London Fashion Week Fall 2014

It’s been a crazy few weeks with all the awards shows, the fashion shows and dazzling Red Carpet appearances. We’ve seen some of the most memorable style statements of all time in these last few weeks and even though it’s early in the year, it is easy to see that 2014 is going to be quite the year in fashion and beauty. The London Fashion Week Fall 2014 was no different, and here I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks to share with all of you. 1. Burberry Prorsum

I’ve come to realise that every year, during the Fashion Weeks, there are some designers/ brands whose shows I particularly look forward to. You just know that you’re going to be treated to some great clothes, fantastic makeup and incredible hairstyling. The Burberry Prorsum show is, without fail, always on the list. This year’s hairstyles might not be entirely unique or thrilling but they stress a fact that us industry professionals know and live by: trends may come and go but the classics will always remain so.

The open, heavy, unfussy hair at the Burberry Prorsum show might not be the most ingenious or most artful we see this year but open hair is always beautiful and stylish and the models at the show prove just that. The thing to take away from the Burberry show is that if you want open, mildly styled hair to look runway ready you’ve got to make sure it’s healthy, shiny and well cared for. The trick here isn’t in one time styling but in long-term effort and proper hair care. Heavy, thick, shiny open hair is always occasion-appropriate and always stylish, so get started on your hair care regimen right away.

2. Holly Fulton

Sleek is stylish: and the ponytails at the Holly Fulton show at the London Fall 2014 Fashion Week were nothing short of showstoppers. With deep side parts, perfectly flattened hair and looped low ponytails, the models at the Holly Fulton Fall 2014 show were a vision in preppy style. It’s a great way to wear your hair to work or to the university because it’s low-key enough to be appropriate yet dressy enough should you want to step out for some fun later. I love hairstyles like this because they’re so versatile and rather easy to pull off at home.

3. Vivienne Westwood

The entire fashion and beauty theme at the Vivienne Westwood Fall 2014 show was based in classic, Old Hollywood glamour with pearl necklaces, arresting red lips, rosy cheeks and retro curly updos. This hairdo is perfect for an evening event or a special occasion because it’s glamorous, sophisticated and very feminine. While the look might be a tad bit too tousled to be a bridal style for some, I personally think it’s got a great vintage vibe to it and would look absolutely lovely with formal gowns and dresses.

There are tonnes of way of achieving such a look. The easiest would be to apply some texture spray to your freshly washed hair and finger dry it, scrunching it up as you go along. This will add some lovely curls to your hair. If your hair is naturally very poker-straight, you could always use a curling wand or perm rods to do the needful. Take random sections of hair, twist them and pin them artfully all over your head. Leave some tendrils loose and let a flyaway here and there add some drama to the look. This might be time-consuming, but it’s the best way to get an even look. You can also fix a major chunk of your hair in a French twist and then just pin tendrils from the front towards the side. This way you’ll get the messy, curly effect only towards the sides but it’ll be less strenuous.

4. Todd Lynn

The super straight, super sleek hair at the Todd Lynn Fall 2014 Fashion Week wasn’t a new style so much so as a new twist on an old favourite. It’s your good old straightened hair, albeit it’s parted and arranged differently. Here, the straightened hair was parted slightly off the middle, to one side. One side was allowed to fall sideways and down from the part. The other side was arranged more creatively. A few inches down the part draw an arc using a rattail comb from the part down sideways to behind your ear. This separated section should be slicked back on the head to give an almost buzz-cut appearance. You can fix it in place using strong styling gel and a pin at the back. Allow the hair ‘behind’ the arc to fall naturally, and tuck it behind the ear and allow it to hang loose over the shoulder. This look really is all about laying and fixing your hair differently.

5. Temperley London

Braids are always a great way to style hair and the thick, single braids we saw at the Temperley London show were a real hit. There was nothing fussy about the style: we’re talking regular, thick long braids pulled over one shoulder. A simple off-the-centre part, face framing bangs and soft, loose volume defined the look. This is an ideal hairstyle for when you are running against the clock and you just do not have the time to play around with a more complicated style.

Hope you liked the super wearable, super easy styles from the London Fashion Week Fall 2014. Keep your eyes out for the piece on the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014.