Elisabeth Moss: Making waves at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

The Vanity Fair party is the top A-list Oscar-night party, and this year, Elisabeth Moss capped off a season of glitz and red carpets spotlights by stepping out in a deceptively simple cascade of glossy waves, proving once and for all that short brown hair doesn’t have to be mousey. After seeing Elisabeth’s gorgeous floor-length black dress, with its polka-dotted peek-a-boo bodice, I decided to keep her look sexy and sophisticated, yet youthful and lively: a projection of the kind of vivacious energy that’s become her trademark.


I opted for dressing her hair in sexy bouncy curls that flowed down past her shoulders. To play up the style, we added a low side parting and brushed one side behind the ear to enhance the cinematic feel of this look.

Vanity Fair has dominated the Oscar scene since the Mad Men era, but this year was its first in a parking lot on West Hollywood chosen to hold a bigger crowd than the usual 1000+ … of whom Elisabeth was among the most fabulous, bringing classy styles of the 1960s thoroughly up-to-date for 2014.  And the great news is – this is a very easy look that you can recreate at home without any fuss.

Sexy tumbling iconic waves – get the look

After washing and conditioning, gently towel-dry your hair and apply Wella Elastic Energy Mousse through the hair, using a wide toothed comb to give this look staying power.  Spread the product right through to the tips of the hair to boost the energy of your curls with irresistible definition and virtually frizz-free shine.

Blow-dry using a large round brush. Direct the nozzle upwards for added root-lift. Ensure the hairdryer isn’t too hot, which can cause it to dry out and break, giving you frizz.

Once the hair is completely dry, create a low side parting for added glam and section the hair into manageable pieces.

Use a medium size curling iron to create lush, tumbling waves.  Tong each section, working around the head, and turning the tongs one way and then the other to roll as you work round. It is important to set the temperature of your iron according to the needs of your hair to avoid heat damage. A great one is the Braun Satin hair curler.

Starting at the front and working backwards, wrap sections of hair around a medium-sized heated curling iron and secure each curled section with pins or clips. I would recommend that you use a curling iron that allows you to adjust the temperature to the needs of your hair. ( Love the one from the Braun satin hair range )

Spray the pinned hair lightly with Wella Stay Essential Hairspray and leave to cool.

When the hair is completely cool, release the curled sections, remove all the grips and smooth through with your hands to loosen the ringlets.

Using a large soft brush, gently brush through the curls to create smooth soft waves.

Don’t be tempted to over-brush or the hair will become frizzy and loose its smoothness. A few drops of Wella Oil Reflections will work wonders to add the right level of smoothness and glossy shine to your hair.

To finish use Wella Stay Essential Hairspray for added hold that’s lasting but flexible. It will keep your style with sophisticated sheen full of shine and bounce.

Short hair? – no problem!

If you have shorter hair, you can still get the look, thanks to today’s new clip-in extensions.  They’re a great way to get an instant long-haired look like this, as long as you follow my guidelines for safe extensions.