Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

I’ve been waiting to see what the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 would have in store for us this year and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed. We saw a healthy mix of edgy, classic, feminine and unusual hairdos. My favourite part of following the Fashion Weeks is picking out trends and looks that can be easily adapted for everyday wear. The five looks that I picked from the Milan Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week encompass a range of style statements. From flirty looks to sophisticated styles, here’s a bunch of trends that are going to be really big next season. Take your pick and try them on today! The Cool Classic Ponytail At Trussardi 1911

Did you ever think a simple ponytail could be this stylish? Does the picture make you wonder why is it that models and film stars look so glamorous in ponytails but when you pull one together at home it looks like a bird’s nest hanging off your head? The trick to making everyday hairstyles look this good is in knowing how to put together a flawless yet relaxed style. In fact, the most attractive styles are usually not the kinds you’d notice first in a crowd but they have a subtle magic about them that’s far more striking than an elaborate hairdo. The ponytails at the Trussardi 1911 show are a prime example of the same!

To get this cool, classic ponytail you need to begin on freshly washed hair. Use a smoothening hair conditioner to prep your hair for styling. Unless your hair is very soft and straight naturally, use a blow dryer to smoothen it out. Do remember to use a heat protectant, preferably one that also has some shine-boosting properties.

What makes this ponytail slightly different from your everyday ponytail is the subtle volume at the crown: it’s almost too subtle to notice- you’re more likely to subconsciously register that there’s something different about the style without actually being able to put a finger on it.

One way to achieve this volume is to very gently backcomb your hair in small sections and then gently layering them over each other, moving towards the back. You can then use a soft-bristle brush to smoothen out the surface before you tie your hair into a low ponytail. Allow a few strands to fly loose and frame your face for that added bit of stunning-by-default vibe!

Futuristic Wavy Crops At Giorgio Armani

Now I’m not entirely sure how many of my readers will be willing to try this hairstyle, but it sure is a fun one! If you think that the hairstyle is a wee bit too different or too outlandish from the back, give that a skip and just style your hair the same way in the front. The best part about drawing inspiration from the runways is that you can pick and choose what you like and what you want to discard.

The models at the Giorgio Armani show at the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 had their hair styled into wavy crops. The unique thing about this hairstyle was the way it was done up at the back: the hair was styled vertically upwards- in a sense it was literally standing up against the scalp and then styled into the cutest little wavy curls at the top and side.

It’s nothing you can’t do with a bit of hairspray and styling gel but for a more wearable take on the trend, I suggest adapting it to your own cropped pixie by parting the hair on one side and adding curls at the front. Pixies can be quite androgynous and interesting and by adding curls or pin curls you can kick it up notch. You can also add finger waves and volume at the front and the side favoured by the part for a more futuristic look. Have fun with it!

The Edgy Undercut At Gucci

The models at the Gucci show wore their hair slicked back with a faux-undercut at the sides. It’s always been a favourite on the runways because it marks such a departure from traditionally glamorous looks.  If you’re feeling particularly daring and you want to sport a completely new trend come spring, the undercut might be something you want to consider. If, however, you don’t feel like making that kind of a commitment just yet, try the faux-undercut.

This is a style that you can only create on straight hair. Begin by blow-drying your hair straight if it isn’t so naturally. Add a styling mousse to your hair and divide it into three sections: one each at the sides and one at the top. For the section at the front just imagine an invisible line going up from the highest points of both your brows: the portion of hair that falls between these two lines is going to form the top. Everything else will be absorbed into the undercut sides. Tie the top section off at the front so that you can style it later.

Using a styling mousse, slick the sections at the side such that they lay really flat against the scalp. Keep slicking and brushing your hair back until it’s completely flat so that the sides resemble a faux-buzz cut. Once both the sides are done, loosen the section at the front and start backcombing strands and piling them back on top of each other, to fall back over your head.

The focus of this look is entirely on the faux-undercuts and the volume at the top. The hair below the ears and the nape of your neck can be styled any which way you like. You could leave it to hang loose or you could tie it into a ponytail.

Make sure you add some hairspray to hold the volume. Add some shine-boosting serum if you also want to sport the wet-look like the models at the Gucci show.

Braided Buns And Flower Crowns At Dolce & Gabbana

The Dolce & Gabbana show saw some beautiful braided buns that were embellished with rhinestone clips and floral stings. You can use strings of natural flowers as well as fake flowers for this kind of hair accessory: the choice is entirely yours. Here’s how you can get the look:

Since your hair doesn’t particularly have to be straight for this one, you can allow it to dry out naturally. Make sure your brush your hair free of any knots and tangles before you begin.

Make a small, two-inch long part down the middle, at the front. Gather all your hair at the back into a low ponytail. We’re parting the hair at the front to create a slight horizontal dimension at the front so that we’ve got some hair around the face to frame it. You don’t have to be particularly neat at this stage: let a few tendrils hang loose and the wispier the entire look is, the better.

Braid your ponytail into a regular three-strand braid and fix it with an elastic band. Then pick the braid up and lay it flat against your head, near the base of the ponytail. Push a bobby pin in sideways to fix the braid onto your scalp. Begin coiling and placing the rest of your braid around the base of the ponytail and use bobby pins to fix it into place. This will slowly create a bun around the base of the ponytail while the loops of the braid will add more dimension than a regular bun. Add some hairspray and your hairstyle is ready.

The next step is to embellish the bun. You can use bejewelled clips and barrettes to add some sparkle to your hair. You can easily purchase a floral crown at any accessories store. If you’d like to replicate the look from the show use strands of flowers and wrap one around your head like a halo-crown. Take another strand and wrap it all the way around the bun. You can fix these into place with a few bobby pins.

This look would be perfect for a laidback, vintage-inspired wedding. If you want to wear it on a less formal occasion you could use a single strand of flowers and skip the rhinestones.

Boho Bedhead At Versace

The slightly messed-up, textured open locks at the Versace show are a reminder of just how sexy everyday hair can look. It’s really all about the way you carry yourself. Now that might be a cliché, but hey, clichés stick around for a reason! If you’ve never tried the just-out-of-bed look, here’s your chance to do so. The creative gurus over at Versace obviously know the potential of a devil-may-care sense of style and we’re already hearing a lot of buzz about how fashion in Spring Summer 2014 is going to be all about a natural, back-to-the-roots take on fashion. We’re seeing a lot of laidback, slightly messy styles on the runways these days so all of you who’re tired of upswept hairdos and large bouffants, there’s a lot to look forward to.

If you’d like to rock the boho bedhead trend from Versace all you have to do is wash your hair, allow it to dry out naturally and maybe add a bit of shine serum or volume-boosting spray to it. If you want some added volume just spray on some dry shampoo and scrunch your fingers through your hair to give it more texture. This is a great everyday look that’s perfect for school or college.

Keep your eyes open for my next piece! Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 is going to be memorable!