Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

  Paris. The city of love. Berets. The Little Black Dress. Coco Chanel. Croissants. Cafés. And of course, fashion. Parisians are known the world over for their innate sense of style: beauty, luxury and fashion is something that seems to come naturally to these fair folk. Whether it’s on the runways at the fashion week or at the roadside bistros, you can’t quite separate France and fashion from one another.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 was an absolute delight. It was no easy task tearing my eyes away from all the fabulous creations and designs to pick my favourite hairstyles. Nevertheless, here are a bunch of hairdos that caught my eye at the Paris Fashion Week. I hope you guys like them and feel inspired to try something new the coming season!


One of the first things to strike me about the Chanel show at the Paris Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week was that they’re continuing to incorporate the “pearl trend”. The classic Chanel pearl finds its place of honour, with a twist, this season as well. Those of you who remember the pearl hairpins we saw on the Spring 2012 runways will be pleasantly surprised to notice the large pearl-embellished neckpieces featured this time round. And once you’ve had your fill of the stunning clothes, there’s a very fun hairdo to take inspiration from.

Ok, so this one isn’t a style that you can really try on your own hair, but for those of you who are looking to chop your hair off and try something different, this old school pageboy-inspired look could make for a really neat statement. Talk about trying something new and old at one go! Now, this style would make for quite a striking change, and if you are not ready to do something this drastic, I recommend keeping the length at your chin, or shoulder-level. That way you can enjoy a new look without it being completely new territory.

The blunt, straight bangs across the forehead are a rather popular trend this year and it looks like they are going to be pretty big next spring as well.

Fatima Lopes

The models at the Fatima Lopes fashion show wore their hair in very pretty crown braids. What set the style apart from all the other crown braids we’ve seen this season was that the rest of the hair was styled up at the crown as well, with the braid acting as a sort of border.

There are two ways of achieving this look, depending upon the length of your hair.

Pull a section of your hair aside to form the crown braid. There are several different ways of creating a braid along the hairline, depending on what you’re comfortable with. You could just twist two strands over one another for a rope braid- this would be the easiest option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of practice with braiding. For a more sinuous style, you could try the waterfall braiding technique. French braiding or Dutch braiding is usually the most preferred method for creating the ever-popular Grecian braided halos. Pick the style that works best for you!

Follow the following steps for the rest of your hair. For medium to long hair, you can actually braid all your hair in concentric circles around the head, pinning it onto the scalp. This can be difficult for shorter hair, so another great option would be to take sections of hair, twist it around your finger and then pin the twisted bits onto the scalp, forming little curl-like loops as you go along.

Once you’re done, it’s really up to you whether you want to add some hairspray or not. The good thing about this do is that you don’t have to be particularly neat as you go along. There are many different ways of achieving the overall look, and you might end up with something a wee bit different, but it will have your own unique stamp on it and that’s what style is all about! Add a hairpin like the models for some added festivity if you’d like to dress the look up even further.

Elie Saab

The models at the Elie Saab show wore their hair open. The key element in the entire look is to make your hair lie absolutely flat on the head and maintain a very sleek, very straight and extremely perfect appearance on the whole. This look’s not so much so about the styling as it is about getting the hair texture right. Once you’ve taken care of every last flyaway you can easily add a barrette or a headband and push your hair back to get the same look. The trick, of course, is to first get your hair right.

Invest in quality hair shampoos, conditioners, styling mousse and shine-boosting serum for a look like this. When you want your hair to resemble the clear surface of a lake or a sheet of glass, you can’t quite afford to skimp on the right products. And because you’ll have to straighten your hair for the look, I recommend using professional-grade, salon-quality styling tools and products only.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this year’s Fashion Week trends and inspirations as much as I have. Spring/ Summer 2014 promises to be an interesting year in terms of style and fashion and we have tonnes of new ideas as well as some classic favourites to look back to!