New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

The Fashion Weeks for Fall 2014 are well underway and we’ve been treated to a bunch of gorgeous hairstyles and fantabulous fashion statements. I’m very excited to be doing this piece on the best looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2014. The Fashion Weeks are always such a wonderful experience but when you’ve got a great selection of wearable, easy hairstyles to choose from it’s all the more fun. I’ve picked my favourite looks from the New York Fall 2014 Fashion Week. Let me know which ones you liked best! 1. Alexander Wang

The ‘helmet look’ we saw at the Alexander Wang show is a great way to do up your hair for a casual or semi-formal style, when you don’t want to be bothered too much but don’t want to be completely un-styled either. The great thing about styling your bangs/ the front of your hair this way is that you can wear the rest of your hair any way you like! From braids to ponytails and low buns to ballerina buns, you can style your hair any way you want and some add pizzazz to the look with the ‘helmet wave’ at the front. Add an interesting clip or a single clip to keep the hair in place and make the look even funkier.

2. Anna Sui

Bangs are going to be very big this year, and the forehead-framing, slightly angled fringes we saw at the Anna Sui show make for a great style statement. We saw the models rock these bangs with chic, chin-length bobs but you can bet they’d look just as great with a high ponytail or a bun. I personally advise clients to opt in for bangs when they want to change their current look but don’t want to invest too much time styling and setting their hair on a daily basis. A smart fringe can work wonders for your look and won’t need a lot of effort either!

3. Carolina Herrera

Oversized buns never go out of style- and the Carolina Herrera show at the New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 was a testament to that. The high, voluminous buns were undoubtedly one of the best hair-looks we saw at the New York Fall 2014 Fashion Week. To set off the look make sure you work with straight, shiny hair. Slick down the rest of your hair flat on the scalp and make sure everything is very neat and in place- this style is all about making the bun the focal point of the look. This is an uber-glamorous look for an evening out and you could take a cue from the models at the show and pair the hairstyle up with some statement earrings for a special event.

4. Marchesa

The cornrows and braids at the Marchesa New York 2014 show were one of the most talked-about beauty statements of the event. Cornrows at the front trailing into thick braids towards the back- a super edgy, super fun look that I loved. It’s always great to see something fresh and inspired at the Fashion Weeks: after all, the entire point is to watch out for trends and tricks for the coming year! If you’re not adept at braiding cornrows just yet, practice with tiny regular braids moving from the front to back or try the reverse braiding technique- braiding under and across instead of over and across- the effect will be very similar and it’ll give you enough practice to get really good at braiding before you try a tougher technique. This is a great look for when you’re in the mood to try something a little bit more adventurous or you’re going to an event with a spunky theme.

5. Badgley Mischka

We’ve all got those days when we just couldn’t be bothered less about getting dressed up nicely or styling our hair well. And yet, you know that if you indulge your laziness you’re probably going to regret it later! You might be feeling sleepy or running late but what if you run into an old flame or end up agreeing to last-minute plans with friends and your hair’s all scruffy and messy? For days like that, the hairdo from the Badgley Mischka show is the perfection solution!

This is a great look for clean, newly washed hair. Rub a little shine serum into your hair and brush it out. For smoother, faster results I recommend blow-drying your hair instead of waiting for it to dry out naturally. Then, take a slim section of hair at the front, right at the temples, from each side and pull it towards the back. You can tie the two sections together using a clear elastic or you can twist them around each other and then fix them into place using a hairpin. You can add a bejewelled pin or hair spiral to dress the look up. Let the rest of your hair hang loose. You can also use curling tongs to add some loose waves to the open hair. This is a lovely day look- you can wear it to the university or around the office and it’s cute enough to wear outside for a casual event/ lunch etc. as well. You’ll be ready in a pinch and you’re sure to feel great about it all day long.

I hope all of you liked these looks from the New York Fall 2014 Fashion Week. Do write in and let me know about your favourites. Until then, watch this space for more Fashion Week Fall 2014 coverage.