London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying this year’s Fashion Weeks as much as I am. After the New York Fashion Week we’ve got some fantastic looks and trend inspirations from the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014. London’s one of the most stylish and put-together cities in the world and a quick look around is enough to see why it’s one of the fashion capitals of the world: from waiting around at the London Underground to lazing on a sunny day at Hyde Park, the Londoners have an instinct for fashion like no other. Here is my pick of the top five looks from the London Fashion week.

Side Swept Curls At Holly Fulton

The models at the Holly Fulton shown wore their hair in very glamorous, very voluminous retro curls pulled to a side. It’s a great look for any special occasion, especially when your inner diva’s feeling a bit frisky and wants some time in the limelight! From weddings and proms to homecomings and society galas, this is one hairdo that packs some serious punches.

Be warned though, it’s not the kind of hairstyle that you can perfect in one attempt. I recommend practicing as many times as you can before a big event. Doing so will help you get the hang of it.

Begin on freshly washed hair. Use a high quality conditioner to make your hair soft and pliable but make sure you wash it all out. Leftover product can weigh your hair down and make it limp. Blow dry your hair to make it smooth and make sure you’ve brushed out any knots and tangles before you begin styling.

Take a few drops of styling serum and rub it through your hair. Part your hair on one side and pull your hair over to the other side. Now here’s the tricky part: you have to pull all your hair- both the sections on either side of the part- to the side, while distinctly maintaining the part. The lower section will have to be slicked flat on your head while being brushed around the back, over to the other side. For the section of hair favoured by the part, add some volume at the crown for some lift. You can backcomb this section with a little bit of hairspray.

Once all your hair is brought round to the other side we’re going to begin curling it. Decide the height you want the curls to begin at: preferably somewhere around the ear. Use curling tongs to create tight curls all over the hair. Remember not to add any curls above the ear or in the section slicked around at the back: we want to maintain two very distinct textures in the look. After your curls are done give them some time to cool down and then loosen them up a bit with your fingers. Take small sections, hold a piece of hair straight and push the rest of the curl up back on the straight strand: this will help add a lot of volume to the curls without breaking them up. It’s going to give the same effect as backcombing, except it’ll let you retain the curls.

Once you’re happy with the look add some stronghold hairspray. Tie a polka-dotted scarf around your neck, add some oversized glasses and get ready for the paparazzi!

Slicked Back Sleek At House Of Holland

Slicked back hair is always a great trend for when you’re feeling a bit adventurous and you want to try something new with your hair. Most women tend to avoid the slicked back trend because it’s not your typically feminine look.  If the phrase “slicked back” reminds you of some scary Mafioso types from Coppola’s rendition of The Godfather, here’s your chance to look so good that it’s almost criminal!

This is a look that would work best in shoulder-length hair, though you could try it on shorter hair as well. For longer lengths, you leaving your hair open might take away from the stark look, but you can always slick back the crown and sides and tie the rest of your into a low ponytail. That could be a pretty neat look for university or a casual lunch date.

Begin by blow-drying your hair after a wash. Make sure your hair is really smooth before you start styling. For very wavy or curly hair I recommend following the blow-drying up with a flat iron from the roots till halfway down. This will help prep the crown for a really sleek look.

Add some styling mouse to a fine-toothed comb and begin combing your hair back over your head. Make sure your hair lies really flat on your head: we’re almost creating the illusion of an undercut on the sides. Make sure you slick back only till the middle of your head. Imagine an arc from ear-to-ear. The portion under the arc doesn’t have to be slicked back. After you’re happy with the look add some shine serum to get that coveted wet-look effect.

For shoulder-length hair you can leave the rest of your hair loose. You can blow-dry it to curl inward or outward if you’d like. Add some hairspray and you’re done!

Laidback And Loose At Mulberry

I picked the Mulberry hairdo because I think it’s so important to borrow from runway trends that can actually translate into real style. Outlandish colours and bizarre trends are certainly more fun, and if you’ve got the guts I say go for it! However, if you’re looking for something more wearable, here’s a hairstyle that’s pretty, classic and great for all shapes and ages.

The models in the Mulberry show wore their hair loose, parted to one side and pulled over one shoulder. There really isn’t much styling involved: all you have to do is wash your hair, blow dry it and brush through it. If you’d like the slightly messier texture as seen in the photos, you can avoid blow-drying or even backcomb your hair a bit for some added drama. Frame your face by sweeping some of the hair over one side and letting a few strands fly loose.

This is a very casual and very wearable style and the trick to making it look good is in having healthy, shiny and bouncy hair. There are no secret styling tips for this one: just good old-fashioned hair care advice. Take care of your health, eat well, get lots of sleep and keep your body hydrated. And remember to use only the best hair care products to maintain your locks. If you do all this, even simple styles like this will make you look styled enough to rule the roost in London-town!

Cropped Pixies At Temperley London

The cropped pixies at the Temperley London show were absolutely fantastic! If you like the look, I’d recommend locating a well-known stylist in the city and booking an appointment. This isn’t an easy look to pull off and it certainly requires quite a bit of commitment because going this short isn’t something you can do on a whim. The models at the Temperley London show didn’t just wear their hair in cropped pixies: the cuts were also styled with asymmetrical layers and choppy edges to add some interesting dimensions to the look. The model in the picture here sports a close buzz-cut on one side of the head, set off by longer hair framing the face on the other side. It’s wild, it’s daring and it’s absolutely adorable!

Textured And Messy At Topshop Unique

While this might not be the most unique style out there, or even very runway-worthy I personally liked this one a lot because of how wearable and adaptable it is. It is basically a messy, textured look that’s supposed to play up your natural hair texture and body. It is the kind of look that you can wear in any length or type of hair, though I personally think it would look best on shoulder-length hair with a few layers.

Begin by finger-drying your freshly washed hair. Flip your damp hair upside down and run your hands through it, scrunching it up in bunches as you go along. This will add some body and texture to the hair. For very-straight hair you can add braids to your damp hair to make it wavy.

Avoid using a blow dryer because this look’s all about playing up a natural texture and steering clear of anything that’s too slick or smooth. When your hair is around 70% dry add a dollop of styling mousse and run your fingers through your hair, shaping it as you like. You can add some volume at the front for an edgy quiff-like wave.

Allow your hair to set naturally. Brushing your hair out will loosen up the texture, so work through any tangles with your fingers only.

Once the style has taken hold rub a few drops of Argan oil onto your fingertips and run them through your hair: this will add a wet-look sheen to your hair to make it look more fashionable.  Using hairspray is entirely up to you: this isn’t the kind of style that really needs to be held together because the entire beauty of it is in its casual, messy, fashionable-by-chance appeal. However, if you’re worried your hair might fall flat during the day add a few spritzes of a medium-hold spray.

What makes this look so wearable is just how easy it is to style. It’ll probably take you all of five minutes to put together once your hair’s washed. It’s also the perfect balance between casual and styled: the texture and volume suggest a sort of effortlessness but the sheen hints at an element of glamour.

I hope you all liked the selection from the London Fashion Week. Let me know which styles you’d love to try. Next up, we have the looks from the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.