New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

There’s a maxim about New York which says that if you were to stand at Times Square long enough, you’d eventually see people from every nook and cranny of the world. Affectionately dubbed “the crossroads of the world”, New York in general, and Times Square in particular, is without a doubt, one of the most important hubs of the world, as we know it. And when it comes to fashion and style, New York is the pulse of the industry. New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 was a delight, as always. One of the best things about the Fashion Weeks is that you can always count on them for some drama, some exquisite style and fantastic hair and makeup trends. Regardless of how discerning or unique your personal sense of style is the Fashion Weeks are bound to turn up something for everyone! New York S/S-2014 was no different, and here’s my pick of the best hairdos we saw on the ramp.

Flower Embellishments At Zac Posen

The updos at Zac Posen were simply breath taking.

Ethereal. Dainty. Glamorous.

These are just some of the words that come to mind. Just about everything about this hairstyle was perfect: intricate loops, wispy flyaways, delicate embellishments and the perfect balance of flawlessness and careless style. In my opinion, this style would make for an enchanting bridal look. It’s that perfect.

It’s not a single-form updo, that means you don’t have a singular French twist or a braid or bun to use as your base style. Begin on freshly washed and dried hair. For naturally straight hair, use braids to add a bit of a wave while your hair is drying. Backcomb the dried hair for some texture, if needed.

Then begin by taking random sections of hair and twisting them into loops and artfully pinning them into place on your head. Do this with all the hair. You could raise a pouf at the front for some added glamour, if you’d like. Once your curby grips are securely holding down the twists, use some hairspray to fix your style into place.

Finally, use hair embellishments at random spots to add some bling to the style. Hair spinners are a really neat way of jazzing up any hairdo.

Super Slick At Donna Karan


The models at the Donna Karan show wore their hair in very slick, straight cuts. It’s a really fashionable look for all ages, and very flattering on all face structures. My favourite form was the shoulder-length sharp-bobs. This is a universally flattering look and the great thing is its edgy enough to be chic yet classic enough to not be too trendy, if you’re worried about that.

Unless you have naturally straight hair, this look calls for some time with your straightening iron or a blow dryer if you’ve got fine hair. Once you’re done smoothening the hair out, take a wide section from the front and comb it backwards, slicking it down on your hair. Add a wide clip towards the back of the crown to secure your hair in place. This is a great look for when you’re out and want to look stylish but don’t want to keep brushing hair away from your eyes or worrying about a high-maintenance hairdo.

Messy Front Crown Braids At Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller’s models wore their hair in lovely crown braids at the front, right at the hairline instead of at the top and centre. The best part? The braids were thick, loose and messily done up, which made for a very interesting look. Crown braids usually tend to be very neat and very proper so a rough twist, with sharp ends pulled out is a very funky take on the regular crown braid and Nicole Miller showed us just how gorgeous the style could look on coloured hair. Take a cue from the models and experiment with colour, styles and textures!

Choppy Layers At Marc Jacobs

Shaggy, choppy layers ruled the roost at Marc Jacobs’ show in New York. While this isn’t a styling option so much so as a new haircut altogether, it definitely gets an enthusiastic nod from me. My favourite was the short, shaggy crop with the inverted-U fringe. It’s sassy and daring, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, if you’re looking to shake things up a little, this look is certainly worth a shot. The best part about a style like this is that it’s a statement in itself, you don’t need to dress this one up!

Prim Milkmaid Braids At Naeem Khan

Now, we’ve seen the unkempt crown braids so let’s take a look at the prim and proper milkmaid braids from Naeem Khan’s show. It is a classic hairdo, and a trend that’s been particularly favoured on the runways all of this past year. Naeem Khan’s models had their hair styled very slick, flat on the head with a straight middle part with a milkmaid braid accent.

Straighten freshly washed hair to make it very, very slick. Brush it till it is perfectly smooth and tangle-free and then comb it to lie flat on your head. Think of it as almost plastering your hair down flat on the scalp. Then secure it very tightly behind the ears into a ponytail on each side and continue by braiding each ponytail into a thick plait. Then take each plait, turn it up on itself and arrange it to lie flat on the head. Secure the plait into place with bobby pins. You want to form a crown-like halo around the head, from ear to ear. The models at Naeem Khan’s show had the “crown” far back on their heads: you can position it according to your own comfort. Fix the braids parallel to each other for a thick halo and tuck the ends away under the braided portions.

This look is about extreme perfection, so remember: no flyaways! We’re going for a contrast against the braids at Nicole Miller’s show, even though the basic style is the same. Add a little hairspray and you’re done!


I hope you guys loved the looks as much as I did. I can’t wait to see what the other three Fashion Weeks have in store for us. I’m certain it’ll be an electrifying experience, as always!