Hair Pride Shines For Bloggers In Dubai

Hair Pride shines for bloggers in Dubai

I’m excited to be back in sunny Dubai, but even more excited about what I’m doing here.  What am I up to this time?  My favourite things:  teaching, demonstrating, giving away the secrets!

This week, I’ll be hosting three top fashion experts, beauty & hair bloggers from Dubai, Karachi and Jeddah, taking each of these ladies on a “hair journey” to show them how to achieve the hottest red-carpet looks with the glossy, luxurious hair that Middle Eastern women are so thrilled to show off as part of Braun’s Hair Pride Movement.

We’re also putting together a trend presentation with some stunning models, showing off the latest celebrity & catwalk trends for 2014.

I’m sure these great bloggers, Diala Makki, Nilo Haq and Alaa Hashim Balkhy, will have just as much to teach me as I’m bringing to share with them.  I’m looking forward to using Braun’s hair-safe tools and letting myself get carried away by the best of Middle Eastern culture along with the latest styles from the red carpet season and the global hair trends from the Fashion weeks that only finished 3 days ago, to build international collaboration of the very best kind.