Toronto International Film Festival 2013

The 38th annual Toronto International Film Festival, organised between September 5th and September 15th 2013, is proving to be quite an exciting event. We’ve seen some stunning style statements and breathtakingly beautiful hairdos over the weekend. I’ve put together a list of my top ten favourite looks from the various events at the TIFF 2013. Hope these inspire you try something new this fall! 1. Kate Winslet At The ‘Labor Day’ Premiere

Mother-to-be Kate Winslet was positively glowing at the Labor Day premiere. While her stunning navy Jenny Packham gown made the most of her curves, her hairdo struck the perfect balance between relaxed style and Red Carpet glamour, an intricately twisted low bun at the back was set off by loose wisps and tendrils framing the elegant actress’ face at the front. This is a great day-to-night hairdo, and appropriate for all occasions.

2. Jennifer Morrison The ‘Gravity’ Premiere

Jennifer Morrison’s braided style was one of the prettiest hairdos at the TIFF 2013 Red carpet. The braided accent running parallel to the hairline add an extra edge to her messy, side fishtail braid. What I particularly love so much about this look is how the ‘messy style’ trend has been incorporated perfectly: the braids have been tugged loose at points and we can clearly see the flyaways and asymmetrical braiding but it’s not overdone either. It’s fun, it’s messy and it’s relaxed but it’s not frumpy or OTT! I think this would be a really appropriate style to try for a first date or a semi-formal event.

3. Olivia Wilde At The ‘Third Person’ Premiere

Olivia Wilde’s sleek, straight, shoulder-length hairstyle is really quite simple and fuss-free: fantastic for when you’re running late or your hair just won’t stay up in an updo. Olivia shows us how even the simplest of styles can look stunning when done right. Her poker-straight ends are nicely complimented by a side part and a deep wave over one ear: adding a little bit of dimension to an otherwise simple look.

4. Julia Roberts At The ‘August: Osage County’ Premiere

Look who’s back on the Red Carpet! Julia Roberts is without a doubt one of the most lovable people in the industry: just look at the infectious laugh and you can imagine how difficult it is to not fall in love with her immediately! The highlight of Julia Roberts’ look at the ‘August: Osage County’ premiere was how perfectly relaxed, happy and easygoing her hairstyle looked: just like her personality. Ms. Roberts’ style just goes to show that you don’t need to sport updos and fancy coifs each time you’re stepping out. Some soft, shoulder-skimming, face-framing tendrils can be just as glamorous and pretty.

5. Abigail Breslin Was At The ‘August: Osage County’ Premiere

Abigail Breslin’s giving women all over the world a reason to rejoice: ponytails can be sophisticated and glamorous too. Wear yours pulled to the side over one shoulder and with a soft, medium-sized beehive at the crown for some Adele-inspired drama. This is a look you could even sport to college on a day you’re feeling fancy and a plain old ponytail just doesn’t make the cut.

6.  Reese Witherspoon At The Screening Of ‘Devil's Knot’

Reese Witherspoon was a vision with her signature blonde locks pulled into an elegant, side-swept hairdo. The actress, known for her southern charm and her unfailing sense of style, turned quite a few heads at the screening of ‘Devil’s Knot’. An interesting detail, which you sadly can’t see from the front- her hair was twisted at the nape of her neck and pulled to the side- adding an interesting element while keeping the rest of the style very relaxed and wearable. A little bit of lift at the hairline adds some volume at the front.

7. Thandie Newton At The ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’ Premiere

Another shout-out to simple ponytails ruling the Red Carpet: Thandie Newton’s high ponytail with a bit of volume at the crown made for a refreshing, youthful look. Thandie’s choice just goes to show that the minimalistic, classic route is always a hit: a timeless ponytail, subtle makeup, elegant jewellery and a stunning monochromatic outfit all come together to make for a spectacular style statement. Try the high-ponytail-with-pouf style for a lunch date with your friends!

8. Emilia Clarke At The ‘Dom Hemingway’ Premiere

There’s no two ways about it: Emilia Clarke is gorgeous. This Game of Thrones beauty is stunning on-screen and off it. For those of you who’re missing the famous silver-white Targaryen locks on the actress, take heart in her appearance at TIFF 2013. The petite actress shows us how a severe middle-part can actually be quite stylish and feminine. Ms. Clarke’s braided bun at the back is set off by a straight, neat part at the front. Combining elements of primness with a flirty, braided bun makes for an interesting look where contrasts compliment each other instead of clashing.

9. Sandra Bullock For ‘Gravity’

Sandra Bullock’s messy, beachy waves aren’t something you see often at formal events and film festivals, but it’s always fun to see actresses breaking the mould. This is such an easy style to achieve at home: run some mousse through freshly-washed hair, run your hands through your hair and let it dry out and rub your hair between your palms or back comb bits of it for an added graininess. If your hair is naturally very straight you can put it into loose braids after washing it to make it wavy.

10. Jennifer Morrison At The Instyle Party

Jennifer Morrison’s been really on-trend this week. It’s nice to see that the fluffy topknot is still gracing runways and red carpets everywhere. This is such an easy, eye-catching and elegant hairdo that it would be a shame to see it go out of style anytime soon. Having styled so many celebrities and clients, I’ve noticed that the topknot looks different on everyone and is really a reflection of your own personal style. The topknot can be very classy and sophisticated or flirty or even a wee bit sassy, like on Jennifer here.