist

If you’re not happy with your hair, talk to the stylist about it. You don’t have to make a fuss but as a paying customer, you’ve got every right to complain. A professional will always appreciate feedback, regardless of whether it’s pleasant or not.

Also, if you’re upfront about your dismay, the stylist may offer to do something about it free of cost. You can have the stylist fix your hair if it’s something you don’t like, you think it doesn’t fit your personality or the problem is relatively minor, and thus, repairable.

If the haircut can’t be fixed, the salon may offer you a discount on another service at the salon. This won’t help you grow your hair back quickly but it’ll certainly take the edge off the issue.

#2 Camouflaging Unwanted Bangs

If you didn’t ask for bangs and the stylist gave you some anyway, or the final result isn’t quite what you’d imagined, don’t fret! Bangs can be camouflaged rather easily, thank heavens!

Firstly, you could brush them back and depending on the length, backcomb them a bit for added volume and then pin them into a little pouf for a rock-chic look. It makes a great accent for everyday hairstyles like ponytails.

You can also comb them back and pin them down simply using bobby pins. This is the neatest and most unobtrusive way of pulling unwanted bangs away from the face.

If you don’t want pins at the top of your head, use other accessories. Headbands are a fabulous way of hiding bangs while also adding a funky pop of color to your look!

#3 Straighten For Length

If you’re saddled with hair that’s too short for your liking, here’s a quick fix that works really well: straightening it out with a flat iron. Using a flat iron to straighten your hair out can add an inch or two to the length, depending on the natural texture of your hair.

Make sure you use a proper heat protectant spray and avoid straightening your hair every day. Try to keep it to a couple of times a week, at most. Use a moisture-locking serum to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

#4 Fake It

If you hair’s been cut too short (usually the most common complaint), consider using hair extensions to fake a longer length till it grows out. Use clip-in or braided extensions to add more volume to your hair, but make sure you avoid the glue-on extensions because these can do some serious damage to your hair.

#5 Blow-dry / Curl For Volume

If the stylist’s added too many layers to your hair or has otherwise left it too wispy or limp, it will be quite some time before your original volume returns. Even if your length is intact, flat hair can look weak and boring.

Curl the ends of your hair in towards your face to create the illusion of more volume. If you like curly hair, you can use tongs to add curls or loose waves to the entire body for tons of volume and bounce.

If you want to keep your hair straight but voluminous, blow-dry it using a large-barrelled round brush. Blow-dry your hair in two-inch sections by rolling it in towards your face on the brush and using a concentrated nozzle attachment for the hair-dryer.


All said and done, these tips will just help you tide over the first few months, until your hair grows out a bit. Remember, always go to a stylist you trust and never try anything too different at a salon you haven’t been to before!